10 Best Men’s Watches 2017

top 10 Best mens watches

Watches have always been an essential part of a man’s wardrobe. It can make or break the outfit of the day. Whether you’re going to a business meeting or heading to the beach, it is essential as it can make your outfit even better. The best men’s watches are those that suit the ensemble, tying it together completely. From sporty watches to elegant ones, we will review the best men’s watches of 2016, right here!

A watch to a man is almost as valuable as a handbag or purse to a woman. Women love their handbags and combine these with their outfits just the way a watch gets combined to a man. A good watch will last a lifetime and even if it breaks it can easily be repaired. Unlike handbags, a watch is always on your skin and although it’s not big in size, it makes a big impression and reflects the type of person you are.

What Type of Men’s Watches Are There?

There are many different types of men’s watches out there, suitable for many occasions. Most popular are of course the high end luxury watches everyone dreams of, that complement a beautiful black night suit. Another variation is the sleek yet affordable men’s watches that are suitable for all occasions. Large metallic Casio’s or Rolexes are two types that go with nearly any attire. Finally, there are the ultra resistant sports watches, one of the brands being the G-Shock digital watches that are extremely resistant to water and weather conditions. They are also very popular as army watches, due to their resistance.

Benefits of Best Men’s Watches

Men’s watches of course originally serve one purpose, and that is to tell time. However, over time, they have developed into fashion icons and complement an outfit. They come in variations that are can be very sleek, large and sturdy, or shock resistant. Each variation is for a different occasion, whether sporty or casual. Some come with extra chronometers to measure specific things like laps or rounds when swimming. Alarms and a dial to show the date are other features. But besides the practicality of a watch it is almost more a part of jewellery than way to measure time.

Downsides of Men’s Watches

Depending on the type of watch, it can bear different types of downsides. Such as some watches may not be water resistant, but only splash proof whereas others are completely weather proof. Some can be water resistant up to 200m deep in the water, or high altitudes in the sky when climbing mountains. The luxury watches may be more susceptible to damage thus need more care. However luxury watches are also more expensive to afford, which is another downside unfortunately. We will go over the specific downsides of each watch when reviewing them.

 Top 10 Best Men’s Watches Comparison Table

PictureNameBand MaterialPriceRating (1-5)
Timex Men's T499059J Expedition Field Chronograph WatchLeather$3.5
Bulova Men's 96B175 Precisionist Stainless Steel WatchStainless Steel$$4
Casio Men's GW-9400-1CR Master of G Stainless Steel Solar WatchRubber$$4.5
Invicta Men's 8928OB Pro Diver 23k Gold-Plated and Stainless Steel Two-Tone Automatic WatchStainless Steel$$3
Perrelet Men's A1079/1 Turbine Analog Display Swiss Automatic Black WatchRubber$$$3.5
TAG Heuer Men's CAY211Y.BA0926 Analog Display Swiss Automatic Silver WatchStainless Steel$$$4
Casio Men's GA100-1A1 BlackRubber$4.5
Daniel Wellington Men's 0107DW Classic Sheffield Watch with Black BandLeather$3.5
Men's 18K Gold Rolex Yachtmaster II Model # 116688Heavy Oyster$$$$$4.5
Zenith Men's ZE032072405401C711 Captain Winsor Analog Display Swiss Automatic Brown WatchLeather$$$$4

10. Timex Expedition Field Chronograph Watch

The Timex Expedition is a classic timepiece by a very famous Watch maker. It is a Quartz movement with analog display, with a 20mm brass case with mineral dial window. It features a tachymeter out dial and a nightlight. Finally, it is water resistant up to 100m and suitable for swimming and snorkeling, however not suited for diving.

The Timex Expedition is a great watch for those of you who are looking for an allrounder type of watch. It has a sense of class but it comes across more casual. Additionally it is incredibly valuable for a really affordable price! You can’t really go wrong with this watch and it’s good for those who are considering to buy a gift watch.

9. Bulova Precisionist Stainless Steel Watch

The Bulova Precisiniost is a very beautiful stainless steel watch feautiring hex-screw accents, while having a mixed media dial with chronographs with four subdials. The watch itself consists of 46.5m stainless steel. With so much stainless steel around the watch you don’t have to question it’s quality and durability too much.

It is a quartz movement with analog display. The band is a stainless steel fold-over clasp with a single button safety button. It is water-resistant up to 300m and is suited for diving. Wearing this watch can look very professional with any suit and it’s very work appropriate. Alternatively with a t-shirt and some smart trousers it also looks good as a casual smart ensemble.

8. Casio Master of G 1CR Solar Watch

The Casio Master of G is one of the classic watches by Casio from the G-Shock series. It is a solar powered digital watch with a stainless steel with multiple displays to show a multitude of information. The solar power is of course a cool feature which is rather rare in watches and means you don’t have to worry about battery life once the sun is up.

