10 Best Makeup Essentials 2017

top ten must have makeup essentials

Owning the best makeup essentials can be quite hard when you don’t know what exactly they are. There are so many different products and even more brands. Walking into any store you’ll be overwhelmed by the choices. But besides the massive choice, you have to walk into a store knowing what you’re looking for before you actually enter.

That way you’ll save a lot of time and a ton of money. Regardless of your gender, there are products for both. Of course the female market is much wider and has a lot more option so we’ll have a lot more listed for the female market. Makeup essentials aren’t just awesome products of make up you may want to have. We’ll only be covering the must haves in the below list.

What Makeup Essentials Are There

When we talk about essentials, we really talk about essential makeup and not stuff you can add to your look for special nights or events. These essentials are items you may use on a daily basis and almost couldn’t leave the house without. If we’d make a list of all types of makeup, it would be near endless.

ssentials however are only a handful of things you probably have lying around. But if you don’t it is a valuable review for you to go through and can be used as a checking list. On top of that, you will find even deeper reviews on our site itself, for the individual products so you don’t have to do any further research on them to find out which ones will be the best.

On the other hand we will also be covering beauty products, which may not necessarly fall into the makeup category but still help improve your looks and how you feel.

Benefits Of Best Makeup Essentials

Beauty essentials may make you look a lot better. For instance if you’re having a hard time and trouble sleeping lately, you may have massive bags under your eyes. Or you could be a victim of bad hair days on a regular basis. We all have days where we’d rather stay locked inside than show our face in public.

With the best makeup essentials, you can easily take care of these problems and make sure you look great. Even the most sleepless nights can’t be seen on your face. Often times you don’t need to get the most expensive makeup essentials brand to take care of your problem as you’ll see in our reviews.

Downsides Of Makeup Essentials

No matter how much you already own of the essential list, you will always have to refill your stash. Items such as make up will be used up eventually and it will require you to grab another one once you’ve used it all. Of course that’s annoying but that’s just the way it is.

However there are some items which last a lot longer and others come in massive family packages which can make you last a few months if needed. So like almost all consumer items there is an upside to it. For instance make up brushes could last several years before you need to even consider a new one.

Top 10 Best Makeup Essentials List

10. Hair Loss Treatments

the best products for treating hair loss

Usually men are most affected by these issues and concerns and therefore this essential may only appeal to them. However it is no secret that both genders could be affected by this issue. Not only is it very alarming and worrying in most cases but it also can affect the way we feel emotionally.

Luckily we have come a long way and there are many options to treat this issue. In severe cases these may be obsolete but many of the good products actually have a strong reversal effect on it.

Regardless of how serious the problem may be, this definitely can be an essential to those affected and you should make sure only to get your hands on products with proven results. There are many pills and phoney treatments out there that will just empty your wallet.

9. Eye Wrinkle Cream

top 10 best under eye wrinkle cream

You may assume that this doesn’t belong in the essentials for beginners of makeup. However it is undeniable that after a long day or a heavy night of partying, we all get exhausted and it shows, especially under our eyes. Even studying for too long can have that effect on you.

There are tons of great eye creams that get rid of this issue in no time. Other eye wrinkle creams may target the elderly market as age inevitably makes your skin slightly looser and therefore create that hanging skin under your eyes, most commonly referred to as ‘bags’. These creams will help tighten the skin and give you a much younger look within days!

8. Blusher

Best blush palette

The one makeup item every girl must own is the blusher! As far as the makeup essentials list goes, this is the one must have! All great stylings and makeup tutorials, will include one or the other blusher. This is one of the items that will run out eventually but there are great selections all over.

Make sure not to invest in something you end up hating because they can get a little pricey after some time. The wiser choice would be to get a palette as they usually contain more than just one shade. Regardless of your skin complexion, you can easily combine a few strokes of different shades to give a stronger effect.

7. Lip Balms

discover the top 10 Best Lip Balms for 2016

One of the most annoying feelings, which can also give you a rather unattractive look, is dry lips. Giving away a kiss seems impossible with dry lips as they feel rough and scratchy on the person receiving them. However the person that has fallen victim to dry lips must also suffer.

Dry lips crack easily and can become very irritating if not painful. The easiest solution is to get a hold of a lip balm. Depending on how much you use them, they last quite a while and all it takes is a little stroke across the lips and you’re cured. There are tons to choose from and many come in great packages. On top of that they’re very affordable!

6. Exfoliators

the top 10 Best face exfoliators

One of the most underrated essential cosmetics tool is the powerful use of exfoliators. You may feel like you’ve got really bad skin, especially on your face with a lot of blackheads or spots and you feel helpless towards them. Instead of using tons of expensive products or going to a doctor to get treatments done which cost more than you can afford, try using exfoliators.

It may take a few days if not weeks, to see some results, but once you do, your skin will feel like you are a new born. What it does is get rid of all the dead skin that lies on top of the new skin. Men are usually ignorant to cosmetic products but have started to fall in love with products such as these.

5. Hair Brush

10 best hair brush 2016

Although this may not be makeup per se, but it is still one of the core necessities that belongs in your makeup bag. Especially when you go and travel to a foreign country you cannot leave without a brush. Your hair would simply go crazy! People with thicker hair know how painful it can get.

There are tons of different brushes to choose from but one thing is sure, you need to own one. Make sure to get quality ones as they will last a lifetime. Don’t be fooled by top brands making out to be the best option as they are often the ones that can’t handle tougher hair and break within a few weeks.

4. Blow Dryer

top 10 Best Blow Dryers

Since we’re already in the hair theme, a brush can never go without a blow dryer. These are such a time efficient and style helping inventions. You will never see a hair dresser without a blow dryer and neither will you ever see a stylist without one. As with many products listed so far, you don’t need to get the top brand for these either.

Brands that are known in fashion may know a lot about makeup and produce the best ones out there, but when it comes to design and technology, for products like blow dryers, you may want to look at other brands. These will often have more powerful and long lasting products because they’re in similar industries.

3. Electric Shaver

ten best rotary shaver for 2016

For men there is one thing every man is happy to receive as a gift. That is a rotary shaver. They make a mans life so much easier as it trims or cuts away the facial hair that usually takes hours with a manual shaver. Additionally it is essential to have an electric shaver, once the hair has grown a bit longer than just a few stubbles.

Besides the simplicity of them, they are also great to test out new styles and looks. Not every man prefers a clean shaved face. Some prefer some stubs while others like a bit of a beard. But no one likes a beard that’s grown out of control so these trimmers are very handy and useful.

2. Hair Extensions

top 10 human hair extensions for 2016

This may not be an essential to most of you but to some it is a life safer. People that have issues growing hair or simply want to have more volume may be able to use some hair spray and puff it out a little. But it will never compare to the effects of hair extensions.

The great thing about these is that you can often times just clip them on and with so many different options to choose from you can always find the exact same hair color as yours. If you want the high quality stuff, you’re probably going to look for real human hair.

1. Highlighters

best makeup highlighter 2016

Makeup bag essentials aren’t complete without highlighters. You can transform your look from average to angelic! Even if you’re just starting out and discovering the world of makeup, this is a true must have and can’t be missed by anyone. As with most items in the fashion world, there are overpriced ones in each and every corner so make sure to do some research beforehand.

Alternatively there are also cheap knockoffs you want to stay away from. They could give you allergies or simply look cheap. You’d need some brushes or beauty blenders to apply some of it onto your face but besides that, you can experiment different amounts of volume and touches to them.