10 Best Adult Games 2017

Best adult games

While toys and games are generally aimed at children, it doesn’t mean the fun has to stop with them! Games have always been fun for all ages. It is for that reason that  recently huge companies like Hasbro and Mattel which produce some of the most iconic games for children, have also been developing games that are suitable for all ages.

In competition with them, other developers are releasing games and board games that are specifically aimed at adults only! More of these entertaining games are making headlines all over the world and it is easy to see why. Whether you’re just entertaining guests after a nice dinner or having a house party, there are a lot of adult games to choose from. In order to help you find the right game for your likes, we will be reviewing the ten best adult games below!

What Type of Adult Games Are There?

There are a variety of adult games, however we will only go over the best adult games. They differentiate in mannerisms, such as the form and type of game they are. They could be a classic board game that involve fun or strategic moves or some basic card games with an adult humor twist to it. For instance, one of the more popular card games which are very unlike traditional cards with numbers and suits, have included various things a person would have to do or say. Almost like a grown up version of Truth of Dare.

Benefits of Best Adult Games

The benefits of adult games are most likely to run in the entertainment and fun area. Of course its fun to be reminiscent of a child-like wonder and remember what it was like to have fun, in a care free state as a child. Likewise, the games will bring on a lot of fun for adults and some of them could even be turned into drinking games, e.g. taking a drink when losing a round or so. But mostly games are there to connect and spend some quality time with some friends.

Downsides of Adult Games

While the downsides are rather difficult to point out, each game comes with its own variety of downsides. The downsides of adult games are rather trivial, and range from things like people becoming to serious with the game which might cause personal problems. Some of mentioned that the games lose their novelty over time. However almost everything that is fun, such as jokes for instance, lose their momentum but can be funny again after a while hast past!

Top 10 Best Adult Games Comparison Table

Golf Shot Glass Drinking Game SetBoard game$$4
Never Have I Ever - The Classic Drinking Game for AdultsBoard game$$$4
DrunkQuestBoard game$$$4.5
The 40th Birthday Game. Fun new gift or party idea specially designed for people turning forty.Card game$4.5
Legendary: A Deck Building Game: Captain America 75th AnniversaryBoard game$$5
Black Card Revoked - Original FlavorCard game$$4.5
Epic Spell Wars of The Battle Wizards: Duel at Mt. SkullzfyreBoard game$$5
Draw What?!Board game$$$$5
Disturbed Friends - This game should be banned.Card game$$$4
Cards Against Humanity: Fifth ExpansionCard game$5

10. Golf Shot Drinking Game

The Golf Shot drinking game is an adult toy for any fan of golf or for anyone who’s looking to spruce up their desk with an interesting Friday afternoon gadget. It comes with a small golf club and metallic golf ball, in a nice putt-putt variation of the game. It even has a small bag of sand to simulate the sandpit. Talk about feeling like playing a real life golf game!

On the side you get six shot glasses, each designated for a different shot. You can make up your own rules for this game, e.g. if you hit a hole in one your opponent has to drink, if you get a bogey you both drink, if you get a double bogey, you drink only. Make sure not to set the rules to hard otherwise no one drinks! Alternatively don’t set them too easy or you’ll end up under the couch. (We do note that drinking should be done responsively and shouldn’t be used excessively)!

9. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is a classic take on the drinking game that resonates with the title. Basically, the rules of Never Have I Ever are very simple. Everyone has a drink, and one person whose turn it is, uses the phrase “Never Have I Ever” about something they haven’t done. Whoever has done that particular activity, takes a sip of their drink, thus revealing they have performed that activity. It is very fun and can also get quite exciting!

Many people have played this game before during their college years and know how much fun it can be. However when the years have passed and you’re now in the adult life, it can be a lot more interesting to see what secrets people are hiding. It can be very awkward but also a very fun game to play!

8. DrunkQuest

This is the perfect game for a huge house party. People have reported that they have played this game with over 150 people present at their house party. It is noted that it is a similar game reminiscent of an RPG and has enough strategy to keep multiple people entertained in terms of the next logical step. See how you and your friends take on different characters. You will quickly take your role very serious and it is absolutely hilarious.

