10 Best Night Vision Goggles 2017

The 10 best night vision goggles on the market

Are you a fan of nature watching and observation? Then this review of the best night vision goggles will definitely peak your interest. If you love nature and like to head out into the mountains and observe the beauty around us, but couldn’t in the night time because it was too dark, then look no further for solution because the gadget right here is the one to solve that problem in no time.

Although you will find that not all these reviewed examples are actual goggles, but actually vary from goggles to binoculars. The reason being that it is actually preferred by most to use binoculars rather than a pair of goggles that a navy seal should be wearing.

We are reviewing the best night vision goggles for you to judge what you can use on your next trip. We have reviewed many different types and surely one will peak your interest. If you’re just going camping or an avid bird watcher, then look below! The next time you go on a trip with interesting exotic animals, you can now take a closer look even at night.

What Type of Night Vision Goggles Are There?

There are a variety of different types of the best night vision goggles. These depend on the usage of infrared sensors, or the type of lenses that the binoculars have built in. Moreover, there are professional grade night vision goggles that are used by military and also amateur style goggles.

Overall it completely depends on your preference and what type of investment you’re planning on making. Obviously if you’re planning on getting good night vision goggles, they might cost a little more then a more basic model.

Benefits of Best Night Vision Goggles

The obvious benefit is that you can see in the dark and far! This is perfect if you’re out watching the stars and you’d like to observe the nature around such as the deer in the forest. These are also highly desired when you’re looking at a nice scenery. There are unique places around the globe and some have their own beauty especially in the dark.

Moreover, some of these goggles are also available to use in the day time due to their technology. Having that perk lets you enjoy all periods of the day. Whether you just wake up or plan to go to bed, the vision will never be an issue. Over time these gadgets have increased immensely in quality and some also feature digital perks.

Downsides of Night Vision Goggles

The downsides can vary in that if you don’t purchase a good pair of goggles you may not be able to see in the dark as well as you thought. That’s why it’s good to invest in a pair that you can keep for long. Moreover, you should always consider the size and weight, to know exactly what’s perfect for you!

Some people prefer massive binoculars that have a great grip and comfortable sit on their eyes. These usually have an immense reach as well. Others might consider nothing bigger than something that fits in one palm. Although there are amazing qualities in both, bigger binoculars or goggles tend to be able to fit more quality in them.

10. Aurosports 8×25 Night vision Binoculars Telescope for Bird watching Hiking Camping Concert Sports Fan Binoculars

First comes the Aurosports 8×25 Night vision Binoculars Telescope for Bird watching Hiking Camping Concert Sports Fan Binoculars. These are a great pair of binoculars and have a 16 megapixel optical sensor. They have great design and highly portable. They’re waterproof and come with a neck strap for easy usage!

As the name already suggests, you can use these for very casual events as well as some exciting ones. It’s actually quite overlooked or forgotten that when you go to see a sporting event, chances are, that you’re sitting quite far away from the actual event taking place. With a simple pair of binoculars such as the Aurosport, you can finally see what’s actually going on in real time rather than the screens.

9. Day/Night 60X50 Military Army Binoculars Camouflage w/Pouch Hunting Camping

In number nine for our best night vision goggles are the military style binoculars. These are suited for camping and nature watching. The magnification goes to 60×50 and the has a large field of view. This is great if you don’t want to be focusing on a small narrowed angle but rather get a feel for a larger scene.

It is made of aluminum and a rubber body. It can fit tripod and also comes with a carrying case, lens cover, and cleaning cloth. Obviously having these added gadgets increases the scoping experience and helps you feel more comfortable. For instance you don’t need to be holding your arms up but can rather place the binoculars on the tripod and fold out your camping chair!

8. ATN BinoX 4-16 Smart Binocular w/1080p Video

These binoculars in our list of best night vision goggles are highly capable. These are able to record high definition video and have a smooth 4-16 zoom. They also have GPS built in for geotagging. They work in both day time and night time. A fully packed pair of night goggles that are sure to meet your needs, but with a price tag!

There is no doubt that if you’re a gadgets freak and love having the fancy things in life, this item cannot miss in your collection. It makes the entire experience incredibly fun and being able to use the HD video, the zoom and GPS makes you want to become the next Indiana Jones! Highly recommended item!

7. Firefield Tracker 1×24 Night Vision Goggle Binoculars

The creme de la creme of the best night vision goggles are the Firefield Tracker 1×24 Night Vision Goggle Binoculars. These are extremely high quality however they come with a very large price tag as well. Be sure that when you buy these though, you are paying for the price. These have high power infrared illumination built-in.

