10 Best Vinyl Record Player 2017

top ten best vinyl record player

Vinyl Record Players date back as far as 1877 and have revolutionized the way we listen to music! You may refer to them as vinyl record players, turntables or some other modern name. However you may call them, they all originate from the phonograph created by Thomas Edison. The phonograph changed everything, as it was one of the first methods of record and replaying back music.

In fact, the technology behind it is fascinating. The vintage record player would record sound by deviations and grooves that were engraved in the vinyl record, or plate. The needle, or stylus would vibrate along this track of grooves, and that’s how it would reproduce the sound. The vibrations would be recreating the sound as they would be tracing along the groove of the record.

We have evolved quite dramatically since then and disc jockeys all over the world have used Vinyls in yet another way to create unique sounds and music. Although we moved on to tapes, CD’s and recently MP3’s, the vinyls are making a comeback, and in a strong way. DJs around the world are more and more using the original vinyl record players, such as the extremely rare and discontinued Technics.

i have tried to modernize these by producing something called the usb turntable, which would feed out a digital sound as it played back. However, the best record player is one that is cherished by all, the Technics 1210s, which are very hard to get your hands to. These are considered the ultimate vinyl player. We will go over the current best vinyl record player available to buy.

What Type of Vinyl Record Players Are There?

Depending on it’s purpose, there are several different vinyl record players. If you’re planning to scratch vinyl records, (mostly heard in hip hop music) you’re more likely going to have a complete different record player than someone trying to listen to classics from the 70’s. Regardless of the purpose of your use, there’s always a best vinyl record player for each individual.

They have also started producing usb turntables that simulate the same function as a vintage record player, but the sound is the fed out digitally to your sound system. Moreover, the vinyl record players available differ in the way of how they feed out music. The record player still remains one of the most popular mediums of sound.

Benefits of Best Vinyl Record Player

You definitely want to get your hands on quality. Some of the best vinyl record player machines invented have several classic as well as modern features. Besides doing the obvious and playing music, you may find that you have USB outputs, bluetooth and much more. So besides the simple Vinyl records you may also choose the alternative to play music off smartphones and other electronic devices.

Moreover, the turntable is super classy. Having one of these hooked up to your beautiful sound system will be a great piece of decor, but also as a bonus, a great source for music. Collecting vinyl is making a comeback, and why you shouldn’t get in on the phone. Vintage record players are all the rage!

Downsides of Vinyl Record Players

If you purchase a bad turntable, it may scratch the vinyl and make them unreadable after a few uses. This has often happened and is a great shame because classic vinyls can actually be worth quite a lot of money as well and if there is a sentimental value to a specific record the loss is even greater.

As vinyl record players are made out of several pieces, cheap knock-offs may deteriorate or break faster as well. Moreover, the stylus is important to keep in good shape, because if this breaks then you’ll have to replace the head with a new one, so it’s important to always keep the stylus intact.

 Top 10 Best Vinyl Record Player Comparison Table

Picture NameExtraPriceRating (1-5)
EANOS700AM and FM / CD / USB / MP3 / Vinyl-to-MP3 Recording / AUX $$4
Teac LP-R550USB CD Recorder with Cassette TurntableCD/ Cassette/ Recorder / USB$$$$4.5
Jensen JTA475B 3-Speed Turntable with CD, AM/FM Stereo Radio, Cassette and RemoteAux / LCD Disply$3.5
1byone Belt Driven Bluetooth Turntable with Built-in Stereo Speaker, Vintage Style Record Player, Vinyl-To-MP3 Recording, Natural WoodBuilt in speakers/ bluetooth$$4
Ion Audio Max LP 3-Speed Belt Drive Wooden Turntable with Built-In Speakers, Natural WoodBuilt in speakers/ USB$4
Electrohome Winston Vinyl Record Player 3-in-1 Classic Turntable Natural Wood Stereo System, AM/FM Radio, CD, and AUX Input for Smartphones, Tablets, and MP3 players (EANOS501)AM/FM Radio/ CD / and AUX Input$$$4.5
Victrola VTA-200B Nostalgic Classic 6-In-1 Turntable with Bluetooth, MahoganyBluetooth / wifi/ CD / Cassette / Radio$$4.5
Jensen JTA-222 3-Speed Turntable3 speed/ AM and FM Radio$4
Audio Technica AT-LP60BK Fully Automatic Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable, BlackBuilt in USB/ digitizing software/ Aluminium $$4.5
Jensen JTA-230 3 Speed Stereo Turntable with Built in SpeakersBuilt in speaker/ USB /AUX for iPod or mp3 player$5

10. EANOS700 Electrohome Signature Vinyl Record Player Classic Turntable Natural Wood

To kick off our best vinyl record player review is the EANOS700 like many of the other below listed classic vinyl record players takes a blast from the past yet reminds us that there are other ways to play and listen to music. Listen to all your favorite tunes on the vinyl records or plug in your iPhone to play the next song.

