10 Best Garden Shed 2017

top ten best garden shed 2016

The more you settle in a home the more items you have and clutter you get that you can’t seem to get organized. The best garden shed is perfect for one of these situations. Often the lack of space makes it harder for us to get the tools and items sorted into it’s place. A simple solution for everyone is to get a garden shed. This simple shed is not necessarily limited to being placed in a garden. There are many ways to include a shed in and around your home. Some people choose to place it near the back of their home or in their garages, whereas others simply place their shed at the entrance of their homes.

The type of things we store in our garden sheds can vary. It is often tools we use for gardening, such as shovels, hoses, axes and the like. All the things we use to make our backyard or front yard look more beautiful and more presentable. The best garden shed will have ample room enough for all your things. Of course, you can always customize these on the inside with some simple DIY.

By building things that such as shelves or hooks for specific items, you from up space on the ground to place other items such as a lawnmower or even pressure washers. These are big ticket items that take up a lot of surface area, so it’s important to economize the space in your closet wherever you can. Saving space in a small backyard can do wonders, as it allows you to make room for a lot of other things.

Lastly, the garden shed will provide a beautiful setting for all your things. Rather than having everything out in the open, you have it somewhere that is safe and secure with a lock on it, and is also protected from the weather. This is most likely the most important aspect of the best garden shed, protect your items from the weather.

What Type Of Garden Shed Are There?

Garden sheds can vary in all ways. Whether it be the size of the shed, the color or the shape, there’s always something for every type of individual as well as home. Some people may not own a garden yet need some sort of extra space to securely place and organize their tools. Especially for items related to winter, such as snow shovels and salt for instance, which are only being used during the cold periods of the year, these type of sheds come in handy.

As mentioned, you can also perform some slight DIY on your garden shed by building in shelves and hooks to hang or lay your things on, so you can create more surface space for your big items that need the ground floor. A beautiful garden shed will be subtle yet obvious in that it is taking care of all your items and also looks like a nice addition to your backyard.

Benefits of Best Garden Shed

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, winter related items can conveniently be stored and tucked away until the next use. By owning some of the best garden shed for the home it will look like typical furniture or a nice addition to the garden. Without the use of garden sheds, even clothing items such as boots and the more rarely used hiking shoes will only be taking up space and make your home look messy. Even garages tend to look more organized with the use of a garden shed.

Moreover, the best garden shed will protect your gardening tools and equipment from the weather so it doesn’t rust or become dirty. Of course, the best part is that it adds some beauty to your backyard by storing away all that clunky stuff. At the end of the day, we have a garden to make a place of peace and relaxation, and tools lay around everywhere do not benefit this.

Downsides of Garden Shed

As well as being completely practical and help to organize a home, even the best garden shed can become a bit of an annoying messy box that takes up a lot of space. Some sheds are merely boxes. The only real use of it is to throw all the clutter inside and lock it up. But one look inside the box will show you that the mess has just been stored away. Often people try to build their sheds from scratch which can be a bit of a failed project very quickly which also comes with a price.

Important aspect is also getting something that is made of quality. You definitely don’t want something that can’t hold up in the weather and becomes broken and damaged at the first site of rain. A good laminate is required to make this thing weatherproof, and you’ll need ample amount of storage for all your things. We have reviewed the best garden shed for your garden!

Top 10 Best Garden Shed Comparison Table

PictureNameMaterialPriceRating (1-5)
WH Storage ShedWood$$$$4.5
Arrow Shed YS47-A Yard Saver 4-Feet by 7-Feet Steel Storage ShedWood$$$3.5
Keter Eden 70 Gal All Weather Outdoor Patio Storage Bench Deck Box, Brown/BrownPlastic$$3.5
Suncast Cascade Blow Molded Resin Storage ShedWood/ Metal$$$4.5
Arrow Shed BW54-A Brentwood 5-Feet by 4-Feet Steel Storage ShedPlastic/ Steel$$3.5
rubbermaid 5E28 Deluxe Tool Tower Rack with Casters, Holds 40 ToolsPlastic$4.5
Suncast BMS3400 34 cu. ft. Horizontal ShedPlastic$$4.5
Keter Store-It-Out MIDI Outdoor Resin Horizontal Storage ShedPlastic$$3.5
Merax Arrow Shed with Single Door Wooden Garden Shed Wooden lockers with Cedar wood (Natural wood color)Wood$$4
Merax Wooden Outdoor Garden Shed with Cedar Wood Medium Storage Shed Lockable Storage Unit with Double Doors, Natural ColorWood$$$5

10. Arrow Woodhaven WH Storage Shed, 10 by 14-Feet

If you’re interested in getting something with a massive amount of space this is your safest bet! With an incredible 852 cubic feet, you could easily move in this garden shed! Not only does it come with a large amount of space, it’s also very classy and durable. To guarantee it’s quality this shed comes with a 12 year warranty!

