10 Best Human Hair Extensions 2017

top 10 human hair extensions for 2016

The best human hair extensions are usually incredibly pricey and hard to find. It seems that there’s always something wrong with the extensions you get down by your local store or hairdresser. It is for that reason we have created this review which features the 10 best extensions for you! Hair extension have become extensively more common in recent years due to the fashion trend.

Hair extensions are a great way to give you hair that volume you desire. With a few hand movements the hairstyle you have been trying to get for months can be achieved within a few seconds. Once you’re back home from a night out or your daily routine, you can simply go back to your natural self by removing those extensions.

Hair extension can also change your hairstyle. For example, if you like it usually short, but would like to experience what it is like to have long hair for an evening or even a month, you can fix yourself some hair extensions. The best ones are non-synthetic but the human hair extensions, as these will add voluptuous and natural looking hair to your head.

The hair extension are produced from real hairs from people who like to donate hair for charities, and help others out. These have become increasingly popular in the fashion industry to apply certain types of hair to those who don’t usually have long hair, or would like to add volume to their already beautiful hair style.

What Type of Hair Extensions Are There?

There’s various different types of hair extensions as there are various types of different hair. For instance you can have different hair colors and have to find the right shade for your hair or alternatively you may be looking for some extensions which have a certain shape or form already. Then there are different length sizes and qualities as well.

There’s also the variation that you can clip directly into your hair. This is very easy and convenient and can be used on and off as you please. This is most likely the easiest method of applying hair extensions. However, more permanent methods include waxing or gluing the extensions directly to your hair, which make it more permanent.

Benefits of Best Human Hair Extensions

Nothing feels more real than human hair extensions. After all, why would you want to have something on your body that isn’t produced by nature itself. The best human hair extensions will fool anyone and make them believe that it’s actually your real hair. The texture and visual look of it will look identical to your own.

Of course, it can also add a lot of volume and lustrous hair to your already full head of hair. This is what makes hair extensions so special, they can add to what already exists. Most people use it like this, others use it when they usually have short hair but would like to experience longer hair for an evening or two.

Downsides of Human Hair Extensions

Typically human hair extensions can be a bit more expensive than other material. Finding very long extensions can be a bit tougher to locate as it takes time to grow hair to a certain length. It is also harder to find your exact match. However we will make sure you find your shade!

It should also be noted that it’s important to find the right type of hair. Since they are coming form actual hair, the slightest difference can off set and immediately show that you have extensions, so color is as important as texture.

10. Sunny Dip and Dye Ombre Clip in Human Hair Extension 22 Inches Remy Full Head Brown to Blonde Remy Clip in

Although the product description might warn you that the hair may look darker than depicted on the image, consumers have been loving the actual results and claim they look exactly like on the images. The Sunny Hair extensions are beautifully dyed at the bottom which really looks like they’ve been dipped in the golden sun.

The sunny brand also take special care in ensuring that it is the right color as well as the right texture on your head. It’s important to have both the right texture of hair extensions as well as the right colored hair extensions.

9. Noelle Crown Hair Extensions Remy Human Hair NEW DESIGN! ONLY 3 CLIPS! No Damage! Adjustable Countours

The Noelle Crown hair extensions are one of the fastest clip-ons on the market. With an incredible length of up to 22inch, you can get that volume you desire. There is a total of up to 12 different colors, so don’t be disheartened by the above image, as this is just one example.

Included with each package is some shampoo and conditioner to treat your hair with care. You should always use the supplied products that come with it because these have been designed to work with the product that you are purchasing.

8. Moresoo 16 inch Straight 100% Remy Human Hair Pink Seamless Tape In Hair Extensions

If you’re looking for something a bit more creative and flashy, like pink or bright blue hair colors, it will take you several trips and dyes down at the hairdresser. Not only can that be rather costly and damaging to your hair, but you might not even get the desired results in the end.

Thankfully there are hair extensions that have gone through the tedious process so all you have to do is clip them onto your head! This make it super easy and convenient to pop these into your hair and take them off at the end of the night.

