10 Best Toys For Kids 2017

top 10 best toys for kids

Toys are the cornerstone of our childhood. We all have fond memories of playing in our rooms, with others or crafting skills in order to achieve the goal of the game we’re playing. But as a parent it can sometimes be quite difficult to buy that right toy. Some toys may only be seasonal and go out of fashion quick.

Other toys are boring after only a few tries. But most children’s toys are very easy and targeted for a special age group. Especially as a young kid, once that age group is outgrown, you want to move on and be one of the big kids instead. In order for you to make the right choice and find that right gift, your loved ones can have fun with for years to come, we’ve constructed the top 10 best toys for kids. Some of which may ring a bell of your own childhood as many toys aretimeless!

What Toys For Kids Are There

There are plenty of differentiations in terms of kids toys to choose from. Firstly there are tons of different age groups. Either they have a wide range from a certain year within a decade or they are more targeted, looking at 2-3 years of an age group.

Secondly there are different genres such as educational games, thought provoking games, arcade like toys, collectable toys, outdoor toys and so on. Then there are certain toys which are just nice to have as a kid, almost like a small friend. These of course are teddies such as plush toys.

Benefits of Best Kids Toys

The benefits far exceed the downsides of toys for kids. Many toys add value to a kids childhood. For instance there is no better thing than a toy for a kid to spend helpful creative moments to keep busy with. Baby toys for instance can really help stimulate the brain for the young ones, during a very critical phase in their life.

But toddler toys that help stimulate brain function don’t have to be limited to only toddlers. Once outgrowing these there are many toys that teach, responsibility, creativity, patience and many more valuable skills that will come in handy in future life.

Downsides of Kids Toys

The only real downside to kids toys, is that you will have to spend quite a fortune to over a lifespan to keep your kids happy. You simply won’t be able to find one single toy that will remain entertaining and beneficial forever. Another major downside is trying to find the right toy in a toy store.

Overwhelming choice can really consume a ridiculous amount of time. Often you end up with empty hands when looking for a popular toy. Therefore it’s sometimes wiser to make a purchase online, as it arrives directly at your front door.

Top 10 Best Toys For Kids List

10. Kids Bicycles

top 10 best bicycle for kids

Who doesn’t want a bike as a kid. Learning how to ride a bike is probably one of the greatest skills you can learn as a kid. Moreover you can spend some quality time with your kids while teaching them to balance on the two wheeled device. On the plus side for kids bikes, they last for several years as well before having to buy a new one.

Compared to adult sized bikes, kids bikes cost a fraction compared! Regardless of price, children of all ages love getting bicycles as a present and it almost gives them a sense of independence when they get to ride it around the streets of the neighborhood.

9. Power Wheels

Preview image of the best power wheels

Almost as a bicycle, the equivalent for toddlers toys is owning their very own power wheel. To own their very own four wheels is almost as amazing as owning a real car. They are easy to drive, don’t require a lot maintenance and last for several years.

Any kid that gets one of these in their possession will be screaming of joy and ride it for hours a day. The only time they will stop using it, is when they outgrow it. These joyful gifts may teach them to be able to take care of valuable possessions, by cleaning them and making sure they don’t get damaged.

8. Drones

2016s best quadcopter with camera review

For the older generation, certain toys need to become a bit more modern and challenging. Of course in the time we are currently living in, we have a lot of insane toys that even adults love to play with and occupy themselves with. One of these toys are drones, also known as quadcopters.

When looking at quadcopters, you may find an overwhelming amount with several different features and options. Of course it depends on how advanced and skilled your kids are. However if you find the right model even you can start to play with them for hours while recording it all (if you get one with a mounted camera).

7. Collectables

the best star wars toys in 2016 right here

If you want to get your kid to develop a passion for collecting certain objects and learning the value of letting them age and increase in value, then you definitely have to look into collectable toys. Mostly these collectables tend to be in one theme. For instance you could start with something that’s been around for years, such as Star Wars related toys.

On the other hand, there are always new themes and toys coming out which tend to have a massive fan base within days, such as Funko Pop. They aren’t just fun to decorate the house with or play with but can also be used as a collectable. The great thing about collectables, it’s an easy gift to get because a collection can never be big enough and usually individual pieces don’t cost too much.

6. Marble Run Sets

top 10 best marble run sets

Marbles are almost as timeless as toys can be. If you ask your parents, grand parents or even generations that have passed away, everyone’s had a set of marbles before. However marbles alone can get fairly boring, fairly quickly. But of course there are many accessory toys that come along with marbles such as run sets.

Marble run sets are amazing and can really add some excitement in a toy. Not only do they come in all shapes and sizes, but they can be remodeled and they are quite durable as well. They’re easy to build up and store away, don’t cost to much and can be used by multiple kids at a time.

5. Plush Toys

top 10 Best Plush Toys

If you just had the pleasure to receive a new born child, there is always one thing that can bring the greatest pleasure to it. That of course is a plush toy to be their best friend. Everyone can remember their partner in crime and if we’re honest with each other, most of us still have ours hidden somewhere in the house.

It is for that reason that a plush toy can be as valuable as a house pet. It becomes part of the family and creates fond memories that last forever. Some people love plush toys for collective values while other kids prefer to play with them. One thing is sure, this is definitely one of the must have and best kids toys there is.

4. Remote Controlled Cars

top 10 best rc cars of 2016

This is probably more aimed for boys. Boys toys often times correlate with girls toys, as toys in general don’t necessarily have to have a gender specific target for it to be fun. However there are certain items, which are preferred by one or the other. The RC cars are definitely one of the more male preferred toy.

The great thing about them is that they can be raced and pushed to the limit, without actually harming the kid as they are controlling it externally. Todays RC cars are a lot more fun as they are very advanced and can be exact replicas from real cars. Others have cool spying features like mounted cameras and microphones, while others range from amateur to professional levels.

3. Play Houses

10 best kids playhouse gift ideas

On number 4 we mentioned that certain toys are more gender targeted and that the RC cars are generally more preferred by boys. The play houses however, seem to be universally preferred by girls. They love setting their dolls free and creating a life for them. There are unimaginable play houses that any little girl would love.

Some of which are made out of wood whilst others are made out of plastic. There are many theme oriented houses from Disney films for instance and others resemble a traditional family house. They are also great because buying the house itself may be an amazing gift, but small accessories can also be bought after as a supplementary gift.

2. Educational Toys

top 10 best educational toys 2016

Of course educational toys are almost as necessary as school itself. What you can learn at home through fun and joyful toys, can really cultivate and strengthen a kids memory and brain. Educational toys are great because they come for all ages and can vary from any topic or subject you can think of.

Some educational toys for toddlers for instance, aim to improve motor skills whilst slightly older kids may want to be culturally more knowledgeable. Finally there are really great toys which are actually very entertaining as well. The best bit about educational toys is that the kids often times aren’t even aware they’re being taught something through them!

1. Slot Cars!

top 10 best slot car sets 2016

Of course we saved the best for last! Slot cars are simply one of the best toys for kids because they are timeless. They have been around for years and they aren’t going anywhere within the next few decades either. There are so many great elements in slot cars, ranging from variety, fun and skills needed to operate them.

Many dad’s have owned one of these when they were younger and are happy to help their kids set it up, to play alongside with them. This can build a nice and strong relationship between kids and parent. There are also so many additional accessories than can be bought for these sets, that one single set can last forever and look new all the time.

If you found this review helpful or useful in any way, feel free to have a look at other reviews on the site. We’re sure they can come in handy as well!