10 Best Leather Belts for Women 2017

top ten best Leather belts for women

The best leather belts for women have been long a paramount item as part of an outfit. A great leather belt will always stand out and make your outfit complete, whether you wear a brown belt on a pair of blue jeans, or tasseled belt around a beautiful red cocktail dress. It’s also important to have a great ladies belt as part of your closet, for those days when your clothes feel slightly looser than usual.

But belts for women especially, don’t necessarily need to hold your pants up or tighten loose parts of clothes. Great leather belt will outshine the rest of your outfit. They can make your outfit complete. Therefore we have a compiled a great list of varied leather belts for women that will surely give you many options for your next night out, or just a casual day in the office. Have a look below at our best leather belts for women.

What Type of Leather Belts for Women Are There?

What kind of leather belts are there? These vary in many shapes and forms, whether they have a perforated look with nice holes here and there, or if they are reversible belt that comes with dual colors. These are particularly advantageous because you can mix and match them with your black and brown leather shoes!

Women’s belts have come a log way and now do far more than just hold up your pants. They have thousands of different shapes and styles. Of course a real leather belt is the most durable of them all. But while some like to focus on the buckle of the belt, the true art lies behind the belt itself. You’ll find that some even have hand carvings and shapes to make them look unique.

Benefits of Best Leather Belts for Women

The benefits are plentiful. Of course the number one reason belts even exist is to hold up loose fitting pants. Previously, pants were design as a function, but nowadays they exist in many shapes and forms, especially those tight skinny jeans. Now they have become a fashion tool to accent the rest of your outfit.

As for leather belts compared to other materials, there is one major benefit. They last an eternity. A real quality leather belt will last longer than your own life. Especially when looking at ladies belts, which tend to be thinner and slimmer, they rip easily, as they’re more focused on looks than practicality.

Downsides of Leather Belts for Women

There are not many downsides to leather belts for women. The only couple of things that would matter is if you buy a cheap belt that is not genuine or good synthetic leather, it will fall apart easily and the wear and tear is not nice. That’s why it’s important to choose one of the best leather belts for women, and we have a handy list for you right here!

Make sure that you do invest in a rich quality waist belt though. Cheap leather or fake leather belts sometimes tend to be painted which even cheaper ink. That ink will rub off on your clothes and are very tough to remove. The stains can remain forever and ruin your clothes.

 Top 10 Best Leather Belts for Women Comparison Table

PictureNameColorPriceRating (1-5)
Harley-Davidson Women's Embossed Linked Belt, Genuine Leather HDWBT11026-BLK (M)Black$$$$3.5
Frye Women's 45MM Pebble Leather Fringe Belt with Ring Buckle, Black, LargeBlack$$$3.5
Michael Kors Mk Logo Tan Luggage Synthetic Leather Gold Buckle Belt Size MediumTan$$$$$4
Nike Women's Reversible Leather Belt with Rhinestone Harness Belt, Brown/Black, SmallBlack/Brown$$$$4
Nine West Women's Career Basic Reversible Belt,Black/Brown,LargeBlack/Brown$$$4
Mizuno Adult Classic Belt, Black, 40-InchBlack$$4
Madden Girl Women's Double Buckle Western Stretch Belt, Black, Small/MediumBlack/Brown$$4.5
Carhartt Women's Dearborn Studded Leather Belt, Brown, SmallLight Brown$$$4.5
Calvin Klein Women's Basic Reversible Belt,Black/ Brown,MediumBlack/Brown$$$$5
Fossil Women's Floral Perforated Belt, Brown, MediumBrown$$$5

10. Harley-Davidson Women’s Embossed Linked Belt, Genuine Leather

Our first in a series of 10 best leather belts for women is a very well-known brand by Harley Davidson. The Harley-Davidson Women’s Embossed Linked Belt, Genuine Leather is great embossed ladies belt with a pattern and a studded belt loop. This is a fantastic belt that is genuine leather a great outfit setter!

If you’re a fan of leather, motorcycles and the rock n roll lifestyle this is just perfect for you. Of course the harley belt doesn’t need to be part of a rocker lifestyle but it surely is a perfect match. However it goes well with a numerous amount of outfits.

9. Frye Women’s 45MM Pebble Leather Fringe Belt with Ring Buckle

This leather belt for women is a fantastic and extremely stylish ladies belt. The Frye Women’s 45MM Pebble Leather Fringe Belt with Ring Buckle by Frye is a gorgeous black belt with stylish tassels. It’s a waist belt that will accent your dress, while the tassels add a beautiful flare to your outfit.

A greats among leather belts. Wide belts for women usually aren’t meant to be put around the waist just like shown on this example here. They are almost like a wristband for your waist. They just look great and make your outfit complete. It’s more of a fashion statement but can make a dress look completely different.