7. Sunny 50 Strands Straight Pre Bonded U Nail Keratin Tip Fusion Remy Human Hair Extensions

The human hair extensions by Remy hair are pre-glued so you can add and remove them instantly with ease. You might have seen this brand in stores but, watch out because they are often fakes and treated with acid. You can instantly notice a difference because the originals are long lasting and tangle free.

Another by the great sunny brand, these make for a great pair of hair extensions as these are treated with natural liquids that make the hair more long lasting and more beautiful to look at. And of course they are very full of volume and luster.

6. Ruiyu 7A Grade Ombre Hair Extensions Brazilian Hair 3 Bundles Straight 2 Tone Unprocessed Human Hair Weave

This long lasting and no shedding, silky hair extension by Ruiyu comes in a nice shade transition with two different tones. If you’ve ever tried to get that hair color done by a hairdresser, you’d either pay a fortune or get results that don’t look anything like the shade you expected to have.

With these extensions you can have your desired shade within a few minutes. It’s important to match the shade of the extensions to the shade of your hair, as the slightest offset can show signs of discoloration.

5. IRRESISTIBLE ME 1 piece Clip in Hair Extensions Ash Blonde

One of the best clip hair extension from human hair is the ones coming from Irresistible Me. They have a quality grade of 5A and has 4 layers of hair in one single clip. The great thing about clip ons is that you can literally add or remove this within a few seconds. It is surprising to have such quality for such a low price too!

Another great pair of human hair extensions as these are made with four different layers of hair, adding volume and authenticity to your hair extensions. These will definitely add a luster to your hair making them extra beautiful.

4. Brazilian Virgin Hair Straight 4pcs lot 100G/PC Unprocessed Virgin Straight Human Hair Extension Rosa Hair Brazilian Straight

More often than not, hair extensions come in certain styles. Their either wavy or curled, but the straightened style is never available. Although you could simply buy a styled extension and then straighten it at home, you could also avoid going through the fuss and buy straightened hair extensions like the ones from Rosa Hair, which come in the highest form or quality!

The curled extensions are a rarity to have as these are harder to maintain and produce likewise. The curled effect will definitely be for those who have wavy or curled hair and it will add a depth of volume and luster to their hair.

3. Cexxy Grade 7A Brazilian Human Hair Extensions 3 Bundles Body Wave Unprocessed Remy Hair Weave 300G

Cexxy has been selling hair extensions as a trusted seller for over 8 years now. Having said that you should know this is one of the leading companies. This 3 bundle body wave is completely unprocessed and although the above image shows a black hair color there is also the alternative brown version available.

The Cexxy models have been very popular and a trustworthy seller, producing a high quality product for a long time now, and they’ve made a name for themselves in the business. This is a product that you can trust and wear proudly in your hair!

2. Fani Beauty Grade 8A Brazilian Virgin Hair High Quality Natural Color Curly Wave

The Fani Beauty offers a great quality curly wave extension. The thing with Brazilian virgin hair is that it is very soft and typically stronger than most hair. Although these extensions are curled, you don’t have to worry about straightening or treating it like your very own hair and bleach it if you please.

A curly extensions adding a depth of volume and a beautiful lustrous effect to your hair. This comes from Brazilian hair, which is very thick and long lasting. These human hair extensions will be sure to have a great effect on your hair.

1. Longqi Hair 100% Real Brazilian Virgin Cheap Human Hair Extensions Body Wave Hair 3 Bundles

At the number one spot we have the Longqui real Brazilian virgin bundle. You get a total of 3 extensions. Of course the extensions are 100% real with no smell or any other abnormalities. It is incredibly thick and soft hair. As Longqi has its own factory, these extensions come at a wholesale price which is a bargain for such a luxury item!

The Longqi factory has a made a name for themselves in the industry and this product in particular is no different, adding a huge layer of volume and luster to your hair. Be sure to check these out as they’ve been nominated the best human hair extensions time and time again!

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