10 Best Blush Palette 2017

Best blush palette

Nearly everyone has dabbled in the world of cosmetics one time or another. Some people prefer it, and some don’t. Our best blush palette review revolves around blush sets that are suitable for those who wish to add contours to their face. In earlier days, blush was considered as ‘rouge’, but nowadays, the colors have altered a lot and come in multiple colors other than pink or red/rouge.

These have evolved into beige, bronze and skin tone colors that contour the face and add a depth to your cheek bones and jaws. Professional makeup artists study how to add these contours to the face for models and photography. They have mastered the arts in providing glowing makeup results with their craft! Our review will go over the best blush palette sets available today!

What Type of Blush Palette Are There?

Blush palettes vary in different ways. Previously, these were only considered as rouge elements and pinkish undertones. However, as we have progressed and modeling and makeup has evolved, we enter a world of face contouring with bronze and beige elements. Of course, the classics are still abundantly available and the best blush palettes include these!

However with a huge variety of skin tones there needs to be an equal amount of shades we need in order to match our individual skin and styles. Of course you don’t need a different shade for every skin tone but having multiple shades can be used in combination in order to match every possible shade.

Benefits of Best Blush Palette

The benefits of having a best blush palette is that you can add a depth of color to your face, whether it is with accents on your cheek bones and jaw or adding a pinkish hue to your cheeks. Using the proper tools and tones can add a whole new depth to your face, and that’s why it’s highly important to choose the right color for your skin!

The better palettes typically have four or more different shades. Not only do these last a while, but you can also experiment a little and try out new looks and tutorials. After all, there are different events and daily looks we like to go for, so having the option to try out several looks is always a huge benefit. Additionally you actually save money by having all these different colors in one palette rather than buying several single ones.

If you’re a huge fan of a particular brand it’s also a small benefit to have more than one shade by the same manufacturer. This may be because your skin reacts better to some more than others.

Downsides of Blush Palette

The downsides vary in the best blush palette options. The important thing is to always choose the colors that suit your skin tone and color. If you choose something overly colorful that doesn’t suit your face, it might cause issues in comparison to the skin on the rest of your body.

Although you would be saving money with a blush palette, with multiple shades and color options in the long run, it is always a bit pricey at first. But as these tend to last a while it’s easily compensated with the looks you can create. Without further ado, have a look below, where we’ve made sure to choose the best blush palette sets for you below!

10. SHANY Cosmetics Fuchsia 6 Color Blush Palette, 8 Ounce

We kick off the list with a 6 color blush palette with the SHANY Cosmetics Fuchsia 6 Color Blush Palette, 8 Ounce. This product provides naturals and subtle hints of colors and is made with quality pigments to get away from heaviness. This is recommended for everyday use to add nice matte and sheer blushes. Our number 10 in best blush palettes!

Not only do they look amazing, unlike cheap blushes these tend to stay and wear all day. This way you don’t have to constantly run to the bathroom every few hours to add another layer of blush. Simply apply them once in the morning and you’re set for the day. Although they may look slightly bright at first, they don’t appear childish and glittery when you apply it. Instead you’ll receive a nice sophisticated and classy look.

9. Neutrogena Custom Glow Blush Duo, Natural Glow 10

A great product by the Neutrogena brand, the Neutrogena Custom Glow Blush Duo, Natural Glow 10 is a fantastic blush palette suited for lightweight and subtle blush preferences. This product is suited for those who want to add a subtle contour to their face in everyday situation! A great product and comes highly recommended especially for when the sun is out.

Although there isn’t much to say about this blush, it definitely qualifies as one of the best blush palette there is. Sadly there is only 2 different shades but there is an additional sunset glow in case you fall in love with the product. Many people highly praise Neutrogena for a good reason.

8. Premium Contour Highlight Bronx Makeup Effect Palette Set

By the Emori brand, this Premium Contour Highlight Bronx Makeup Effect Palette Set is a set that included a total of 6 different colors. These are divided by bronze, contour and highlighting colors! They come in a very stylish box and is highly recommended for contouring! It’s a perfect set for everyday use and among our 10 best blush palette reviews!

If you’re new to contouring, there is a nice little tutorial that comes along so you can try out different techniques and get familiar with the whole process. However if you’re already well experienced this set is exactly what you may look for. On top of it all, the smell has a very nice scent to it that almost replaces a perfume and gives it that extra feminine scent guys dream of.

7. Makeup Contour Kit, 6 Colours Professional Face Sculpting, Highlight Camouflage Concealing and Bronzing

A six color blush palette which are useful for any skin type and tone. The Makeup Contour Kit, 6 Colours Professional Face Sculpting, Highlight Camouflage Concealing and Bronzing is a great kit that is capable of creating over 500 different types of looks if you contour and use it the way you would want to!