This really is a great all rounder for anyone looking to buy a record player but doesn’t want to be limited to one form or music playback! An all in one system is super handy as you can also plug in your friends and family’s phone into this device for more options of playback!

9. Teac LP-R550USB, CD, Recorder, Cassette, Turntable

The Teac Vinyl Record player comes in two different colors with the more modern features we expect it to have. Everything from Vinyl all the way to mp3’s can be played back and it also comes with a remote control which is always a bonus when throwing parties or just sitting back whilst reading a book and you don’t feel like getting up every minute to change the song.

This makes the record player super easy to use, as you can throw digital files at it, and it won’t have the slightest difficulty of playing these. Moreover, the remote control makes it super handy to control playback from a distance. Be sure to check out this portable record player.

8. Jensen JTA475B 3-Speed Turntable

In number eight for our best vinyl record player review is the Jensen JTA475B, which reminds us of that time and makes a great look in the living room. These days all or at least most of the technology that plays movies, games or music are as small as possible. In the good old days, stereos used to take a good amount of space but for a good reason.

You would have great control over what you we’re listening and have some nice speakers. The combination also gives it a beautiful and vintage record player look, something that many long for and is actually quite difficult to find nowadays.

7. 1byone Belt Driven Bluetooth Turntable

Another great turntable with minimal space upkeep. The flawless 1byone Belt vinyl record player has built in speakers and looks like a very traditional basic record player. However you can plug in your MP3 player through the aux output. This make it ultra handy as you can use multiple types of sources for music.

Moreover, the built in speakers make it look like a vintage record player, one of those old styles you used to see in movies. This record player is definitely both practical as it has multiple sources for music and also the speakers of course!

6. Ion Audio Max LP 3-Speed Belt Drive Wooden Turntable

The Ion Audio Max Wooden Turntable is one of the nicest and smallest of the modern type vinyl record players. It doesn’t take up much space but has many features that may not seem obvious at first. With built in speakers and USB output you can connect your PC or play music straight off the player itself.

This make it one of the cooler ones in our best vinyl record player review. The usb turntable functionality makes it super handy, and it doesn’t take too much space as it is compact. The name itself is something to write home about too!

5. Electrohome Winston Vinyl Record Player 3-in-1

Although the vinyl record player may look very victorian and old fashioned, this device has all the modern features you can think of. Travel back in time or step into the present by playing any type of musically created record on this player. With it’s unique look you’re bound to get some attention and impress people with it.

The most attractive thing about this is the fact that it takes you back to the times when the record player was becoming popularized. The vinyl player is super handy and can play all sorts of records. You friends and family will be impressed with this piece of equipment.

4. Victrola VTA-200B Nostalgic Classic 6-In-1 Turntable with Bluetooth, Mahogany

In number fourth for our best vinyl record player list comes the Victrola VTA-200B, a phenomenal 6-in-1 turntable. The only reason this turntable didn’t make it on the top spot is because it is rather old fashioned looking and not everyone is a fan of the look. As for it’s performance, this is the greatest device for someone that likes to mix his music devices.

Instead of buying a different player for each type of tape, this one combines Cassettes, CD’s Vinyl, MP3’s and everything else you might have in one. The combination makes it a standout product, as you only need to then purchase this one device, and not all the other ones!

3. Jensen JTA-222 3-Speed Turntable

This turntable comes with a very traditional and classic style of a vinyl record player of the 70’s if not slightly earlier. It makes a great addition and decorative improvement of a home and let’s you listen to some of your favorite tracks.

Additionally you can choose to let the radio do some work and play either FM or AM radio on your command. It has that vintage record player look, and makes it a shining star in your home system, along with everything else. Another brilliant product by the Jensen brand!

2. Audio Technica AT-LP60BK Fully Automatic Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable, Black

Audio Technica, legends in the audio hardware production industry come out with this killer. This vinyl record player may seem like an ordinary turntable but it has everything you need to digitally transfer your vinyl LP’s to your computer. It also comes with a copy of a software to let you digitize all the music on your devices.

The most impressive feature is the aluminium turntable making it one of the highest materials for turntables. Moreover, the record player itself is from a company that knows exactly what they are producing, so you can’t go wrong with this one!

1. Jensen JTA-230 3 Speed Turntable Built-in Speakers

The best seller and our number one in our best vinyl record player review, is the legendary brand, Jensen. Besides the fact that the price is extremely affordable, this turntable is one of the best turntable under 300 bucks you can find on the market. Play your vinyl records off the player and the built in speakers will let the sound come out.

This makes a perfect home warming gift and with the USB and aux features you can even play music off digital devices if you’re short of a vinyl. This makes it extremely practical, very easy to use, and adds a huge depth of functionality to it. Get your’s now!

Need some powerful speakers to listen to add to your vinyl record player? Then make sure to check these out! For real music lovers, a proper radio needs to be installed in a vehicle. For that reason we’ve included a review for the most amazing touch screen car radios in case you’re a car owner.

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