10 Best Patio Lanterns 2017

the top 10 best patio lanterns for your front porch

Light fixtures and outdoor lighting have always been an important aspect when making a home, your home. It extends the invitation to other guests by adding a welcoming flair to your house. That’s why it’s important to have the best patio lanterns on your front porch, which ensure the best greeting for your guests.

Besides the comfortable and Zen-like vibe it sets for you and your guests, it also adds class as well as more clarity to your home. Especially during the summer nights where it’s warm enough to spend some time in the garden, these lights come in handy to continue the evening and enjoy the summer breeze.

Moreover, the outdoor lighting fixtures represent your house just like the paint job and the style of the house. Porch lighting and patio lanterns have been highly popularized in the past, previously in the suburbs and in recent times with modern and cosmopolitan cities! Read on to see what’s the best for you!

What Type of Patio Lanterns Are There?

Patio Lanterns vary in some ways. The first being the mount. Patio lanterns come in different mounting types, with the most popular being the wall mount that attaches directly to your wall. Another type is that hangs from the porch ceiling, to create an inviting warmth.

Of course this is also a highly desired model that has been selling like crazy over the years. Lastly, you have the type that goes on a pole, to create a height. These are usually put on the pole towards the beginning of your driveway.

Benefits of Best Patio Lanterns

The benefits are plentiful in that it provides your house with a warm welcome and of course the obvious, that it lights up the walkway in the dark! Moreover, recently, patio lanterns have been built in with motion sensors, which allow them to be activated purely by you walking past them. This is also fantastic protection against trespasser and robbers. It may not serve as an alarm but it can scare these off.

Although mostly these lamps are used for the front of the house, the best patio lanterns may also be used for the back such as in your garden for example. As highlighted in the introduction this can provide a warm way to lighten up the space and to continue a conversation in the dark.

Downsides of Patio Lanterns

The downsides are also apparent, but not if you make the correct purchase. Patio lanterns need to be weather proof, so if you get one that isn’t you might face issues. Moreover, those with lightbulbs, don’t have as long as a life as the ones with LED lamps. This will make the life length of the lantern much longer!

Additionally LED powered lanterns are not only more power efficient and therefore cheaper in terms of electricity costs, they also have a much brighter shine. However there are certain light bulbs which have long lasting lives and can be cost efficient. The initial purchase however usually tends to be slightly more pricy.

Regardless of what you’re looking for, we are almost certain you will find a lamp in our featured list that will please you and will add all the benefits patio lantern can.

10. Heathco HZ-4132-MW White Bayside Mission Style Motion Activated Lantern

To kick off our list is the Heathco HZ-4132-MW White Bayside Mission Style Motion Activated Lantern. This is a very good looking and sturdy lantern with a built in motion sensor. It is capable of tracking motion in the evening to automatically turn on as well. The white is a matte finish and has clear glass for the light to pass through.

This light fixture mounts directly on the wall and is a great addition to your beautiful front porch. Offering its classic bayside style, this is a great patio lantern! It’s motion sensor is built in at the top of the lantern which is barely visible as it blends into the rest of the lamp. Unlike other models where the sensor has to be installed separately this is a perfect and hassle free alternative.

9. Designers Fountain 1761-RT Nantucket Wall Lanterns, Rustique

The Designers Fountain 1761-RT Nantucket Wall Lanterns is a fantastic patio lantern. It has a very authentic rustic look with its steel and weatherproof construction. This is a highly praised patio lantern with its great design and sturdiness. Moreover, it’s very easy to install and extremely affordable.

Lastly, this is a great outdoor light fixture that will surely spruce up your front porch with its authentic look and capability. The metal touch gives it that sturdy look but also adds a bit of a medieval and European look. This may not be for everyone but it has character that can mingle well with most houses.

8. Livex Lighting 2151-91 Monterey 1 Light Outdoor Brushed Nickel Finish Solid Brass Wall Lantern with Clear Beveled Glass

The Livex Lighting 2151-91 Monterey 1 Light Outdoor Brushed Nickel Finish Solid Brass Wall Lantern with Clear Beveled Glass is a great addition to your front door. The monterey outdoor fixture has a nickel finish with crisp lines that complement it and make the product a thing of beauty!

Light up your front porch with this beautiful patio lantern. It’s crafted of solid brass and is extremely sturdy against all things, especially weather. It makes it a perfect balance between design and function. Unlike most models in this best patio lanterns review, this one has a bit more of a modern touch to it. Obviously this is highly desired for the younger generations looking for patio lanterns.

