10 Best Airsoft Guns 2017

top 10 best airsoft guns

Airsoft guns have been making a comeback in the scene with the popularity of paintball guns recently. The best airsoft guns are those with pressurized air and long rifles for better accuracy. They are based on actual firearms and often are replica gun with compressed gas or electrical pistons. Previously, airsoft guns were used for recreational purposes for fun and entertainment.

In recent years, the federal government has been investing in airsoft guns for training purpose in the army. They have adopted these because it’s cheaper for training purposes, both in terms of safety and the cost. Ammunition is a lot cheaper due to manufacturing costs and much safer than live ammo, which can actually kill someone during training. There are many clubs around the world and hold airsoft competitions. It has gained a lot of traction around the world. We will be going over the best airsoft guns right here.

What Type of Airsoft Guns Are There?

There are actually a lot of different types of airsoft guns. They range anywhere from spring powered, electric guns, gas powered, high pressure air system, hybrid guns and training weapons. The variety lies in what the use for the airsoft gun is. The best airsoft guns are all dependent on the user and when to use them. For example gas powered have more accuracy for target practice where as spring loaded hurt slightly less when playing or competing in tournaments. Generally there can be found any type of real life model as a replicated airsoft gun, in each construction. So if you’re looking for a specific rifle or gun with a spring loaded mechanism or gas fuelled one, you’re very likely to find it in both.

Benefits of Best Airsoft Guns

The best airsoft guns have a plethora of advantages. As described, these guns have been adopted by militaries for training purposes as their advantage is the fact they don’t use real ammunition. This makes it a lot cheaper, and also a lot safer for practice. Not only are they cheaper and safer, they actually feel very real and even have a similar weight as well as a very realistic reloading/cocking function and they look extremely convincing.

Otherwise of course, they are good fun and entertaining to play with. Lastly, a lot of these are used in films and tv as gun props because of their hyper realistic look. Many guns tend to have a colored front, so that they don’t get confused with real guns for safety purposes.

Downsides of Airsoft Guns

Each different type of has its own downsides. For example, gas powered guns are a lot more complex and require more maintenance, and likewise they need refilling of the gas tanks. Not all guns have the blowback mechanism, which adds an authentic feel to the airsoft gun to replicate the recoil effect of a real gun. Another thing is that some guns can’t be semi-automatic or automatic if they are not gas powered.

Another downside with gas powered guns is that obviously you’ll have to purchase a new gas tank once yours runs out. The spring powered guns are usually weaker compared to the alternative and reloading is slightly annoying when you’re a fan of semi-automatic or automatic firing.

Top 10 Best Airsoft Guns Comparison Table

PictureNameColorPriceRating (1-5)
Kalashnikov Automatic Electric Gun Sniper RifleSteel$$$3
Thompson M1A1 Airsoft AEG, Drum Mag, Clear/Wood airsoft gunBrown$3
Tippmann M4 Airsoft Alpha Predator Operator PackageBlack$$$$$3
ASG Tac-6 CO2 Semi-Auto Airsoft Sniper RifleBlack$$3.5
Umarex .22 Walther LGU Varmint Underlever Pellet RifleBlack$$$4
Umarex Walther LGU Master .177 Rotary Piston Air Gun, Wood/BlackWood$$$$$4
Gamo Whisper CFR Air Rifle w/4X32 Scope & PBA PlatinumSteel$$$4.5
Daisy Avanti 853C air rifleWood$$$4.5
H&K 416 CQB Elite Airsoft Machine Gun airsoft gunBlack$$$$5
Diana RWS 34P Striker Combo air rifleBlack$$$5

10. Kalashnikov Sniper Rifle

This Kalashnikov is a replica Russian sniper rifle. Much like the real one it is all black and has a long rifle and tip. The aim provided is an iron sight aim and is equipped with spring loaded gearbox. The selector in the middle can be set between safe and firing mode. This prevents from accidental shots fired when the game hasn’t started yet or there is a truce in your war!

There is a sliding tangent at the rear sight and includes a whopping 200 round magazine. Great for long distance! The Kalashnikov is a well known weapon and very iconic to say the least. This would make a great gift for any little soldier. Much like the real weapon it is easy to handle and doesn’t need a lot of maintenance.

9. Thompson M1A1 AEG

The Thompson is a classic semi and fully automatic weapon. A sub machine gun that reflects the era it was built in. It has a plastic body and an imitation wood handle while featuring a 1000 round ammo drum. Quite a massive amount for an airsoft gun. So while everyone is reloading you can continuously fire away and claim victory.

It is quite a powerful airsoft gun featuring 300-328 fps velocity for the bullets. You can switch between both firing modes of semi and fully automatic. This of course is also a very great feature as many guns just have one or the other option. Anyone that’s fascinated by the second world war will value this classic SMG.

