10 Best Halloween Costumes For Women 2017

top 10 best halloween costumes for women

Halloween is one of many peoples favorite night to celebrate. There are tons of costumes for both genders, but it seems that women prefer to make an effort. It is for that reason that we have created this review to display the best halloween costumes for women right here. There are many popular classics as well as new innovative ideas.

For women it is essential to have a somewhat scary attribute to their costume alongside a touch of sexiness. Having said that, a good costume is one that can be worn more than once and still looks new. It should also have a funny side to it as any moment we dress up and fall into a character, we like to have a bit of laugh and entertain each other.

What Type of Halloween Costumes Are There?

Of course there are several different costumes. Some of which can vary from couples halloween costumes to childrens costumes. Then there are costumes that have one main purpose on halloween and that is to scare people. Some costumes actually cost a huge amount of money due to the realistic effect and quality it can have. This review will solely focus on costumes for women however.

Benefits of Best Halloween Costumes For Women

A party is never a real party without a great mixed crowd. Women are more likely to start engaging and create a fun vibe. They generally like to dance and liven up the place. When everyone is dressed up and wearing crazy outfits it is only right that you can find the best halloween costumes for women.

They make them look good and scary at the same time. A good costume as mentioned in the introduction, isn’t limited to be worn once alone. Events like carnival or other dress up occasions can be used to wear that costume. The better ones have a timeless attribute to it such as classics like the dead nurse or characters from fictional films.

Downsides of Halloween Costumes

As for any costume, there are only certain days where we can actually wear a costume and leave the house. Much like ball dresses or gowns, we have to wait all year for that special day. The only reason that this is especially annoying, is because we have to invest a good amount of money to actually own a costume. Other negatives can be that the costume may lose its appeal.

Although it may be a great and creative costume, after wearing it a few times, the joke may be old and outdated. So choose wisely when purchasing your costume.

10. Fun World Women’s Magical Lady Adult Costume 

Although this may not be one of the most sexy halloween costumes but it is definitely a timeless classic. You will find that it is made out of polyester and therefore needs a careful hand wash if you intend to ever clean it. Chances are you will have great fun scaring your friends and children with this outfit.

To add to the realism of the outfit, you’ll have a teal and black dress, a handkerchief  and other typical features a real which would have such as a hat.
Cast a few spells and fly away on your broom once you transform into this magical person!

9. InCharacter Costumes Women’s Vampire’s Vixen Costume 

Another timeless classic which has been one of the most popular costumes in forever, is the vampire attire. As most costumes, this one is made out of polyester as well so it would be safest to dry clean it.
There are many details to this costume which make it incredibly realistic. From the decolte all the way to the spandex it also gives women that figure and look men can’t help but take a second look. There are also tiers of elegant lace.

Additionally you’ll find that the vampire collar with a pendant that resembles a jewel makes the outfit even more appealing and realistic. Finally the gloves that come with the outfit make it complete and even more mystic.This is definitely one of the more sexy halloween costumes.

8. InCharacter Costumes Women’s Pharaoh’s Treasure Costume 

If you’re a fan of certain eras and decades, then you might enjoy jumping into the role of Cleopatra. This beautiful dress makes it very easy to fool people and actually come across like an Egyptian queen or goddess.

With the plunging back drape and slightly reveiling front this is definitely easy to rank for one of the best womens halloween costumes.  You’ll also get a jewelled collar and a headpiece when buying this costume, which only adds to the realism of the costume itself. This is especially great if you like to show the curves of your body.

7. Daisy Corsets Women’s 6 Piece Elite Tuxedo Bunny Costume

When it comes to sexy halloween costumes there isn’t really a better or more classic one than the eternal bunny costume. Although very few dare to actually wear these, it is incredibly popular and always looks good. The costume itself is made out of 90% polyester and 10% spandex therefore make sure to hand wash it if it gets dirty.

Of course the costume wouldn’t be complete without the corset, bunny ears, wrist cuffs and choker. If you want to wear the corset apart from the costume you can also do so. Please choose your size carefully as it may run a little small. If you’re planning to turn heads, this will be the costume for you!

6. Starline Sexy K Kitty Cat Women’s Costume Set with Cat Ears Headband

If you feel a bit crazy and want to let your inner wild cat out, you can now do so by dressing up like one! With the Starline Sexy K Kitty Cat costume you have all you need to play a convincing wild cat!

Alongside the costume, you will also get some cat ears you can wear. They are attached to a simple hairband, so you can also keep your hair neat. The costume has an interesting open front that resembles a cat belly. You will also find a tail at the back of your costume which you can play around with.

5. Daisy Corsets Women’s 4 Piece Miss Superhero Costume

Although halloween usually means people dress up scary, it is known for a lot of people to simply have a funny costume or a good costume. The Wonder Woman resembling one displayed here is one of the non-scary examples.

With 4 simple items in it’s iconic colors, you can transform into a wonder woman for the night. Simply put on the gloves, headband corset and panties and you’re on your way to save the day. This doesn’t only qualify as one of the best womens halloween costumes because of the look, but also because of the quality and price. Additionally you may want to wear the corset outside of the costume and show off your curves.

4. GTH Women’s Sexy Big Top Tease Seductive Ringmaster Adults Fancy Costume

Do you need to take control of the party or the entire night? Then what better way to do so than as a seductive ringmaster? This is an awesome outfit to show your powerful side and make people follow your lead! The fancy colors shine with obedience and authority!

The front of the outfit may reveal a little skin to give a female touch to it and play a bit with the sexiness of the outfit, but nevertheless you can play a bossy Ringmaster! Don’t forget to wear your  hat and matching bow tie! The great thing about this costume is that it has a lot of smaller details and makes the dress look a lot fancier!

3. Batgirl 1997, DELUXE, Medium

Want to steal the show and remind everyone of the great 90’s classics? Want to look like a mysterious super heroine and look fabulous while doing so? Then you may want to get your hands on the Batgirl costume. Included are of course the iconic batgirl eye mask to hide your true identity, a cape and jumpsuit gloves and many more identical features from the original costume.

Because this is more than just a costume but an actual collectors edition piece, you will find that it is also officially licensed by batman DC comics. So if you’re a real fan or just looking for a top notch costume, look no further.

2. Disguise Women’s Disney Pixar Toy Story Jessie Glam Costume

One of the best halloween costumes for women is the an imitation of the lovely character from the pixar movie Toy Story. Transform into one of the most famous and favorite female cowgirl, Jessie Glam. What especially great about this costume is the incredible detail and matching look to the original.

If you have a partner or a family, it is easy to dress up as a team. This makes the perfect couples costume and even as a single costume it is fun and recognizable. Definitely a great one! Don’t forget however to purchase the add-ons if you decide to go for this item!

1. Exclusive Deluxe Sequin Hollywood Singer Costume

On the number one spot in best halloween costumes for women, we have the iconic and world desired Jessica Rabbit costume. Regardless of the fact that this is a fictional cartoon character, many boys fell in love with her. Simultaneously many girls still admirer her and want to look like her.

What better way to do so than on halloween? The costume really has everything you need to look just like her. If you’re planning on entering a costume party, be sure to be prepared for a win because people will fall in love with it! Everything from the gloves to the dress gives a nostalgic feeling!

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