10 Best Stand Mixer 2017

top ten Best Kitchen stand mixers

Today we’re going to be going over one of the kitchen essentials. This of course are the best stand mixer models there are to offer! This is an essential to anyone who is in the art of cuisine. Along with other kitchen power tools, a stand mixer is a great tool to have. Kitchen stand mixers come with a variety type of mixer adapters. They come with a bowl that you put in all your ingredients before you turn on the blender. Spiral mixers are used to mix the dough together. You can even use adapters to attach to the blender, and replace your kitchen tools such as knives, because it has a sliver adapter.

Furthermore, the beater will replace hand mixers and wood spoons as these are especially designed to have maximum blending power. Another tool you can replace is the whisk. Whisking eggs can become extremely tiresome and the adapter for this will not tire you out. You also have a dough hook which replaced the rolling pin and the need for kneading.

What Type of Kitchen Stand Mixers Are There?

As mentioned above, you replace a multitude of kitchen tools with a blender. Some of them even come with a juicer capability. One of the things you can add on is an ice cream maker which you will then replace the bowl with, and make your own ice cream! These are all the options you have with a kitchen stand mixer.

Most people think it’s just for baking and making doughs, and therefore tend to call it a cake mixer. But they are limiting themselves and far from the truth! When using them properly, these things can perform almost any cooking task!

Benefits of Best Stand Mixer

The benefits are endless! The biggest pro to the kitchen mixers are that it will remove the need for manual labour on your part. You won’t have to tire yourself out for hours by beating, whisking and blending things by hand. Although the traditional way may give you some stronger arms, it will most likely also give you an exhausting cooking experience.

Instead you can switch it up by using a fast tool which will complete the task within moments. Even the best stand mixer is relatively inexpensive and will save your hours of work, with a simple mechanical tool. Absolute necessity for those often found in the kitchen and food lovers.

Downsides of Kitchen Stand Mixers

There are not many downsides to these mixers, however to list a few is that these tools and machines are fairly large. This could become inconvenient for those that may find themselves living around a not so very large kitchen and need place to stow away items.

Some of the professional grade versions of these mixers can be slightly above average pricing, however their more affordable counterparts are said to be just as good and just as capable! Thankfully you landed on this review as even the best kitchen mixer tends to be a lot more affordable than you may think!

 Top 10 Best Stand Mixer Comparison Table

PictureNameColorPriceRating (1-5)
Sunbeam 2371 MixMaster Stand Mixer, WhiteWhite$$$3
Hamilton Beach 727B Classic DrinkMaster Drink Mixer, WhiteWhite$$3.5
Rev-A-Shelf - RAS-ML-HDCR - Full Height Base Cabinet Heavy Duty Mixer LiftSilver$$$3.5
KitchenAid KP26M1XER 6 Qt. Professional 600 Series - Empire RedEmpire Red$$$$$4
Hamilton Beach 63325 6-Speed Stand MixerWhite$$$$4
KitchenAid KSM75WH 4.5-Qt. Classic Plus Stand Mixer - WhiteWhite$$$4
Sunbeam FPSBHS0301 250-Watt 5-Speed Hand and Stand Mixer Combo, WhiteSilver$$4.5
KitchenAid K45SSOB 4.5-Quart Classic Series Stand Mixer, Onyx BlackBlack$$$$5
KitchenAid KSM150PSER Artisan Tilt-Head Stand Mixer with Pouring Shield, 5-Quart, Empire RedRed$$$$5
Hamilton Beach 64650 6-Speed Classic Stand Mixer, Stainless SteelSilver/Black$$5

10. Sunbeam 2371 MixMaster Stand Mixer, White

The Sunbeam 2371 MixMaster Stand Mixer is a 350 Watt mixer with an astounding 12 speeds! It has very soft handles that you can grip very nicely. It has a technology that you can will start softly so nothing gets spilled out of the device when you launch it.

It has a tilt back head so you can easily remove the large glass bowl. It chrome beaters, hooks, and whisks! Not only is this kitchenaid blender made out of top notch materials, it also has smart technology, simplifying the already simplified cooking methods!

9. Hamilton Beach 727B Classic DrinkMaster Drink Mixer, White

The Hamilton Beach 727B Classic DrinkMaster Drink Mixer is a kitchen stand mixer but especially for drinks! It’s a retro style mixer for all sorts of milkshakes, smoothies and healthy drinks. This goes along great with all your baked recipes. It’s a professional style mixer and has a tilting back for easy removal of the 28 ounce cup.

Although it doesn’t come with a huge variety of kitchenaid mixer attachments, you can still get rather creative and get your chef side making delicious goods. All of which comes at a very surprising price. Enjoy milkshakes this season!

8. Rev-A-Shelf – RAS-ML-HDCR – Full Height Base Cabinet Heavy Duty Mixer Lift

The Rev-A-Shelf – RAS-ML-HDCR is a Full Height Base Cabinet Heavy Duty Mixer Lift. This is a professional grade and industrial style mixer but comes at very affordable prices. It has a mounting rack to make sure it doesn’t budge when you’re blending. It has a spring loaded system with three different type of tension settings to make sure that heavier items don’t make the mixer move too much.