The selection is of course one of it’s main benefits but if you take a look at the price, there is hardly anything you can complain about, even if you end up not liking this product.

6. E.l.f. Blush Palette Light, 0.14 Ounce

The E.l.f. Blush Palette Light, 0.14 Ounce by the E.l.f. brand is a great 4-set blush palette among the best blush palette in this top 10. They include 4 gorgeous shades to use throughout the year that give you a rosy and pinkish hue. It’s especially suited for shading and contouring and matching with other makeup kit products!

Two of the colors are matt whilst the other two are slightly sparkly. However they don’t exaggerate and give you the impression you’re in a Disney movie. They much rather give it a subtle shimmer. The brand E.l.f is also generally very good for your skin and doesn’t cause any acne breakouts in case you’re sensitive in that area.

It’s color variety have been said to be suitable for light to medium skinned people but are generally aimed at medium to dark skinned people. So from customers feedbacks, it seems that the shades go for every type of person!

5. Moontree Makeup Foundation Cosmetic Concealer Palette Makeup Palette Face Eye Shadow Camouflage Makeup Blush-p10

The Moontree brand presents Moontree Makeup Foundation Cosmetic Concealer Palette Makeup Palette Face Eye Shadow Camouflage Makeup Blush-p10 which is highly customizable blush palette sets with a lot of options. They use ECO friendly materials and come with 10 different blush color options. A great blush palette!

Although there are many different shades and colors to experiment and combine with, it can be a little tricky when there are no directions for newbies. It’s a shame they didn’t include any but if you really do need a bit of help and advice, it’s always easy to look up some instructional videos on YouTube for instance. That way you can follow direction and see end results before applying it.

4. GAGA Professional 180 Colors Fashion Eyeshadow Makeup Cosmetic Palette Matte Concealers

The GAGA Professional 180 Colors Fashion Eyeshadow Makeup Cosmetic Palette Matte Concealers by GAGA is an extensive blush palette set and considered among the best blush palette around. It contains over 180 different colors which are very long lasting. These range from shimmer colors to matte colors. They use mineral oil to give a pigmented eyeshadow!

With so much variety, you’ll never have to worry looking the same. There’s a guarantee that you may have one too many looks you’ll fall in love with so it’s wise to write down great combinations if you like them. Additionally you don’t generally have to worry about the palettes showing up broken as they tend to wrap up the package pretty good to make sure it arrives at your house in one piece.

3. Physicians Formula Powder Palette Blush, Blushing Natural, 0.17 Ounce

This model is by Physicians Formula, the Physicians Formula Powder Palette Blush, Blushing Natural, 0.17 Ounce is a one blush kit to provide your skin with a great complexion after applying. The blush set comes in varied colors, but once you apply the brush, it borrows from all the colors to give your face a healthy glow!

This palette is especially aimed for the very light skinned individuals who have a hard time finding the right shades. Usually the shades come across a bit too harsh for very light skinned people but not with this nice mix by physician. They managed to combine the right balance for light skinned people and that way you can get the rose look without feeling like a clown.

2. UCANB Waterproof 5 Colors Blusher Palette With Blush Brush

The UCANB Waterproof 5 Colors Blusher Palette With Blush Brush is by the UCANB brand and has great reviews all around as a blush set and is considered one of the best blush palette sets around. This makeup kit contains 5 different blush colors and comes supplied with a blush brush! Perfect for those rosy cheeks for the evening out!

Not only does it have several shades, great quality and probably all other features a great blush palette should have, it is actually quite travel friendly the way it’s packaged. That way you can look amazing on any journey, trip or holiday. With the top clip holding a mirror and the bottom one a gentle blush brush, you really have all it takes to put on some nice shades on your cheeks.

1. Amazing2015 Professional 88 Metal Shimmer Color Eyeshadow Palette

The number one best seller on Amazon and our best blush palette vote goes to the Amazing2015 Professional 88 Metal Shimmer Color Eyeshadow Palette. This blush set has 88 eyeshadow colors all of which are ultra shimmer. People have said that the variety is extremely large and suitable for every occasion! This is perfect as a gift or for yourself! Get your best blush palette right now!

Although this is used mainly for eyeshadows it has a very rich quality for the price it’s going. Generally you’d expect something in that price range to be drugstore type quality but instead it’s actually much higher. The lighter colors may not be as pigmented as the darker ones but that doesn’t mean you should overdo it. Apply a gentle fair amount and only put on more in a limited amount until you reach the shade you’ve been looking for.

Finally it is needless to say that you will find endless combinations and each palette is about the size of a dime. Therefore you won’t run out of individual colors too fast either.

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