8. Tippman M4 Alpha Predator

The Tippman is modeled after an assault rifle and features an adjustable velocity for the bullets and an adjustable firing rate as well between 8 and 15 rounds per second, which is very realistic to its capacity as a real gun. It has two different firing modes, semi-automatic and fully automatic. The airsoft gun is made of an all metal receives and features a very durable design. This of course is a huge benefit and makes it all the more realistic.

It is a gas powered gun and compatible with HPA and CO2. This airsoft weapon has been recreated so real that it is actually restricted for the state of New York. So unfortunately you will not be able to order it if you’re a resident there. This really is top of the line and has a remarkable quality!

7. ASG Tac-6 CO2

The TAC-6 is a light weight and gas powered rifle and has a pistol grip which doubles as the ammo click. Clearly this adds for comfortability and it sits perfect in every mans hand! This type of magazine allows for a full length top rail for both the sight and any accessories you might want to watch.

It has rubber padding on the grip for comfort, especially when shouldering. It includes two sights that you can remove if you want to switch them out. You’ll also find that the airsoft gun comes with a laser, which is adjustable as well as removable if you wish to do so.

6. Umarex .22 Walther LGU Varmint Underlever Pellet Rifle

The Umarex has a velocity of 900 to 950 fps with its BB magazine. It has a vibration reduction system integrated for more accurate shots. It is also incredibly silent compared to your average softair gun. Included in the gun itself is a Lothar walther barrel, uses a spring and has a adjustable match trigger.

It is one of the most durable and functional guns. You’ll find that it will rarely jam if ever at all! The hop is incredibly adjustable even when the airsoft gun is in use. Not only does this make one of the best airsoft guns for it’s amazing look and durability, it is by far one of the must haves if you’re into competitive sports related to bb-guns.

5. Walther LGU

This is another airsoft rifle that has a single shot capability while featuring a non-open site. It has dovetail grooves which help in reducing the vibration. It is very silent and reduces the sound it makes when firing. A fully automatic and suited for both left and right handle people. It has twin raised cheekpieces which allows it to be suitable for both people.

This gun is probably ideal for those who like to target practice rather than go in competitive war games. As known for Germans, the perfection in the construction can be seen when firing the shots. The gun is one of the best airsoft guns simply for it’s accuracy. The weight of it is also rather perfect and makes it feel more realistic.

4. Gamo Whisper CFR

The Gamo Whipser CFR is an airsoft rifle with a barrel that is fixed. It is actually already equipped with a noise dampener and the barrel is steel. This is to make sure that the accuracy will not depreciate over time. There is an on/off switch for the safety. The sight is a fiver optic system, while the gun itself is a spring piston mechanism.

If you need something that is effective and powerful with pellets this is your gun! It can keep you firing for hours because it is so fun to use and definitely delivers what it promises. You’re also not limited to one type of pellet as it has the ability to use many different sorts. Have a look at the customer reviews on Amazon to see what they thought of the gun!

3. Daisy Avanti 853C

The Daisy Avanti, rated top three in our list. This airsoft gun is actually one of the best airsoft guns and is designed for Canadian Cadets. It uses a five round clip however it is slower than usual weapons. The reason for this is because it is made for shooters who want to learn to shoot in 10 meter competitions. It’s a sporty weapon for those of a younger age group looking to enter the airsoft game.

If you need to rely on accuracy and want to be able to be a straight A shooter, then you will want to settle for this. It is very powerful and with a steady hand you can hit your target every time! To avoid too much movement when you found the right stance, the cocking mechanism is very easy and smooth as well.

2. H&K 416 CQB Elite

The H&K 416 is an authentic replica of the actual 416 that is used by the military. The details compared the real life gun are incredible. It may take a while to arrive because the post office may believe this is a real gun. But once this arrives at your door you will fall in love with it from the second you unpack it.

The receiver which is made of steel is a motor powered mechanism. This is one of the reasons it’s also an authentic model. The rear sight is adjustable and stock allow for much more comfortable and accurate shooting. A great authentic airsoft gun. This truly is a must have for airsoft gun fans!

1. Diana RWS 34P Striker

The Diana is the one of the best airsoft guns and our number one chosen airsoft gun. This is a spring loaded gun and features a single shot mechanism. The front has an optic sight which is fully adjustable. The trigger is a two stage trigger and likewise also adjustable. The gun is suitable for both left and right hand people. Our definite top pick!

If you take a look at the customer reviews over at Amazon (click the button below to view) it has a full 5 star rating and not one complaint! As this is manufactured in Germany and not a cheap outsourced country, you can be assured that each gun is assembled with the highest quality. With the incredible accuracy and powerful shots you’ll end up stacking pellets after pellets!

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