A lot of people love this particular model for a simple reason. It’s almost everything you can imagine it to be in the kitchen. From mixer to juicer! It’s also regarded as one of the best on the market. Simply a great kitchen stand mixer!

7. KitchenAid KP26M1XER 6 Qt. Professional 600 Series – Empire Red

The KitchenAid KP26M1XER 6 Qt. Professional 600 Series is another fantastic blender by the kitchenAid series. This kitchen stand mixer comes in over 10 colors and has multiple attachments for your blending needs. It has a 6 Quart stainless steel bowl and a 10 speed motor for all sorts of settings.

It has a powerknead spiral hook, flat beater, and wire whip! This beaufitul and somewhat traditional looking electric mixer just looks great in the kitchen and definitely looks like it belongs in every single kitchen. It is one of the more powerful stand mixers and comes with tons of attachments.

6. Hamilton Beach 63325 6-Speed Stand Mixer

The Hamilton Beach 63325 6-Speed Stand Mixer is a great affordable mixer that is similar to the KitchenAid series. It has great mixing action and a very powerful 300 watt mixer. People have mentioned that these really live up to the standard grade of the KitchenAid.

A lot of people use this for dough of pizza, doughnuts, cookies and so on. Very good quality and a top product! However you shouldn’t limit this tool to be used as a dough mixer. It may come a lot cheaper than most fancy models but it isn’t shy of a tough cooking session either.

5. KitchenAid KSM75WH 4.5-Qt. Classic Plus Stand Mixer – White

The KitchenAid KSM75WH 4.5-Qt. Classic Plus Stand Mixer is another great kitchen stand mixer by the KitchenAid brand. This has multipurpose attachment hub for various blending types. It has 10 speed settings and a tilt design for easy bowl removal.

It has multiple hooks for blending such dough hook, flat beater and wire whip. This will make a great addition to your kitchen and baking needs! If you were considering to use this as a bread mixer, then you made a good choice. Even the toughest dough will pose no problems for this mixer. The engine is incredibly powerful and your kitchen experience will definitely be better!

4. Sunbeam FPSBHS0301 250-Watt 5-Speed Hand and Stand Mixer Combo, White

The Sunbeam FPSBHS0301 250-Watt 5-Speed Hand and Stand Mixer Combo is a great 5 speed kitchen stand mixer with a 250 Watt rotor. The beaters are made of chrome. This is actually one of the dual function hand mixer. So you can detach the blender part and use it separately, or tilt into the stainless steel bowl.

The kitchen stand mixer can really accomplish anything from whipping to whisking and work its way through tough dough. Whether you’re a casual or professional baker or generally tend to cook great recipes, a stand mixer like this can come in super handy. Besides its technical features, it also doesn’t take up a lot of space.

3. KitchenAid K45SSOB 4.5-Quart Classic Series Stand Mixer, Onyx Black

The KitchenAid K45SSOB 4.5-Quart Classic Series Stand Mixer, Onyx Black is another fantastic kitchen stand mixer by KitchenAid. This has a multipurpose attachment hub and a 4.5 Quart stainless steel bold. Much like other industrial mixers, this also has a tilt head shift to remove the bowl easily.

It has a 250 Watt strength and is a great blender for the home. This model is ranked at the top three of the best kitchenaid mixer list for simple reasons! It’s a kitchen essential and effortlessly helps you create anything from cream to cookies and delivers exceptional results.

2. KitchenAid KSM150PSER Artisan Tilt-Head Stand Mixer with Pouring Shield, 5-Quart, Empire Red

The KitchenAid KSM150PSER Artisan Tilt-Head Stand Mixer with Pouring Shield, 5-Quart, Empire Red is a standard in the kitchen industry, behind such a big name with KitchenAid. This is a heavy duty kitchen stand mixer and one of the best food mixers around. It has a rubberized bottom for anti slipping and a huge 5 Quart bowl for mixing nearly anything.

The tilt-heat allows the bowl to be removed with ease to fill it with all your baking needs! You could make great burgers or pasta and a desert such as ice cream all with the same machine. It shouldn’t come to a surprise that Kitchenaid has more than one mixer labelled as the best mixer on this list.

1. Hamilton Beach 64650 6-Speed Classic Stand Mixer, Stainless Steel

This kitchen stand mixer by Hamilton Beach, 64650 6-Speed Classic Stand Mixer, Stainless Steel is the best selling and one of the best kitchen stand mixers on the market. This thing is extremely affordable! It is made of stainless steel and has 6 speeds and a burst mode for getting out those clumpy bits! A trademarked Bowl Rest stabilizer is also part of the machine!

Probably one of the coolest features however is that you can take off the bottom easily and transform your stand mixer, into a hand mixer. Sometimes it becomes easier to transition from stand to hand mixer, if you just need a quick mix. Finally it is so cheap you could almost imagine it to be on sale all year round. Very popular and powerful mixer!

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