10 Best Touch Screen Car Radio 2017

10 best touch screen car radio for your car

Although radios have almost gone out of fashion, it’s hard to picture a single car on the road that doesn’t come equipped with one. Today it’s easy and cheap to improve the quality of a car by adding one of the best touch screen car radio. Not only is it a cheap one time investment, it is also a quick one. Especially for older models it can make a drive a lot more enjoyable.

But even when considering to buy a brand new car, the option of adding a touch screen car radio will ramp up the price quite significantly, when you buy it from the car manufacturer. The cheaper option would be to get it separately and let someone else install it for you. Obviously you can install it yourself if you have the skills and time to do so.

Nowadays, it’s not very difficult to do so, if you know some basic tricks on how to do it. The rest can be found on YouTube on how to exchange the car radio. The touch screen aspect of it makes it very easy to use while driving, due to the fact that the buttons become enlarged and suitable for you to touch them. Moreover, it’s at eye-level so you don’t have to particularly take your eyes off the road.

Recently, Apple has integrated Apple CarPlay into most of these screens or it can be added with a simple software upgrade, making it highly compatible with your phone via USB or bluetooth. We’ve used it and we personally love the easiness of it. All your music and map information in central place to use.

What Type of Touch Screen Car Radios Are There?

There are several touch screen car radios these days and they’re becoming more available and affordable as time goes on. Long gone are the days where small tapes and AM/FM radio were the only musical options in a car. Now you can use many functions, some of which include bluetooth to connect other devices, video streaming and many more.

As discussed previously, a lot of the screens are now incorporating support for smartphones, such as Apple’s CarPlay, making it super easy to use and have all your information in one central area. Of course, you still have all the classic functions, such as radio and so on, but you also have more functionality with the integration of your smartphone.

Benefits of Best Touch Screen Car Radio

Obvious benefits is that you can play and stream a huge variety of music through bluetooth and mp3 players that you connect to them. But the best touch screen car radio will be able to make your life easier by being cordless, faster by touching the apps on the screen rather than scrolling around looking for the right settings and therefore safer as a drive overall.

Some of the best also let people watch DVD’s which is always a huge plus for kids. This makes it extremely easy to entertain them while you drive. You can even link up more screens to the main station and attach the screens to the back. This provides hours of entertainment for those long road trips where you need to focus!

Downsides of Touch Screen Radios

Although there is no question that touch screen radios are a huge bonus for cars, there is always something that can be seen as a downside. Most annoyingly is the setup to integrate the device to the car. It can take up to a few hours if you don’t really know what you’re doing or it will cost a bit of extra money to let a professional do it for you. But once it’s done you’ll be happy. So a bit of pain has to be expected with your purchase.

Moreover, the quality of the product might also matter, such as the screen quality and software compatibility. You should always ensure that it’s compatible with your smartphones via USB or bluetooth, or perhaps the dvd player is set to the correct region, so you can play all the movies that you would like to!

10. Double Din Universal In Dash HD Touch Screen Car DVD Player GPS Navigation Stereo AM/FM Radio Support SD/USB/Bluetooth/1080P/steering wheel control/Phonebook and night view backup Camera As Gift

With a multitude of languages and the extremely user friendly interface, it is easy to fall in love with this hands free car radio. Additionally it is so powerful that you might confuse it with a laptop thanks to its 800 GHz processor. With full a HD resolution on the screen you’ll love streaming videos on it.

There is a built in bluetooth microphone in the device so you can have a great handsfree call as you drive. Obviously you can also play any possible music related device whether it’s a old fashioned CD or a bluetooth synced smartphone. If you wish your car had a camera assist for your parking, you’ll get one for free with a purchase of this radio!

9. POWER ACOUSTIK PD-710 Single DIN Multimeadia Source with Detachable 7-Inch Oversize LCD Touchscreen

With a beautiful look of the device itself, the software also lets you have a nice display that shows you everything from dashboard. Many radios just show the name of the current song playing but with the Power Acoustik you’ll have everything showing up from artist to song as well as the album. But those minor details are nothing compared to the other functions this radio has.

Play DVD’s as well as a Divx player and AVI receiver, CD’s and of course mp3’s. And if you’re worried about someone breaking into your car and possibly stealing this beauty, you can easily detach the screen and take it with you. That way it will be worthless for someone to rob the radio as the value is still in your possession. You’d be surprised how valuable this function is.

8. SOUND STORM SD10.1B Single-DIN 10.1 inch Detachable Touchscreen DVD Player, Receiver, Bluetooth, Detachable Front Panel, Wireless Remote

Whatever device you have, can probably be integrated with this car radio. Whether it be a smartphone, USB, SD card or a simple mp3 player. There will be a way to connect it and stream the music, film or image on this radio.

