10 Best Massage Chairs 2017

top 10 best massage chairs

The best massage chairs can really send someone from angry and stressed out to feeling like lying on a cloud in a peaceful environment. We all have that one chair or spot on the sofa in the house that we love the most and no one else is meant to take it. However that spot never really hits the spot of comfort. A massage chair definitely takes the whole “feeling at home” emotion to a next level.

Getting a massage usually costs a bit more than we’d like to and it takes time, appointment making and having to wait for your turn. When you finally get in the zone, the time is up and you have to pay your fee. Getting a chair massage however, can last as long as you want, when you own one of the best massage chairs displayed below.

What Type of Massage Chairs are There?

When speaking of massage chairs many people immediately think of the actual chairs a masseuse will use for their clients. These typically have a hole where the head rests so that the face doesn’t get squished and unlike usual chairs you sit on it with your front rather tan your back.

This massage chair review will focus on chairs for home use however. These are electric chairs you plug in which have several small engines and knobs that massage your entire back and some of which even massage your arms and legs. Most of these chairs have a remote control on the side for you to control the speed and more.

These chairs can actually vary from all price ranges and massage techniques, such as the shiatsu massage chair for instance, which is very popular.

Benefits of Best Massage Chairs

The obvious benefits of massage chairs is that you get a massage anytime you please. But besides the tremendous pleasure we get from getting a nice massage on our backs, there are also a lot of health benefits to it. Owning one of the best massage chairs can really help target back pains for instance.

If you got a stressful job or if you work out a lot and have sore muscles, the massage chair can also help relax and stimulate these. Not only will this help recovery but also increase the growth.

However most of us simply enjoy feeling relaxed and getting comfortable while we enjoy a nice show or movie on the screen. Many of the best chairs have heat pads as well so they keep us warm too.

Downsides of Massage Chairs

Probably one of the biggest downside of owning one of these chairs is the amount of money you have to spend to actually get one of these. As mentioned previously there are many price ranges However when looking at the features and realizing a little more can get you many more features you quickly tend exceed the budget you originally set yourself.

Another slight negative aspect would be the size of the chair. If you have a small home they might take up too much room. Finally you need to place the chair in a way that it can reach a plug which is also slightly annoying. An extension cable can make the room look ugly and it would look misplaced if it reaches across the room.

10. Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner w/Heat Stretched Foot Rest 06C- Black

To start off the list, we’re going to look at the full body shiatsu massage chair by BestMassage. The chair obviously is a reclining chair and offers a full body massage. There are over 30 air bags to offer pressure on body parts such as your forearms for instance.

There is also some heat options if you choose to use any. Overall the chair is pretty good and targets crucial tsubo points, to get fully relaxed. Some of the negative features of the chair is that taller people or slightly shorter people may not be able to get the full experience due to not being able to fit on it properly, but it still makes a great massage chair.

9. RELAXONCHAIR [MK-II PLUS] Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair with Built-In Heat and Air Massage System – Charcoal

If you’ve ever wanted to know what it feels like to be in outer space, the zero gravity on this chair can give you that experience. Although the massage itself is rather firm, you can choose to even out the intensity by using the remote that comes along with the chair.

The chair itself offers various different massages, such as deep tissue massage, full body stretching or lower back heating. Of course that is a giant plus because whether you’re experiencing pain or just want to get some relaxation, you can easily switch from the different preset programs with the push of a button.

8. New Full Featured Luxury Shiatsu Chair Built in Heat True Zero Gravity Positioning with Deep Tissue Massage

This massage chair offers a great variety of massage options. If you’re in a rush and just want a quick relaxation, you can easily set up a 5 minute session with the built in remote. Alternatively if you’re planning to spend a few hours on the chair you can set it for longer. Another noteworthy feature is that it operates very silently.

So if other people are in the room and you’re enjoying a movie on TV for instance, the sound won’t be disrupted with the engines of the massage. If you have sore muscles and need to relax them, simply switch on the heat. The chair itself does a full body scan before your massaging session so that it can target all the vital areas.

7. Premium L-track Kahuna Massage Chair wiith speakers LM-7000, 5yrs warranty Black

If you’re a bit picky with the type of motions you enjoy in a massage, this chair offers you a total of 5 to choose from. If you prefer the tapping or kneading sensation it will let you choose the one you like most. The massages themselves are very therapeutic and could easily be mistaken for a professional chiropractor.

One of the more rare features of this chair compared to others, are the built in speakers. You could lean back connect your smartphone to it to play songs off it and read a nice book for instance. On top of the amazing technical features, there is also a 5 year warranty in case you’re worried the chair ever breaks.


If you’re worried about the space a massage chair might take, this one only needs a total of three inches away from the wall. Even when reclining or going into full ‘zero gravity’ mode, the chair won’t scrape along the walls or need to be moved to due its design and technology.

Of course it offers tons of different massages and has 5 pre-programmed massages such as: comfort, relax, decompress, neck/shoulders and back/waist. Additionally it is worth mentioning that there are several different color options of the chair so you’re not limited to the typical black or white models.


Some of the cheaper massage chairs can actually be painful. The reason behind it is that the knobs or rolls are very stiff and just target fixed spots. This chair is listed in the best massage chairs list because it actually feels good. The 6 rolls follow the curvature or your body making it a pleasant experience.

Another great feature about this particular model compared to most, is that offers a wider than usual seating area. Many chairs can feel a bit tight because they try to make up for the amount of space it takes. With heat sensors and different target areas from neck to toe, you really have everything you need here!

4. Infinity – Massage Chair IT

This chair really has a higher price tag compared to other chairs featured on the best massage chairs list. However the price really makes it worth it when considering that everything from packaging and delivery of the chair all the way to customer service is on another level.

Usually manufacturers make it incredibly hard to replace pieces or repair broken ones, even when they offer warranties. Not with the infinity. One call should do the trick. Many fell in love with the chair after experiencing a relief in back pain and other tendonitis related issues.

3. Osaki OS4000TB Model OS-4000T Zero Gravity Massage Chair

With the full computerized body scan, your entire body will be able to feel the perfect massage for you. Due to the leg extension, taller people aren’t limited either to experience the full pleasure. Of course this wouldn’t be one of the most popular brands and best massage chairs if it didn’t offer a full body massage.

Everything from heat, to calf and foot massage can be applied and used. There are 6 massage types and pre-programmed motions. The controller for the chair is wireless unlike most, it has auto timer functions and even shoulder air massage options.

2. Full-Body Zero Gravity Space Saving L-Track Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800 with heating therapy

The name of this chair alone makes you want to give it a test drive. The full body shiatsu massage chair is really something special and if you want to treat yourself, this is something you’d want to get. Anything from heat therapy to a full body massage can be taken advantage off with this chair.

Due to its special design, the chair actually saves space when you decide to lean back and go into a lying position. Rather than extending the back and leg bits, it rolls up at the front while moving the backrest in. With three air pressure and speed levels you really feel like at a spa when sitting on this chair.

1. Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair plus VR Headset

This full body massage chair could easily be confused with a gift from heaven. Not only is it a full body massage chair but it has tons of features to offer. To begin with, you can lean back so far that you can actually be in a lying position. Everything from your arms to your feet can be targeted and relief the pain.

Due to the built in air bags, the chair can apply pressure on areas such as your calfs or arms. That way it can relief fatigue and pain. With waist heaters and many more features the price this chair goes for is actually quite astonishing and therefore deserves to get the number one spot as the best massage chairs you can find.

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