If you happen to be in a complete pitch black environment, then you may see as far as over a mile. However if the starts are out or the moon is shining, you can actually reach about 150 yards. Besides the awesome look to them, they are also incredibly comfortable on your head and it also removes the annoyance of holding onto regular binoculars. However these are slightly big so it isn’t as practical to carry around.

6. SHENFAN 10-180×100 Night Vision Afocal Zoom Binoculars

Here we have the SHENFAN 10-180×100 Night Vision Afocal Zoom Binoculars. These a premium style night vision goggles and are suitable for many activities. The materials used are have high quality and the zoom is very high as well, allowing to see objects as far as 180 feet away. Great pair of binoculars.

Quite preferred by bird watchers due to the clarity of vision and robust feel to it. They are also very inexpensive which is always a massive plus! As for the night vision itself, they aren’t the best ones to make you see in the dark but they do the job fairly decently. Again the price and quality in general makes this a great purchase.

5. Feihe Military Optical Binoculars 60×60 Zoom Rapid Focusing Binoculars with Strap and Bag for Hunting Camping Surveillance Sporting Events

Next is the Feihe Military Optical Binoculars 60×60 Zoom Rapid Focusing Binoculars. These come with Strap and Bag for Hunting Camping Surveillance Sporting Events. A great pair that have 8×35 magnification and have high quality ruby lenses for high clarity. Moreover, the accessories that are included are the strap and bag!

A lot of unseen bits of nature can be discovered when you look at it from a distance and the animals don’t know you’re near. These binoculars are perfect for observing and scoping. Additionally they’re quite light and have a great comfortable feel to it. With such a low price, it is pretty hard to resist getting one of these for yourself.

4. Green-state U.s.Army Binocularsus-BF6060 60 X60 Zoom Vision Optical Wide-angle Telescope

The Green-state U.S. Army Binocularsus-BF6060 60 X60 Zoom is next. The Vision Optical Wide-angle Telescope which works in Day and Night is highly praised on by customers. This has a very high quality lens to reflect of UV glare. Moreover, the lens is 50mm in diameter to provide extra wide angle viewing opportunities.

In terms of night vision, they may not be the right pair, if you’re planning on using these in the complete dark. However if you like to view the landscape, animals and other things when the night rises, these are amazing. They have a very clear view, brighten up what you see when the darkness is about to set and cost is virtually nothing. If you want to have something to see in complete darkness however these should be avoided!

3. Sminiker 30×60 Folding Binoculars Telescope for Travel and Sports Bird Watching (Black)

In third we have the Sminiker 30×60 Folding Binoculars Telescope for Travel and Sports Bird Watching. These are perfect for day and night and particularly built for birding and sight seeing. The goggles are very flexible that fit every type of face size. The scope is made very well and has a x60 zoom.

Not only are these almost free (looking at that price tag) they also fit in a palm which is incredibly practical. You could carry these around with you at all times and barely notice it. It’s almost insane that these sell for so cheap and perform as decently as they do! If you’d like to have a pair of binoculars and night visioned ones as well, but aren’t obsessed with the idea, then this is the right pair for you.

2. Oliasports Outdoor Adjustable Folding Bioncular Camping Mountaining Binocular Day & Night Vision

Second in our best night vision goggles review are the Oliasports Outdoor Adjustable Folding Bioncular Camping Mountaining Binocular Day & Night Vision. These are very night weight and they’re actually suitable for both day and night and not only limited to night time. They have an x60 zoom as well!

If you’re planning on getting a cool gift for a growing boy, these are probably a great idea. They don’t cost much at all and the give the boy a sense of an adventurous and exploring life. They might get your kids to play outside a little more and discover the beauty of the planet, rather than sitting in front of a desk all day and playing video games.

1. Aurosports 30×60 Folding Binoculars Telescope with Night Vision

Our number one in our best night vision goggles review is the Aurosports 30×60 Folding Binoculars Telescope with Night Vision. This is suitable for outdoor birding, travelling, sightseeing, hunting, or just observing nature. They have 30×60 magnification and are extremely lightweight, but best of all they’re very affordable! Get your’s now!

If for instance you travel a lot or tend to go hiking these are also perfect to bring along. They are so light that you won’t even feel them on you. The grip is very comfortable and it’s just nice to enjoy a great view every once in a while. It doesn’t matter whether or not it’s getting dark thanks to its integrated night vision. Also waterproof, these won’t get ruined by rain or snow!

For more adventurous reviews or nature related ones, feel free to have a look at other posts on our site, as we’re sure you’d enjoy these as well.