7. Craftmade Z4414-88 Wall Lanterns with Shades, Bronze

This bronze colored patio lantern is a fantastic throwback to the past. The Craftmade Z4414-88 Wall Lanterns with Shades is very thematic with a retro and vintage look. The mounting is done by a wall mount and holds up quite well. Although it has that traditional and very old look, it’s easy to tell that this isn’t an ancient lamp. The modern smooth look to it, gives it a futuristic and very classy look that goes well with the shape of the ancient touch.

These are a one of a kind looking light fixtures which make very unique and a pride to hang up. This will definitely brighten up your front porch with style and had to be mentioned in the best patio lanterns list.

6. Trans Globe Lighting 4181 RT 15-3/4-Inch 1-Light Outdoor Wall Lantern, Rust

Next is in patio lanterns review is the Nuvo Lighting 60/4926 Banyon One Light Wall Lantern/Arm Up 100 Watt A19 Max. Clear Water Glass Textured Black Outdoor Fixture. This is a fairly inexpensive patio lantern which is weather resistant and has a white finish on it. The glass is clear and beveled.

Customer’s have been very happy with the product, stating it’s a sturdy light fixture and serves its purpose very well! The design and look of it almost takes you to a London like home. It goes well with everyone who likes a bit of a classy look to their home. Besides lighting up the surrounding area, it will make your house look a little more fancy.

5. Heath/Zenith SL-4175-AC-A 150-Degree Motion-Activated Lexington Style Decorative Lantern, Antique Copper

The Heath/Zenith is a great patio lantern. This is a motion activated lantern that will be able to detect motion from up to 30ft away during the evenings, to light up automatically so you don’t have to! It uses copper metal which is antique to give it that vintage look with a clear glass that is also weather resistant.

Customers have been very happy with its motion sensor capabilities, saying it’s one of the better ones they have experience with. A fantastic little patio lantern for your front porch. Often motion sensors can be very slow in detecting movement or you have to get fairly close. Although this may not sound like an issue now, it will get on your nerves if you have to jump around frantically to get it to activate your lights!

4. Trans Globe Lighting 4180 BK 22-1/4-Inch 1-Light Outdoor Wall Lantern, Black

The Trans Globe Lighting is a Light Outdoor Wall Lantern. It has a very nice victorian look and is water resistant of course. The glass is clear and beveled. It’s famed as a classic american outdoor lighting system for your patio and porch.

This patio lanterns is very beautiful and definitely an eye-catcher to make your neighbours jealous! It clearly takes you back to a Sherlock Holmes type of vibe. The traditional shape and metal frame around it really adds to its look and authenticity of the lantern. As much as it decorates your home it also works very well in illuminating it.

3. Altair Energy Saving LED Lantern – Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish Clear Hammered Glass

The Altair Energy Saving LED Lantern is an Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish Clear Hammered Glass. This light fixture has a light sensor that turns on and off automatically during day time and night time. The LED is said to last over 60,000 hours and uses very little energy, as little as 10.32W.

Customer’s have mentioned that it is a very bright light and shines their porch bright even in the darkest of evenings. A great patio lantern for your home! As you know by now, LED is the best option and this therefore makes one of top 3 in the best patio lanterns.

If you want something that is money efficient you can’t go wrong with this option. Besides the daytime saving mode the LED will save you a lot of money in the long run.

2. Outdoor Exterior Wall Lantern Light Fixture Sconce Twin Pack, Matte Black with Seeded Glass

In second for our patio lanterns review are the Outdoor Exterior Wall Lantern Light Fixture Sconce Twin Pack, Matte Black with Seeded Glass. This is a two pack of porch lanterns for outdoor lighting. They come in a matte black finished with seeded glass.

Brighten up your outdoor space by attaching dual porch lights on your front step. They’re extremely affordable and also use an LED bulb type. By getting a double pack it makes it all the more attractive to get your hands on this cost efficient lamp. Ignoring the cost bonus and the additional lamp, this model is also very unique in it’s look and definitely stands out in the crowd.

1. Westinghouse 6400100 LED Wall Lantern, Black Finish on Cast Aluminum with Seeded Glass Panels

In number one for our best patio lanterns review is the Westinghouse 6400100 LED Wall Lantern, Black Finish on Cast Aluminum with Seeded Glass Panels. This is a great energy efficient LED patio lantern that attaches to the wall and is made by the electric giant, Westinghouse.

It has a black finish with an aluminium cast. Moreover, you get 5 year warranty on this device, and the LED ensures you don’t need to replace the bulb. It’s also quite affordable compared to other patio lanterns! It has a very traditional look to it which makes it easy to purchase. It doesn’t have anything unusual or fancy that may be out of the ordinary. All it has is quality and cost efficiency so it’s hard not to get a hold on one of these models. What’re you waiting for?

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