10 Best Rotary Shaver 2017

ten best rotary shaver for your beard

As a man, it you can easily go from classy to trashy with a little facial hair features. Someone with a strong beard growth knows how annoying it can be to keep up with the weekly if not daily shaving necessities. To ease the hassle a lot of men prefer to the convenience and simplicity of a rotary shaver, also known as an electric shaver. Especially in since shaving needs a bit of a steady hand when doing it manually, electric shavers come in handy as you can be faster and rougher.

Shaving has become a part of our daily lives, often the clean face representing and showing signs of success. This has become the modern business culture, to have a clean face and smooth. However, beards are making a comeback! The rotary shaver however can still be used to get that clean outline on your beard. So, on your cheeks, the neck and the back of the beard for that perfect shaped beard.

The rotary shaver has been popularized through the 60s technology of the close cut shaver. You would often see men in men’s bathrooms shaving their face at the airport, and this is where technology stems from. It used to be a cultural norm to have a clean face, but as mentioned, the beard is coming back strong. However, if you are in preference of having a nice clean shaven face, then the rotary shaver is definitely for you!

What Type of Rotary Shavers Are There?

There are many different types of electric shavers. Some come with trimmers while others don’t. Trimmers are great for people who like to be precise with sideburns or simply style their beards a lot. Other rotary shavers come with an easy cleaning features that lets you rinse it off in the water and some of the best rotary shavers have several blades to make the whole experience a lot easier and give you the smooth skin you expect to have after a shave.

Previously, the shave used to be just one rectangular bar, but since it has evolved, the rotary shaver is more flexible and is able to adapt to the curves on your face, as it can move and turn. This make it super handy and convenient to shave and get those tricky spots.

Benefits of Best Rotary Shaver

Most notable of great shavers is that you will find the results amazing. They usually have several different features that lets you get incredibly close to your skin and shave the tiniest hairs away. Some of the best rotary shaver will let you use shaving cream for even smoother skin and a completely painless experience. There are many high tech features in electric shavers these days so make sure to read the list below.

Another benefit is the fact that you don’t need to use a razor blade. Blades can often cause rashes and irritations in your skin, especially if you’re in a hurry, you may cut yourself. The rotary shaver is quick and easy, and has a lot of protection to prevent you from getting cuts on your skin.

Downsides of Rotary Shavers

If you purchase a bad model or cheap replica of known brands, you can easily find that instead of giving you a clean shave, the blades will cut the hair in the wrong direction. The result of that is skin rashes or irritations which can often be very uncomfortable. Make sure not to break bad models by expecting them to be rinsable with water when really you need to brush off the remaining hairs.

It’s also important to always maintain your rotary shaver with the provided oils, to ensure the blades always function correctly and don’t cause any issues. If you don’t maintain your shaver, you will face issues in the future. Proper maintenance will always enhance its lifetime.

Top 10 Best Rotary Shaver Comparison Table

PictureNameTrimmerPriceRating (1-5)
Remington R95CDN Remington Dual Flex Travel Rotary ShaverNo$3
Electric Shaver For Men By JTrim 3DFLEX Wet dry System Cordless Rotary Shavers Electric Razor With Sideburns Trimmer.Yes$3.5
Remington PF7500 F5 Comfort Series Lithium Intercept Foil Shaver, BlueNo$3.5
Remington PR1240 R4 Lithium Power Series Rotary Shaver, SilverYes$3.5
Philips Norelco YS524/41 Click and Style Shave ToolkitYes$4
Philips Norelco Shaver 6800 (Model 1190X/46Yes$$4.5
Remington PR1235 R3 Power Series Rotary Shaver, BlackYes$4
Bald Eagle SmartNo$$$4
Philips Norelco 1150X/46 Shaver 6100Yes$$4
Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 2100, S1560/81Yes$4.5

10. Remington R95CDN Dual Flex Travel Rotary Shaver

For a man that travels a lot or just simply likes to do things on the go, shaving is often a burden and can make you look tired, scruffy or simply messy! With the Remington Travel Shaver, all these false perceptions of someone can be taken care of as you can now travel and shave conveniently and rather easily! Shave while you’re driving to work and look fresh before getting into your office!

The Remington brand is very well known in the industry for having grooming products. To kick off the list in our best rotary shaver list, this is definitely a good one. It’s super handy, easy to clean and smooth to use whenever you need that quick shave!

9. Electric Shaver For Men By JTrim 3DFLEX Wet dry System

For a shaver to come into the game that isn’t produced by one of the more popular brands, it can be tough to compete. However the Electric shaver from JTrim is a serious contender as it has a lot to show for itself. With the three razor heads, which are floating, the reflex action system will always as close to the facial features or contours as possible.

