10 Best RC Cars 2017

top 10 best rc cars for your enjoyment

Nearly every boy wants to get their hands on one of the best RC Cars if not any RC car. Remote controlled vehicles are becoming more popular and more varied as time goes on. For instance one of the latest and newer remote controlled toys, which are very commonly used by adults as well, are the drones. But sometimes the classics are hard to overcome and still more popular.

Especially compared to quadcopters or drones, a simple remote controlled car can be a lot easier and more fun to handle. Kids of nearly all ages can have fun with RC cars whereas other vehicles become very technical and a lot more expensive for that reason as well. Because these cars are made to race and drive on the roads, it is important to look at higher quality RC’s so that a bump against a wall wont instantly destroy the toy. Below you will find the best rc cars list to help you choose and find the right model for your child.

What Type of RC Cars Are There?

There are huge varieties in todays models of RC cars. Toys vary from model to model whether you want to have something more basic, for younger children to adults. Then you can also go all the way up to professional cars to simple toys. Most professionally used RC’s are fuel powered. Below you will however find a list of battery driven cars. When it comes to kids, these are simply easier and cheaper as well as safer to use.

Benefits of Best RC Cars

Obvious benefits of landing on a page that only shows the best rc cars, will help you discover models that possess certain basic qualities. The qualities we make sure our listed rc cars have are such as resistance, child safety and fun factor as well as customer satisfaction. Ideally you have a car which has a remote control that has a wide range, possibly exchangeable parts and other great features such as water resistance and general quality checks (e.g. battery safety).

Downsides of RC Cars

The issue or downside with some rc cars could be that they use standard triple A batteries. So unless you have rechargeable batteries, they will burn through these quite regularly and this can become somewhat expensive over time. Other downsides depend on the price ranges. It is hard to know what type suits your child best and therefore buying the simplest model can be very boring and remain untouched, whereas the most expensive model could be too advanced for a child.

10. Metakoo Storm Off Road Electric Fast 4WD with LED Headlight & Spare Tire High Speed Rc Drift Truck 40km/h 1:12 Remote Control Hobby Buggy Car

Most of the featured RC Cars are mainly for the enjoyment of driving it around a little. But some of the featured models, as well as this one, are for serious racing, as well as fun of course. But when you have the power to go as fast as 40km/h it’s hard not to use that speed. When racing this fast accidents can happen and wheels may fall off. But luckily the Metakoo Storm comes with a spare one.

Testing the capabilities and building ramps for this car is what it’s waiting for. When you see what it can absorb and do, the price is easily understandable as well!

9. Vatos RC Car Off Road High Speed 4WD 40km/h

When it comes to speed, this is the fastest model on the list. With a staggering top speed of 40 km/H which converts to around 25 miles per hour, you really have to watch out not to go full speed or you might lose sight of the car. But the features don’t stop there! On top of it’s significant speed, the RC car also comes with rechargeable batteries included as well as a USB wall adapter.

Obviously by the look of the wheels you’ll probably have figured out that this model can race on almost any ground due to the trafficability and big wheels. It also has different gears so don’t worry about getting stuck in the mud or wanted to race off.

8. WLtoys A959 2.4G 1:18 4WD High Speed RC Car Off-Road Vehicle (Red)

If you’re planning on using the RC car for races and want to test your skills with others, then this may be a great model to choose for a very simple reason. A lot of times remote controls start to act up when there are too many transmitters around and your car can start to be controlled by other remotes and vice versa. This remote has a strong anti-interference.

Additionally the handling of the car is extremely precise and taking sharp corners as well as breaking and accelerating is better than on most cars. Due to the four wheel independent suspension you can really test the boundaries of racing and maneuvering.

7. Holy Stone 2962A Lamborghini Veneno 1/14 Scale, Gravity Sensor Radio Control Vehicle Diecast Model

Even a simple toy version of a Lamborghini is a great gift for any kid. Lamborghinis are simply incredible vehicles. But why limit a child with only looking at a toy or moving it physically about when you can get them a fully functioning RC model to race with.

