10 Best Trekking Backpacks 2017

The best trekking backpacks review for you

Nature hikes and trekking backpacks go together hand in hand. Humans are starting to reconnect with nature in a deep way, venturing into nature for days at a time with nothing but the clothes they are wearing and the bags on their backs. Often this is filled with lots of adventure and experiencing what earth truly has to offer. You set up your camp in the middle of nature, start a fire, get some food out and sit and enjoy the stars around. This is a beautiful experience for everyone to share together.

Fantastic views, waterfalls, sleeping under the stars and being with nature. With that of course, you need one of the perfect trekking backpacks. This will help you carry all your things from cookware, tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mat, all your clothes and food, and really anything else you can think of or need. Read on below to find out more!

What Type of Trekking Backpacks Are There?

So what type of trekking backpacks are there? You’re going to know which season you’re going trekking in, this is important so you can justify what kind of pack you need. An all season bag is suitable for just that, but this will be heavier than the rest due to the amount of fabric used to insulate the bag. Moreover, how much stuff are you going to be carrying? Will it be spread over across multiple backpacks or are you solo hiking? These are all things to take into consideration!

Benefits of Best Trekking Backpacks

The benefits are plentiful, in that you’re going to have the best experience if you have the best trekking backpack. It will have many compartments to store your shoes, anything that may have been wet and other compartments to keep your things dry. It will be large and also weatherproof to keep everything dry while its in your backpack. Lastly, of course it’s all about preference as well!

Downsides of Trekking Backpacks

The downsides lie in the fact that perhaps the bag is not weatherproof and run into complications along the way if the weather changes. It’s important to know the weather conditions of where and when you’re traveling so you can prepare appropriately. Moreover, if the bag isn’t made of a good material, you can experience tears and rips during your travels, which is something you’ll want to avoid at all costs!

10. Coreal Large 35L Lightweight Packable Travel Hiking Backpack

To kick off our list in trekking backpacks is the Coreal Large 35L Lightweight Packable Travel Hiking Backpack. This is a large and durable bag holding 35L carrying capacity. It is made of water resistant and weatherproof nylon to ensure dryness when using. It is very roomy for all your camping needs from tent to bags and hammocks.

When you’re not using it, you can also fold it into a small bag for easy storage. It’s the perfect companion when going hiking, camping and backpacking around the world. It can store everything you need!

9. Mountaintop 65L Internal Frame Backpack Water-resistant Trekking Backpack for Climbing,camping and hiking

The Mountaintop 65L Internal Frame Backpack Water-resistant Hiking Backpack. It’s very suitable for Backpacking, Trekking, Climbing, camping, hiking, Travel and Mountaineering. It comes with a rain cover to ensure everything always stays dry. The capacity is very large as it houses 65L inlay. It has multiple compartments for all your storage needs.

You can also include a hydration bag, such as the Camelbacks for water storage and usage. It has 8 different adjustable straps for the ultimate amount of comfort. Enough space and storage, inside the bag or hanging it off the side for tents, sleeping bags or even hammocks!

8. WASING 55L Internal Frame Backpack Hiking Backpacking Packs for Outdoor Hiking Travel Climbing Camping Mountaineering with Rain Cover WS-55Lpack

The WASING 55L Internal Frame Backpack Hiking Backpacking Packs for Outdoor Hiking Travel Climbing Camping Mountaineering with Rain Cover WS-55Lpack is a great trekking backpack made of man-made materials. This is a water resistant pack made of polyester fabric, where the rain water and moisture just slides off.

It includes foam straps and back panel for great comfort while carrying it for extended periods of time. The aluminum frame helps keep your back straight and you can continue carrying it for long periods of time.

7. ALPS OutdoorZ Commander Freighter Frame Plus Pack Bag, 5250 Cubic Inches

The ALPS OutdoorZ Commander Freighter Frame Plus Pack Bag, 5250 Cubic Inches is a very large and highly capable trekking backpack. It is slightly heavier than the ultra light weight packs but in exchange it comes with a lot of features, pockets and zippers for the ultimate storage experience.

There is a frame to keep you and your back straight so you don’t put too much strain on yourself. This way you can carry it on for longer hours, and filled it to the brim with everything necessary. It’s the ultimate camping and trekking backpack.

6. Outdoor Expandable Tactical Backpack 40L Military Sport Camping Hiking Trekking Bag

In number six for our best trekking backpacks review we have the Outdoor Expandable Tactical Backpack Military suitable for trekking and camping. This backpack has 40L capacity and many organizing pockets so you can store all your gear quickly and efficiently. There’s two pockets on the shoulder straps as well for things like your smartphone or GPS.

The tactical backpack is made of a very high quality 600 Denier material meant for heavy duty carrying for anything from tents, to sleeping bags and mats. It’s perfect for long hikes as it will support everything you need to take with you.

5. G4Free Large 40L Lightweight Water Resistant Travel Backpack/foldable & Packable Hiking Daypack Lifetime Warranty

The G4Free Large 40L Lightweight Water Resistant Travel Backpack is very convenient as it is foldable & Packable Hiking Daypack. This trekking backpack is high capacity with 40L storage capability and more than enough room for all your items when you go trekking, hiking and camping. This can store anything necessary for your trip.

It’s very handy and also quite lightweight, so you know that everything you carry will be at minimal weight. It’s highly durable as the fabric is made of nylon and also weatherproof. You can use this on all your trips!

4. Backpack, Hiking Backpack, Modase Large 40L Lightweight Water Resistant Travel Backpack Daypack

The Modase trekking backpack is a highly durable and large 40L capacity backpack perfect for trekking hiking and camping. It’s made of a water and tear resistant nylon fabric built for long lasting usage. The straps are lined with sponge for extra comfort entirely adjustable according to your body.

It’s a very light backpack as well, that you don’t need to always fill to the brim, if for example you’re going on a day adventure. You can also fold it up into a smaller pack for carrying or storing during seasons when you’re not using the trekking backpack.

3. TETON Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack

In third for the best trekking backpacks we have the TETON Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack. This is a highly capable and large 55L capacity backpack. It’s very lightweight itself, but it has large amount of storage available. The front and side straps are available to secure your sleeping bag, sleeping mat or the tent. There’s a specific compartment for the sleeping bag as well.

The front bungee storage is for anything like shoes, rope or jackets. Customers are very satisfied with the performance of this bag, calling it very comfortable and large capacity for all their storage needs.

2. OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack 50L with Waterproof Backpack Cover

In number two for best trekking backpacks we have the OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack 50L with Waterproof Backpack Cover. This is a great and large capacity trekking backpack with 50L capacity. It’s perfect for outdoor activities such as trekking, hiking and backpack. The straps are thickened for comfortable carrying and also have a ventilation system to prevent from generating too much heat on your body.

The design is very convenient as they add many different pockets for all your gear and utilities. the inlay also has a secure storage fora  15″ laptop. It also comes with a waterproof cover for heavy rain that repels water and keeps your things dry!

1. WASING 50L Ultra Lightweight Water Resistant Packable Backpack Travel Hiking Daypack

In number one for our best trekking backpacks review is the WASING 50L Ultra Lightweight Water Resistant Packable Backpack. This is a very large capacity backpacks to fit everything you need from sleeping mats, to sleeping bags, tents and of course you cookware. It has a 50L capacity is made of a water resistant nylon to ensure all your supplies remain dry.

It has long last performance with minimal weight. Moreover, if it also folds into a packable bag that you can close up for easy carrying and storing away in off seasons. It’s also versatile as it’s very light, durable and the perfect companion for hiking and camping!

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