10 Best Electric Snow Blower 2017

top ten best electric snow blower

Whenever winter hits us, were filled with joy. The festive season always brings in the cozy feelings, family gatherings and the great food and toys. Another great feature of winter for most, is the snow! Kids love to play in it and it seems to cover the roads like a blanket. Although this snow may bing a lot of joy and happiness to some, to others it might be a nightmare.

The covered roads and especially your sidewalk and garden has to be cleared. Before you know it you have to jump into the garage, grab your salt and shovel and work for the next hours instead of sitting in the warm watching T.V. Luckily now most people realized there’s an easy solution. That solution is a snow blower!

When it comes to the winter time, nothing is more useful than a snowblower if you live in an area that isoprene to a lot of snow. Shoveling snow can become cumbersome, whereas a snowblower will do the job in much less time with a lot more efficiency. Take parts in Canada, you get such an incredible amount of snow, that shoveling it would amount to a day’s work, and who knows, it might all come back again overnight.

Adding a handy tool like this can save you a lot of time during the winter season, and they’re completely affordable as well. Previously, before these machines were invented, it was a lot more difficult shoveling your snow, especially when there is a huge amount. Well not anymore, with an electric snowblower, you’ll get the job done in under an hour!

What Type of Snow Blowers Are There?

Generally there are two different snow blowers. Either you get a Gas fuelled snow blower or an electric one. The ones fuelled with gas or diesel are generally stronger and can throw the snow away further than the electric ones. However you always have to make sure to fuel up the machine before you use it.

This can especially be a pain when you run out and have to drive to the nearest gas station to get some more. The other difference snow blowers is how big they are and how much they can take in. The more they can vacuum in and blow out, the faster and more efficient the job will get done. This is important to remember.

Benefits of Best Electric Snow Blower

With the use of an electric snow blower you not only don’t have to worry about owning some gas on the side to make sure you can use it, you may not even have to keep it plugged in to make it work. Some of the newest and best electric snow blower machines, can work cordless and for several hours when fully charged. Additionally they make a lot less noise than the ones with a gas fuelled engine, which is always a benefit of electric machines.

Efficiency is the key word here. Since you are doing essentially the same thing as shoveling snow, but with a different method, it adds a huge amount of efficiency to your job during winter. Remembering that this is the optimal goal will add a huge amount of practicality to your daily life.

Downsides of Electric Snow Blower

As already mentioned in the above, even the best electric snow blower will probably not compete to a gas fuelled one. But unless you have a giant amount of space and need to clear a massive mountain of snow on a regular basis, an electric one will do just fine. What also some consider to be a downside is that when the battery is running out, you have to wait a few hours before it’s charged again instead of just dropping in some fuel and continue to work. However the solution to that could be a second battery!

Lastly, storage could be slightly cumbersome if you don’t have the proper location for it, such as a garage or a shed. If you have a driveway then chances are, you have e a garage. You can fold or move the handle in the correct position as to save space as well.

10. Maztang MT-988 13A Electric Snow Blower, 18″

Maztang often looked at like the Mustang of Snow Blowers, will clear snow up that’s up to 10 inches thick and 18 inches wide! To further simplify the tedious and annoying work during winter, there is an ergonomic handle with foam grip as well very large wheels so you can move about conveniently. Use a regular extension cord and start the electric engine and watch the snow fly away!

The maztang has a huge intake section which is sure to absorb a lot of snow and the blow it out with moments out of the way. Just imagine using this on your driveway.

9. Snow Joe SJ622E 15-Ampere Ultra Electric Snow Thrower

The SJ622E model by Snow Joe is one of the models that aren’t cordless. But this doesn’t mean that they’re any weaker than the cordless models. Quite the contrary actually. With a 15-Amp motor you’ll clear small to mid-sized paths with no sweat at all. Although Snow Joe is known for making quality products, you still receive a 2-year warranty on every purchased model.

8. GreenWorks 2600802 8 Amp 12″ Corded Snow Shovel

If you’re looking for something cheap and efficient and don’t need a huge gadget to clear the snow off your steps or sidewalk, this model by GreenWorks will do just fine. It’s incredibly light in weight and has a 13 inch shoveling width. Therefore it has a lot more power than the exterior might make it seem. The benefits of a small hand held snow blower is that you can easily store these away without taking up much space.

7. WORX WG650 18-Inch 13 Amp Electric Snow Thrower

At a comfortable and affordable price range the WORX electric snow blower definitely delivers more than you expect. With an amazing 30 foot throwing distance you can kiss the snow goodbye. As the handlebars are easily collapsible you can store away this beast when the season ends and you need space for other things in your storage space.

6. Poulan PRO PR240 – 24-Inch 179cc Two Stage Snowthrower – 961920067

The Poulan PRO is something for a pro indeed. With the friction disk transmission that has a total of 6 different speeds and the thick deep thread tires, even the largest layers of snow will be gone in a matter of seconds. With the 24-inch front and cordless manoeuvring it will make clearing the path outside your house even more fun.

5. GreenWorks 2600202 13 Amp 20″ Corded Snow Thrower With Light Kit

With a staggering 20-inch clearing path and 10-inch clearing depth, it almost makes clearing the snow away a joke. Within seconds your job will be done when using the GreenWorks. Additionally you’re equipped with two headlights making the darkest nights, bright as the day. As you have a 13 Amps motor this electric snow blower can easily compete with gas fuelled blowers! The chute is also 180 degree movable so don’t worry about which side you’re moving as the snow ill always fall on the right one!

4. Snow Joe SJ621 18-Inch 13.5-Amp Electric Snow Thrower With Headlight

With the 4-steel blade this snow blower can throw the tedious snow up to 20 feet high. Since the winter days are very short and limited with sunlight, you may find it hard to see where you need to go and where you’ve cleared the path already. But since this snow blower is equipped with a 20-Watt halogen light you will have no problem clearing the path even in the middle of the night!

3. Toro 38361 Power Shovel 7.5 Amp Electric Snow Thrower

Have you ever heard less is more? In the case of this snow blower you definitely have to apply that saying! Ever thought about the steps or small sidewalks that larger snow blowers simply can’t clear because they’re to big to fit on them? Well that’s when the Toro power shovel comes in!

Not only is it a lightweight at 12.5 pounds but it’s also made by the number one brand in the United States!

2. Snow Joe SJ624E Ultra Electric Snow Thrower, 21-Inch

With the 21-inch wide mouth, this electric snow blower will clear paths of very large sidewalks. Don’t worry about going over the same spot more than once because it will probably be cleared after you passed it the first time! The chute is 180 degree turnable so you can always conveniently continue clearing the path whichever side you’re on. You’ll also be equipped with a 2-year warranty!

1. Snow Joe iON18SB Ion Cordless Single Stage Brushless Snow Blower with Rechargeable Ecosharp 40-volt Lithium-Ion Battery

Of course at number one we have the Snow Joe cordless snow blower! With a fully charged battery you can use this machine for up to 50 minutes. The greatest feature being that it makes barely any sound and as the name suggests, it’s also cordless. That way you don’t have to worry about accidentally getting the cable tangled up or ruined inside the blower. It’s also an incredibly light machine so it makes the work even easier for you!

Snow is all around us, check out this review for taking care of snow.