The Holy Stone replica of the car features awesome LED lights so you can even drive it around at night and still have a clear path in front of you. The coolest features of a Lamborghini always has and will be the ways their doors open upwards. This can also be done with the RC model. It’s incredibly detailed so watch out not to race it into any obstacles.

6. Rover Revolution App-Controlled Wireless Spy Vehicle

The Rover Revolution, looks like it’s from another planet. It’s not named the “wireless spy vehicle” for no reason. You’ll find that this incredibly awesome toy can actually be controlled through an app on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. Additionally it has a mounted camera which also works at night. The camera itself can be turned 360 degrees and you have a total of 150 feet range to move it around.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! This wouldn’t be our favorite model for the above mentioned features. It also has a two way microphone so you can hear what’s going on as well as speak for others to hear you. Finally you can share images and videos directly to Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. See what others think about this model on the comment section on Amazon!

5. Remote Control Tri-Band Off-Road Rock Crawler Monster Truck, Green

Monster trucks are always a pleasure to watch, whether on the TV or in real life events. So owning a small replica to reenact the stunts you see on the screen is an incredible pleasure. Most monster truck RC cars are usually fairly slow and focus on being able to drive over things. But not this one. It has a staggering speed which goes up to 15 mph!

There are very limited chances a child won’t enjoy this toy. The only minor downside to it is that it is powered by AA batteries and a total of 6 of them as well as 2 AAA batteries.

4. Top Race® Remote Control Rock Crawler, RC Monster Truck 4WD, Off Road Vehicle, 2.4Ghz Batteries Included (TR-130)

A lot of times RC cars are limited on where they can drive and which hurdles they can overcome. However it seems that for the Top Race Rock Crawler, there is not a single obstacle it can’t overcome. If you’re more of an off-road kind of guy and like to test the limits of gravity, then you’ll have a lot of fun driving this car around.

Due to the 4-wheel drive and the amazing anti collision structure, combined with the oversized monster truck resembling wheels, nothing will stand in its way. In total you will need 7 AA batteries to control this vehicle.

3. Officially Licensed Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren Z199 Electric RC Car 1:12 RTR (Colors May Vary) Big Size, Authentic Body Styling

Anybody that is a fan of luxury cars is most likely familiar with the Mercedez Benz SLR Mclaren. Of course only very few of us have the actual chance to ever buy one, let alone drive one. But some wishes due to come true (in smaller sized).

This replica is officially licensed by Mercedes Benz themselves so it is extremely detailed as well as an exact model of the real thing. The paint is high gloss and of course the suspensions are all independent. This model is run by tripple A batteries, so it would be wise to get some rechargable ones if you expect to use this a lot.

2. High Speed Off Road Hobby RC Buggy Jet Panther Remote Control Off-Road Buggy 2.4 GHz Transmitter

If you’re a fan of speed and want to leave the wheels of your RC car feeling hot, then this is by far the best model you could possibly choose. It can reach a staggering speed of over 15 miles per hour! But the quality doesn’t stop at its speed. It comes with a rechargable battery of course and the suspension is a nother level.

All wheels are attached to independent suspensions with shock absorbant springs. If you’re worried about which floor you need to drive on, the roads won’t cause any issues as the wheels are also capable of driving on virtually any ground due to the high grip.

1. Babrit FP01 Wifi RC Car with Video Recording Camera RC Vehicle Toy Spy Cars Remote Control Tanks for IOS Phone and Android

If you want to make sure that your child get’s to play with the RC car as well, you might not want to get your hands on this model. The simple reason being, once you see what it can do, you will play with it yourself and have a hard time giving your child a go. Besides looking incredibly unique, this RC car will let you control it through IOS or Android devices.

So besides having the handiest remote control, you can also record and take images of whatever the car sees in front of it. Additionally you have a long lasting (around 30 minutes) battery which can easily be recharged.  However you need to make sure not to leave it charged over night for safety measures.

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