10 Best Sandwiches In The World 2017

The sandwich is a unique creation in the culinary arts that has stemmed in the 18th century. The sandwich has become the staple of many restaurants, an easy and convenient meal you can eat on the road or sit down and enjoy. Wrapped between two slices of bread or a baguette, it holds in all the ingredients very handily and ready for you to enjoy, combined with sauces and cold cuts, cheese and vegetables!

Sandwiches come in all shapes and sizes, different kinds of breads and ingredients. From the simplest of all, take for example the grilled cheese, to much more complicated and sophisticated sandwiches. The sandwich has been all the craze since the 20th century, becoming the working class Joe’s lunch! Packed into your lunchbox or briefcase, the sandwich is always ready to be eaten!

The History of the Sandwich

The sandwich’s roots can be traced back to the 18th century, where two pieces of bread were holding together food. However, the presence of bread under food or under food, or using bread as a scoop predates the sandwich. However, the modern sandwich was indeed invented in Europe, and spread across the world from its birth place.

It was previously seen as a snack, but then it moved up in the aristocracy as a dinner time meal. Becoming more and more popular, the Dutch invented the open face sandwich, which is still highly popular in the Netherlands. Today, the sandwich is seen everywhere, from fancy restaurants to small delis that specialize in the sandwich.

The Best Sandwiches List

The best sandwich list doesn’t cover exact restaurants where they are served, but rather the most popular recipes that can be found globally. The list covers the most 10 popular recipes that have been voted unanimously as the most popular. From the grilled cheese to the gobbler.

They are very varied, combining all sorts of different recipes. On toast, white or brown and baguettes and rolls. From seafood to pork, beef to chicken, pickles to lettuce. This list covers it all!

10. The Lobster Roll


The Lobster roll was created in New England, on the east coast. Probably their best contribution to the world of sandwiches. It is a fantastic sandwich and full of decadence, with large of chunks of fresh caught lobster which is cooked in a beautiful buttery sauce.

Moreover, the mayonnaise mixture adds a new depth of flavor. Typically served in a soft bread roll, the variation on the lobster roll has come a long way. One of the most expensive shellfish in the world, contained in a beautiful roll.

9. The Ham Sandwich


The classic ham sandwich. A nice piece of pork cut fresh. Usually spread on a good healthy slice of baguette, with the bread and crust remaining intact. Spread across a healthy knob of butter and lay down your ham.

Many enjoy this variation with lettuce, or different types of cheese. A great slice of Swiss cheese, or perhaps even spread a thin layer of blue cheese. Combine this with some beautiful Dijon mustard and enjoy your classic ham sandwich!

8. The Gobbler


The Gobbler, or sometimes dubiously dubbed as the Thanksgiving Leftovers, is the ultimate post-holiday sandwich. The Gobbler is the culmination of all things after Thanksgiving, put in between to slices of bread as a delicious leftover sandwich.

You can put anything from the leftovers in there! Make sure to use a good knife when carving the turkey, to ensure you get nice lean slices of the meat. Drizzle over some of the cranberry sauce and combine it with some of the stuffing, and you’ve got yourself an absolutely perfect sandwich!

7. Pulled Pork Sandwich

pulled pork

The pulled pork sandwich, a timeless classic that has America written all over it. It is the preparation of the pork that makes this sandwich so special. Cooked perfectly by smoking and roasting the pork for 12 hours, the meat becomes so succulent and delicious. It’s infusing with hickory smokey smell that makes it amazing.

Combine that with some beautiful slaw, drizzle some BBQ sauce on there, and you have yourself the pulled pork sandwich. It’s often served on a bread roll, or brioche bun which adds a sweet flavor aspect to it!

6. Grilled Cheese Sandwich

grilled cheese

The grilled cheese, so simple yet so delicious. The art in this sandwich is not the simplicity of the ingredients, but the quality of ingredients that you choose. Many have tried to master this sandwich, yet it can be extremely difficult one to achieve.

Using brioche bread and strong cheddar cheese, in combination with grilling on butter is what makes it so special. Butter both sides of the bread, put a nice hunk of cheese in between and close the sandwich. Grill it on both sides on high to give it a nice crusty exterior, while the cheese melts and becomes an oozy delicious ingredient.

5. The Roast Beef Sandwich

roast beef

The roast beef sandwich is another classic that dates back forever. Often served with a great amount of abundance of roast beef and caramelized onions. This sandwich has carried in so many different ways, from horse radish to mustard.

This is what makes the sandwich so versatile, you can combine it with anything from tomatoes, to lettuce and all sorts of different sauces. Our personal favorite is with onions and rucola with horse radish for that spicy kick!

4. The Reuben


The Reuben has been made extremely famous over the last decades. A blend of corn beef that has been slow cooked and put in abundance on a nice piece of rye. The beef is cooked to perfection, and combined with a nice bread.

Often, the cheese will be extremely nice and gooey, oozing over the sandwich. Finally, it is topped with sauerkraut for the ultimate tang. The Reuben is featured on many sandwich menus across the world with its popularity.

3. The Po’ Boys


The Po’ boy sandwich was made famous by two brothers who jokingly said it was a poor man’s sandwich. Traditionally, this sandwich is very large, at a foot long, served in a long 24 inch bread roll.

The filling, is generally fried shrimp or oysters, and a lot of it too. Fill the entire bread roll with as much as you can, and fill the rest with fresh lettuce, tomatoes and your favorite veggies and you have yourself the Po’ Boy Sandwich!

2. The Cheesesteak


Made famous in Philly, comes the cheesesteak sandwich. The steak is a chopped up sirloin, cooked to perfection and slathered over with provolone cheese in the last minutes so it creates that beautiful melt.

On a beautiful bread roll, with the beef seasoned perfectly and the cheese all over, makes this is a fantastic sandwich. Variation on this of course exist, but we enjoy the original Philly way, just cheese and steak!

1. The Club Sandwich


Most likely the most famous sandwich known globally. This sandwich is the staple of any hotel or beach club. It’s a three layered sandwich filled with the most amazing of ingredients.

Many variations on this exist, including grilled chicken, bacon, lettuce, eggs, and a healthy dollop of mayonnaise. The club sandwich is always served with a side of french fries and some preferably with an ice cold cola!