It has various features such as a digital compass, barometer, thermometer, altimeter, timestamp, auto LED, four alarms, sunrise and sunset date and has a buckle closure. The watch itself is 200m water resistant. If you’re a man on the go and like to go camping, work a lot with your hands etc. this watch is ideal! It’s not shy to being treated rough and can take some bumps and scratches with no problem.

7. Invicta Pro Diver Two Tone Watch

The Invicta is a very beautiful watch replicating the classic luxury range of watches. It is a 40mm gold-plated stainless steel. The watch has a corrugated bezel with illuminated dials. It is powered by motion of the wearer’s wrist, meaning that if you walk while wearing the watch it will charge itself up.

It is a beautiful replication of Rolex, Breitling fusion and very popular among the 2000+ people that have reviewed it. A very nice watch for anyone wanting to avoid a high price tag. Even when inspecting from a close point of view you would never imagine this watch to be that affordable as it gets mistaken for a high end one very easily.

6. Perrelet Turbine Swiss Automatic

The Perrelet Turbine is part of the Chrono Collection. Since it was launched in 2009, it has become part of the iconic turbine collection. The multiple chronograph measurements provide innovative ways to measure various activities. It has a matte black coated case made of stainless steel. It is water resistant up to 50m and has a black rubber strap with pin buckle.

Not only is this a watch that is of the highest quality, but it is also one that is so smooth and unique in many ways that it’s hard not to admire it. Anyone that wears it will hear tons of compliments and many people will want to try it on or at least have a closer look. So be prepared for that if you decide to wear it. Simply a great watch!

5. TAG Heuer Analog Display

The TAG Heuer brand are one of the best watch makers around. This particular watch is a stainless steel with a silver dial and silver tone hands and hour markers. The watch is an analog watch and has luminescent hands that light up in the dark. It has a small silver crown to adjust the time. A very beautiful and classic timepiece.

If you enjoy the subtle and classy style, this watch is for you! You may have seen these around a lot in films and with celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio. The way the watch has been designed it to maintain a classy and timeless look so you can wear it again in 40 years and it will still look like a brand new high class watch.

4. Casio G-Shock GA100-1A1

The Casio GA100 is actually quite a unique watch for the G-Shock series because it uses an analog watch face to tell the time, however it still encloses a few digital readings for more information. The watch itself is shock resistant and 200m resistance to water. Capable of showing over 29 time zones!

The GA100 is great for the casual every day watch. It’s nice and bulky and very resistant. If you need a cool watch to wear while you’re out jogging, at the gym or simply hanging out with friends, this is definitely a must have. It’s not too fancy and doesn’t set you back a fortune. Besides it’s simply a strong watch to have.

3. Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield

The Daniel Wellington watches have recently made a name for themselves in the market as ultra light and sleek watches. They come in various shapes and sizes with different types of bands, but we’ve selected the Classic Sheffield as it holds a golden frame with a beautiful brown leather strap. A timeless classic for newcomers at a bargain!

Although Daniel Wellington has copied their look from the Swedish brand Larsson and Jennings, it has a much more popular demand for it. The reason being, that they are much more affordable and have a lot of different looks. The great thing about these watches is that they look a lot more valuable than they cost and they can be combined with almost any outfit. Very trendy and classy at the same time.

2. Rolex 18K Gold Yachtmaster II

The pinnacle of all things time pieces, this monster by Rolex is an absolute luxury item for anyone looking to flash up their wrist. It is made of 18K gold and has a blue face around. The dials themselves are a beautiful gold as well. The Yachtmaster in itself is not only a watch but a solid investment for the future and makes a great gift for any son in the future. A guaranteed smile bringer.

Statistics have shown that buying luxury watches such as these online, is actually a lot safer and cheaper than in person. Everyone knows the excellence and quality of Rolex watches. It’s the dream of every man and those who can afford it know why they invested in it. The Yachtmaster II is a unique piece that will guarantee to bring happiness in a mans life!

1. Zenith Captain Winsor

The number one best seller of the best men’s watches is the Zenith Captain Winsor. It is a beautiful timepiece with a display showing the date and also two chronometers. The dials themselves are rose gold while the case is a stainless steel. It is water resistant and so is the leather strap that is rubber backed. A piece of beauty for all men.

If you like the higher quality things in life, you’re well aware of Zenith. Unlike the bulky or shiny objects of many luxury watches, the Zenith keeps it very subtle. Some people say you should celebrate success silently. Nothing is more silent than a Zenith watch. It looks very decent and not decadent like many show off watches. You know how to keep your cool if you wear a Zenith.

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