8. Michael Kors Mk Logo Tan Luggage Synthetic Leather Gold Buckle Belt

A great brand, the Michael Kors name has been making a name for itself in the fashion world since its dawn. This particular brand is a beautiful tan colored leather with a gold brushed buckle. Though it is a very good belt, it is not genuine leather, rather a synthetic leather. It is still a great leather belt for women and guaranteed to make you look better!

The gold belt will make you look like a top model walking along the catwalk. It has a very classy touch and elegant as well. The great thing about this belt is that you can either wear it with really light colors in summer for instance, or very dark ones for fancy events.

7. Nike Women’s Reversible Leather Belt with Rhinestone Harness Belt, Brown/Black, Small

By a great brand, the Nike Women’s Reversible Leather Belt with Rhinestone Harness Belt, Brown/Black, Small is a fantastic leather belt for women and is a reversible belt. This particular one has a beautiful little rhinestone on the buckle that gives a very a fashionable look. The harness is silver brushed and this will definitely compliment your outfit!

Althought Nike is famous for a sporty look, they definitely changed the game with this belt. Leather belts for women such as these are seen more regularly for smart to smart casual outfits. Although this is more of a practical rather than fashionable belt it still serves great as both.

6. Nine West Women’s Career Basic Reversible Belt

A great business belt and women’s belt, this leather belt by Nine West, a great choice for the career woman. The Nine West Women’s Career Basic Reversible Belt is an authentic leather belt that’s available in two tones as it is a reversible belt. It comes in both black and brown and the buckle is suit for both sides. A great among leather belts for women.

Reversible belts are great because you basically get two belts for the price of one and have tons of outfit options. These ladies leather belts really add to a smart look and you instantly come across a lot more classy. They are typically a bit slimmer compared to men’s belts.

5. Mizuno Adult Classic Belt

The Mizuno Adult Classic Belt is among the great leather belts for women and comes extremely affordable. Mizuno thought about diversity so they added four color variations to this model. This belt is made of synthetic leather but is a great and very real looking leather. It’s quite large and fits waist up to 40″.

This wide belt is clearly a lot more durable than the slimmer smarter examples shown in our list. If you choose a wide belt like this it’s more of a casual look. Of course this doesn’t have to mean anything bad but it’s probably a little less suitable for suits or other smart outfits.

4. Madden Girl Women’s Double Buckle Western Stretch Belt

Our next belt is by the Madden Girl brand, another great leather belt for women. This is a very affordable belt that’s available in black and brown. The Madden Girl Women’s Double Buckle Western Stretch Belt is not only leather but also polyurethane, but the best part about this belt is that the rear has a stretch factor to it, so you know it’ll always fit, even after a large meal!

If you’ve been searching for western belts for women, they don’t come much better than this one here. Especially if you want to let lose and have a few dance off’s this belt will give you the space and freedom to do so. It has a unique look and the stretch at the back really makes a difference.

3. Carhartt Women’s Dearborn Studded Leather Belt

Our third place leather belt for women is by Carhartt. Indeed a very reputable brown, this stylish belt is perforated and has studs all around to give it a very nice and stylish look. It is authentic and 100% leather and comes with a very affordable price tag. This is a light brown and is a full grain women’s belt!

This may not look like your typical designer belts but that’s probably a good thing. Most designer belts look identical besides the small symbol on the buckle. This example by Carhartt however has a unique touch to it and goes well with a number of casual outfits.

2. Calvin Klein Women’s Basic Reversible Belt

Our second place for leather belts for women is the Calvin Klein Women’s Basic Reversible Belt. A fantastic reversible belt that comes in two tones, brown and black. It is authentic leather and the buckle is easily reversible. It’s a highly reputable brand and very good quality. The best part is that is a very affordable ladies belt.

It’s quite unusual for fashion belts from higher reputable brands such as Calvin Klein, to make such attractive price tags. It has a very minimalistic look to it and the buckle has a great shape that looks like a C for Calvin when buckled up. Very smart looking belt but also great for nights out.

1. Fossil Women’s Floral Perforated Belt

Our number 1 rated leather belts for women is the Amazon best seller, the Fossil Women’s Floral Perforated Belt by the Fossil brand. This is a 100% leather belt that is perforated and very elegantly produced. It’s also very affordable even though extremely stylish. It fits well as mentioned by a lot of customer and definitely our best leather belt for women!

It’s unique look can be worn as womens western belts or just simply as a casual belt you’d wear to go out shopping for instance. The Wide look and stability makes this belt feel very sturdy and comfortable as well. You will instantly fall in love with it, especially when you peak at the price tag.

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