Most remarkable feature however is the giant screen it comes with. With the full 10″ screen, people in the backseats will have no issues watching the screen at full comfort level. It will be especially comfortable because if they need to control the device but can’t reach it, they can just pick up the remote and switch channels, songs or whatever else is currently on.

7. Kenwood DDX773BH 6.95″ In Dash Touchscreen DVD CD Receiver with built in Bluetooth, AM/FM Tuner and HD Radio

Kenwood is one of those brands that you can trust because when you look back at its history, you’ll find that they have been creating products around musical devices for decades. Brands that specialize in a specific market are always going to make sure to deliver the highest quality in that niche.

This is exactly what Kenwood does with music players. Besides the ultra responsive touch screen, the quality of the sound is incredibly crisp. You can also have a dual phone connection and sync smart phones from android as well as apple devices.

6. Car Stereo, XO Vision 6.2 inch Wireless Bluetooth Multimedia DVD Receiver MP3 Compatible with FM/AM [ XOD1752BT ]

If you’re looking to have a nice touch screen car radio that doesn’t cost a ridiculous amount, we definitely recommend this model here. Of course it won’t have many of the functions as the higher ranked devices for obvious reasons. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t a very powerful one though. You’ll find that all the great basics of a touch screen car radio are present here such as, wireless bluetooth, DVD player, AUX input and smart phone syncronization.

If you don’t want anything fancy but still wish to have a great experience with a touch screened car radio, you don’t have to look much further than this.

5. Upgarde Version With Camera ! 6.2″ Double 2 DIN Car DVD CD Video Player Bluetooth GPS Navigation Digital Touch Screen Car Stereo Radio Car PC 800MHZ CPU !!!

When you integrate a touch screen car radio that has a CPU of 800MHZ you might as well call it a full functioning PC. It supports USB and SD cards with a capacity of up to 32GB. Besides having the standard radio options of listening to AM/FM radio, you can also record your favorite station as it’s playing.

Finally you have tons of other options but most remarkably a fully functioning 4GB mapped GPS that will help you navigate around unknown areas as you drive along. Yes you can also play DVD’s and CD’s on it of course.

4. Volsmart 7 inch Android 5.1.1 Car Stereo Lollipop Quad Core 1024*600 Capacitive Touch Screen without DVD Player support GPS Navigation Radio Bluetooth USB MirrorLink OBD2 Backup Camera WiFi

Have you ever used a bluetooth function in a car and made a call. The sound of the caller on the other end may come across crystal clear but when you try to speak the caller almost always has difficulties hearing you and you’ll end up screaming for them to understand what you’re saying. Thankfully the Volsmart model featured here comes with an external microphone which will make a normal speaking volume perfectly understandable.

Additionally you’ll get amazing added bonuses such as a rear camera, WiFi connection full HD streaming, bluetooth connection for smartphones and other gadgets and an integrated GPS as well!

3. GPS Navigation car dvd Android 5.1 KEWEIER 7″

Of course a hands free bluetooth car radio is only as good when it comes with the function to be able to make calls without actually having to hold a phone up by your ear. This model not only features that but also comes with a FREE rear camera to help and assist you when you’re trying to park. Most models have the option to integrate the camera to the screen but if you don’t have a camera there’s nothing to integrate.

Thankfully they provide you with one and when you compare the price of the whole device, which by the way also has a GPS navigation system, your jaw may drop to the floor. It’s incredibly what you’re getting. Getting all these functions from the car manufacturer will easily set you back a few heavy pennies.

2. BOSS AUDIO BV9364B Double-DIN 6.2 inch Touchscreen DVD Player Receiver, Bluetooth, Wireless Remote

Although the featured model here is the one without rear cam video, you can have the option for a minor higher fee. Both models however have a huge selection of benefits, such as being able to watch DVD’s from the comfort of your car. This makes any ride enjoyable and help to entertain those who aren’t driving. Although it has a bluetooth function to connect devices such as smartphones etc. you can also use an AUX cable and plug in devices which may not have bluetooth functions.

Finally there are also USB inputs as well as SD cards and it comes with a wireless remote. This is a fully equipped radio which has more options than you can imagine.

1. Pioneer AVH-280BT In-Dash DVD Receiver with 6.2″ Display and Bluetooth

It doesn’t take long to figure out why the Pioneer AVH-280BT made it on the number one spot. To begin with, Pioneer is a very trusted brand and a market leader, amongst others, when it comes to audio devices. This touch screen car radio has many features you’ll love. Besides being a touch screen, you can actually control the device by not touching it at all. It has bluetooth calling and audio streaming which is not only very handy but also a lot safer for drivers.

Don’t get distracted looking to answer a call or changing the song whilst driving instead just use the bluetooth function and enjoy a safe drive. This best seller also comes at a crazy affordable price which was the main reason for ranking it at the number 1 spot!

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