Others have reported that perhaps some of the build quality of the materials used is somewhat below average, however it should be noted that only two people have reported this and the rest have agreed that it is of above average quality. Let’s not forget this is a game and will most likely only be used occasionally. But when you do watch how people fall in love with it immediately.

7. The 40th Birthday Game

The 40th Birthday game is much like the titles covers, it’s a game all about turning into your special 40s. The game itself consists of a deck of 80 trivia cards which contain 150 questions. The questions that game contains are a variety of funny, intriguing, wonderful and strange things about turning and being 40. Buying gifts can be hard but this makes it very easy.

The game itself makes a good novelty gift and is also a great quick 40th birthday fun game which everyone can enjoy by either posing or listening to the questions. The manufacturer recommends ordering this 3 weeks in advance when ordering to the US. Additionally it is noteworthy to mention that not everyone is happy turning 40 but when a game like this lightens up the mood they soon forget about feeling old and remember the great things in life. Great party gift!

6. Captain America Deck Building Game Expansion

The Captain America Deck building game is another great addition to the previous Deck Building games released by Marvel. The expansion pack consists of a 100 new playable cards. It will also include five new playable character that are part of the Captain America franchise. They will also feature 2 new villain groups and 2 masterminds.

The game is a strategic, fun and has replay-ability value as the outcome will always be different. Please note that this game is an expansion pack that must be played with the Core set that is required. If you’re even the slightest marvel fan, this game is definitely a must have and very challenging and fun to play!

5. Black Card Revoked

Black card revoked is a simple questions and answers games that can turn any family night into a great deal of fun. You can play up to 6 players and divide into teams. While the rules are flexible, generally the goal is to have the most amount of right questions per team. Any game that has flexible rules is always a good sign because you can switch it up and start the fun all over.

However one other buyer said it was quite a lot of fun just to play this game as two people, as a getting to know each other exercise, while defending your answers could bring interesting tidbits about ones persona. If you have a few guests around and a crush is around this might be a good conversation starter as well.

4. Epic Spell Wars: The Battle of Wizards

Epic Spell Wars is an exciting spell-casting card game appropriate for players from 2-6. It’s very easy to learn the rules and has a relatively medium playing time of 30 minutes. The art in this game is very colorfull with over 100 illustrations that are original. The game itself is great for a digestive round of entertainment if you’re having guests over.

It’s a very fun spell-combining mechanic that creates infinite amount of variations of gameplay and invites players to explore a multitude of different combos to win with. If you like light hearted challenges with friends this is definitely a great addition that can make you the entertainer of your friends group.

3. Draw What?!

Draw What?! is a crazy game for adults and is amongst the top 3 in amazon. They describe in a hilarious manner, explaining that imagine Cards Against Humanity and Pictionary mixed with Candy Land and Charades. Doesn’t this sound like a crazy night with friends? You will act out and draw some ridiculous things to do and say. Don’t worry about looking like a fool because everyone will and it is part of the fun.

The goal of the board game is to move your peg to the finish line in order to win, but along the way you will come across some crazy squares that will definitely change the outcome of the game multiple times. The tension and laughter combined makes this game so entertaining and easily describes why it makes one of the top sellers on Amazon. Hilarious game for adults!

2. Disturbed Friends

Disturbed Friends describes itself as the game that should be banned and comes in second in our 10 best adult games. It contains over 250 disturbing questions 100s of offensive cartoons. It’s the party game everyone ‘wishes they never played’ because it’s so raunchy. But because of the naughtiness it attracts people to give it another go.

It is a card game that you take turn asking your friends questions and in the end find out how disturbed each of you really are. You are faced with hypothetical horrible situations and your decision will reveal what kind of person you are. This almost brings out the inner psychopaths and you will definitely discover a weird side or two of the people you thought you knew best! A fun game for a great party evening!

1. Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is undoubtedly one of the funniest games created in recent years and has gained so much traction around the world. The game itself is a card game in which you pair up two cards of white and black color, and the most hilarious ad-lib will be the winner of that round.

It can be turned into a drinking game, where losers take a swig of their drink. The cards are of premium quality and theres almost infinite pairings in the game. The rules are quite simple however it also included alternate rules. A hilarious game that deserves to be the number best adult games. It’s actually been so popular that many fakes have been made and it’s also been sold world wide!

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