10 Best Lightweight Backpacking Tent 2017

the best lightweight and portable tents for hiking

Nature has always been a part of man. We enjoy the nature because it reminds us of how small we really are in this world. Along with that, we go camping and hiking a lot. To supplement that in spending our nights in wildlife, we use lightweight backpacking tents when we go for overnight stays in nature.

To be in nature is one of the greatest experiences around. Sleeping under the stars, breathing in the fresh air, drinking fresh water from the mountains. It can’t get better than that. Of course, with that goes along all sorts of tools and necessities such as sleeping bags and cookware, but we’re going to focus on lightweight backpacking tents that are aimed at one or two people, but best of all are extremely lightweight.

What Type of Lightweight Backpacking Tent Are There?

They range in different types, from weatherproofing to the size or the weight of the tent when packed up. The weatherproofing is important if you are planning to buy a tent that will last all four seasons, all year round, even winter. Whereas some tents are designed in the thinking that you will only use it for the summer. That’s why it’s important to have something that suits your needs.

Benefits of Best Lightweight Backpacking Tent

The benefits of course are that this goes in your backpack, so if you’re planning to do a lot of hiking, walking, and climbing, a lightweight backpack will make the difference in how much energy you burn. That being said, every bit counts, from the sleeping bag and food materials to the lightweight backpacking tent that you’re going to carry around with you. That’s why it’s important to carry something very light!

Downsides of Lightweight Backpacking Tent

The downsides can vary, depending on what tent you get with what features. If you get a lightweight tent that’s only for the summer, and it happens to rain, then you’ll face issues with a leaky tent which can be unfortunate. Moreover, if you get one that’s heavier than said, or for multiple people, you’ll be sacrificing the weight for my space. That’s why research is also important when buying! Read on to find out our top 10 lightweight backpacking tents.

10. Bryce 2P Two Person Ultralight Tent and Footprint

To kick off our list in the best lightweight backpacking tents is the Bryce 2P Two Person Ultralight Tent and Footprint. They advertise themselves as perfect for a range of activities such as camping, backpacking or hiking. It’s very light as it comes in at just 1.5kg.

It is fully featured with an interior layer that acts as a net against bugs and a shield on top for weather proofing. It’s flexible and easy to set up. Furthermore, it’s very durable as it uses high quality polyester to ensure the fabric stays intact! Not the most affordable but definitely a great purchase!

9. STAR HOME Orange Camping Tents Plus 2-3 Person

The STAR HOME Orange Camping tent is a nice looking, easy to set up and durable lightweight backpacking tent. It’s easy to carry on your adventures during hiking and mountaineering as it’s very small and only weighs 2.5kgs. The material is UV proof to ensure the sun is kept out.

Customers do mention that it is not an all season tent and should be used in warmer temperatures and avoid rain, as they experiences some leakage during the wet weather. However, they did mention it’s very roomy!

8. Azurec 2-3-4 Person 3 Season Double Doors Lightweight Waterproof Double Layer Backpacking Tent for Camping Hiking

The Azurec tent is a lightweight backpacking tent that comes in a few different sizes, ranging 2, 3 or 4 people. It has a nice classic interior with a door that can be opened from both sides. Moreover, it has a great weatherproof material that shields you from wetness.

It’s very easy to install and to carry in your backpack. As on person, you can easily set it up in a breeze. Customers are very happy with how easy it is to set up and the two doors are great. They mention the stitching is very good indeed as it is done in high quality.

7. Coleman Sundome 2 Person Tent

The coleman brand already has somewhat of a reputation in the outdoor business and this tent is no different. The sundae 2 person tent is a very lightweight backpacking tent that is suitable for two people. It has the classic dome structure that we know and have come to love.

It’s very easy to set up and extremely great for a one person use as well, as one customer notes. You can practically set it up in a few minutes. It’s light, compact and perfect for backpacking!

6. Winterial 2 Person Tent / Easy Setup Lightweight Camping and Backpacking 3 Season Tent / Compact

The Winterial 2 Person Tent is a great lightweight backpacking tent that is very easy to set up and is also a 3 season tent. It has a rain fly vented roof which is allows airflow to pass freely, with solid zippers. It can fit two people very easily and comfortable. It’s perfect for outdoor trips as it’s a very lightweight tent and portable.

Some customers have mentioned that they did experience some leaking when it came to the weatherproof conditions, however not many complained. The floor of the tent will not let in any wetness however. It’s very easy to set up by one person as well.

5. Pop Up Tent by Survival Hax – Automatic & Instant Setup – Lightweight 2 to 4 Person Tent includes Portable Pack for Hiking and Camping

The pop up tent by survival is a special kind of tent that very easy to set up and extremely portable. This lightweight backpacking tent is special because it has a cool feature which they call automatic pop up. All you need to do is throw the tent in the air and it pops open with its rigid poles.

It has a durable and weatherproof material which is suitable for 3 season use. Moreover, it’s suitable to use for families, two adults and two kids, or you can use it with three adults. Comes with zippered doors on the front and back so you can create a draft within with great amount of air!

4. Luxetempo 2 Person Lightweight Camping and Backpacking Tent-2 Doors 2 Vestibules Water Resistant with Rainfly

The Luxetempo 2 Person Lightweight Camping and Backpacking Tent is a 2 Doors 2 Vestibules that’s Water Resistant with a Rainfly. This is a great and roomy lightweight backpacking tent that you can use for all occasions. The seams are taped which make the polyester waterproof against weather conditions. It’s advertised as perfect for hiking, camping and mountaineering.

Customers have confirmed that it’s very lightweight and easy to setup, including the poles for the ground. This tools go into their own bag while the tent also comes with its own bag. This makes it very easy to organize and best of all, it’s extremely affordable. At the time of this review, they’re offering a hammock along with the purchase!

3. Weanas® Waterproof Double Layer 2, 3, 4 Person 3 Season Aluminum Rod Double Skylight Outdoor Camping Tent

In third for lightweight backpacking tent review is the Weanas® Waterproof tent. This is a very flexible tent and comes in 3 different sizes, depending on what your needs are. They offer them for 2, 3 or even 4 people sizes, all coming with their own respective price tags. This is a very nice and convenient tent for hiking and camping. It has dual skylights at the top and very waterproof.

It comes with all sorts of zips for the doors, windows, bug net, and so on. The fabric is waterproof and the index is 4000mm. It’s SPF proof and protects against the sun as well. It’s very easy to install, it can be easily set up by one person. It comes in four beautiful colors, and the best part is that the tent itself turns into a bag, which you can attach to your backpack!

2. Winterial Single Person Tent, Personal Bivy Tent. Lightweight 2 Pounds 9 Ounces

In second for our best lightweight backpacking tent review we have the Winterial Single Person Tent. Some may even class this lightweight tent as a bivy tent, as it provides a nice shelter for you. It is very lightweight indeed weighing in at 2 Pounds 9 Ounces. It’s very easy to assemble with two hoop assemble process.

It’s actually perfect for hiking because it’s lightweight. You can set up your camping spot very quickly and wherever you go. It’s also a three season tent, which comes with a ventilated roof mesh, but also covers against rain. The access is with a large door and includes all necessary tools to getting it set up immediately.

1. ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 2 Person Tent

First in our list of the best lightweight backpacking tents is the ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 2 Person Tent. This is a lightweight backpacking tent suitable for two people. It comes with fiberglass poles and which are shock corded. It has a great ventilation system with two built in windows that are located in the door.

Moreover, it’s weatherproof and provides a nice awning infant of the door so you can still peak out or sit near the door while it’s raining. The seams are also sealed together for best protection against weather. A great two person lightweight backpacking tent!