This effectively shaves any length of hair with the direction of its growth. It’s a very practical one as it has the wet dry system, which allows you to shave your face even it’s slightly damp. This is perfect for after or before showers!

8. Remington PF7500 F5 Lithium Intercept Foil Shaver

If you’re looking for an entry or starter shaver this is the perfect model as it’s not only cheaper than buying new blades for a manual razor each time they go blunt. Besides the exchanging blade factor it is also incredibly simpler to drive across the face with the electric shaver instead of the constant back and forth with a manual one. Great purchase for the quick shave!

Another by the Remington brand, indeed a great product. The blades are very sharp to deliver a great and outstanding result when shaving your face. So you can be sure to always have that close cut whenever you need it!

7. Remington PR1240 R4 Lithium Power Rotary Shaver

To avoid irritation the head of the Remington shaver, moves in a 360 degree angle. Included with two tracks of blades it will let you experience the maximum possible skin contact and remove even the smallest hairs. If you’re concerned about details such as trimming your sideburns evenly, make sure to use the trimmer in the back that let’s you adjust them easily as you please.

The battery power on this is very good, so you can charge it and then use it for a while without having to recharge. The blades are also very sharp to make it very easy to shave, and give you that clean fresh look you deserve!

6. Philips Norelco YS524/41 Click and Style Shave Toolkit

With 3 different heads you really have endless limits to trimming and shaving your body. The body shaver especially let’s you shave below the body without any issues. The aquatic technology also allows you shave with or without shaving gel, making the whole experience more adjustable to every users preferences.

The comfortable blades make the shaving experience very comfortable and smooth, unlike cheaper shavers that pull the hair and makes you experience nightmares each time you have to shave!

5. Philips Norelco Shaver 6800 (Model 1190X/46)

Whether you prefer a wet or a dry shave, wiht the Norelco 6800 you can apply or completely ignore shaving cream. Most notably you’ll find that there will be a 5-head trimmer included, letting you trim the longer bits of hair to the desired length, in case you don’t want a full shave!

Of course the shaver is cordless and can shave for up to 50 minutes with a single charge of one hour thanks to it’s highly powerful lithium-ion battery. This make it super easy to use. The charge time is great and the battery as well. You can shave wet or dry!

4. Remington PR1235 R3 Power Series Rotary Shaver, Black

With a price like this you really can’t deny that this is a great purchase regardless of the shavers features. However you will be surprised to find out that the features aren’t anything short from quality and perfection. With a 360 degree adjustable head you can shave along your face without any issues. There are also two tracks of shaving blades and it has precision cut heads in addition with a trimmer in the back!

The precision on this model is fantastic for those close cut shaves and getting that beard line perfectly established. This is another great product by the Remington brand and surely one that will last for a long time for your grooming needs!

3. Bald Eagle Smart

Just like its name, the Bald Eagle Smart is small short and incredibly powerful. The Bald Eagle Smart fits in the palm of your hand and moving it across your chin and cheeks will feel amazing. The five rotary cutters will make sure you have a nice clean shave. Make sure not to use it in the bath or under the shower. You can however clean it very easily by rinsing it under the tap without having to open the shaver!

Moreover, this is also very portable for traveling, but it doesn’t halt it from being a very good shaver as well. It’s very nimble and easy to use. You can also rinse it under the water to clean out the hairs! This makes it super easy and handy to clean out wheneve needed!

2. Philips Norelco 1150X/46 Shaver 6100

With one of the most advanced technologies of Philips, these shavers are really from the highest quality you can find within the brand. With a Gyroflex 2D contour-following head it will follow every shape and part of your face to make sure that even the hardest to each hairs will be shaved off. It also moves in 2 directions!

The skin friendly skin glide feature will make sure to keep your skin smooth and not hurt or damage you while shaving. The Philips brand is definitely one not to be reckoned with as they have established themselves quite well in the industry!

1. Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 2100, S1560/81

The Philips Norelco electric shaver is one of the best for several reasons. For an extra close-blade trim you will see the revolutionary results compared to other shavers of its kind. The blades are also self sharpening so you don’t need to worry about a blunt uneven cut of your beard.

The convenient trimmer that flips out in the back, lets you trim your beard if you don’t wish to have a fully shaved one. This is definitely our number one in our best rotary shaver review. It has a great blade, it’s very handy and easy to use and comes from a very reputable brand that we love! Get your’s now!

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