This is a massive and very beautiful storage unit. It comes in two tone wood and a great roof which shields from the rain and more importantly is slanted, so it doesn’t collect rain and leaves in the autumn. A fantastic garden shed to start off our best garden shed list.

9. Arrow Shed Yard Saver 4-Feet by 7-Feet Steel Storage Shed

This incredibly tall yet conveniently slim garden shed, will be perfect for someone that doesn’t want to occupy a huge amount of space of their home. It can be place perfectly alongside the wall of your house and because it’s so tall you can store away many long or tall items. Due to the horizontal shape, water as well as wet leaves will never settle on top of the roof.

Other storable items could be larger items such as kids toys like power wheels for instance. Another great shed which you can just lean against the back of your house, saving space and making it look like something that was built-into your home. A very convenient and easy to use garden shed.

8. Keter Eden 70 Gal All Weather Outdoor Patio Storage

If you don’t own a massive amount of garden tools but still feel like they clutter your home, this may be an ideal option. The bench which lets you store away a good amount of stuff underneath the seats, will make a great addition on your lawn, terrace, entrance, pool, hallway or balcony. There really is no bad spot for this bench.

A small backyard begs for this type of shed, as it has a double function. A bench and a garden shed in one. Perfect for saving space and storing your stuff! This is especially great for the summer season, as you can put a garden table in front of, and the other side you can put another one of these benches, doubling your space!

7. Suncast Cascade Blow Molded Resin Storage Shed

Coming in with a more attractive looking shed, the durable wooden manufactured shed by Suncast will surely increase the value of your home simply by it’s look. Very spacious and convenient, you can easily place everything away from a barbecue to a lawnmower. The handles, windows and doors make it look like a neat luxurious piece to your garden.

The Suncast Cascade is a really terrific garden shed as it is very beautiful looking but fits into any setting. This is casual or even somewhat fancy looking, depending on what you surround it with. It’s very subtle and adaptable and that’s why it’s seventh in our best garden shed list.

6. Arrow Shed Brentwood 5-Feet by 4-Feet Steel Storage Shed

Number fourth in our best garden shed list, is the Arrow Shed Brentwood. With a classy yet modern look, the arrow typed shed by Brentwood, comes with an easy assembling manual. Set it up within a few minutes and walk inside the spacious 5 x 4 feet tall shed. Even the tallest tools will find a spot in that shed and the convenient sliding door will help you access them in a matter of seconds.

This is a very simplistic looking shed but don’t be fooled by the quality. This garden shed is perfect for all your gardening tools and equipment for long term storage. Through the autumn and winter season, all your goods will remain safe.

5. Rubbermaid 5E28 Deluxe Tool Tower Rack with Casters

If you really just want something to organize all your garden tools, this is the best choice. Very affordable and easily stored away, the Rubbermaid can hold up to 40 different tools. Every tool holds it’s own place and is ready for use when needed. This is best placed in a garage where it fades in with the rest of your items.

The rubbermaid is super nifty and very portable. This is perfect for the shed addition or perhaps in your home. We label this a shed as it performs the same function as it does in your own home. Indeed, that’s why it’s a perfect addition to our best garden shed list.

4. Suncast BMS3400 34 cu. ft. Horizontal Shed

For those of you that need slightly more space but don’t want to place a giant guest house in near your home, this shed by Suncast may be exactly what you need. If you own heavier items and need something that lasts, you can rely on the Suncast shed to do the job. With doors that include padlocks you can also lock away your items securely!

Another by the great Suncast brand, this is another shed that is more square-like, so you can put everything in without worry. It also looks very handy and can fit in any corner of your backyard. A very handy garden shed indeed.

3. Keter Store-It-Out Outdoor Resin Horizontal Storage Shed

For those who are looking for more storage space but don’t necessarily own a garden this is a perfect option! The neatly looking Keter shed, can be placed in a hallway entrance, terrace, garden or by the wall and still looks nice. It has a top and lower layer where you can either place your bins, several summer related items or your winter tools! For the price of a bargain this can be yours.

Third in our best garden shed list is the Keter brand. This is a great garden shed which can be put in anywhere in your yard, and it’s very subtle looking. The colors are very neutral so it goes along with anything that you are already possess in your yard. Very handy and very practical.

2. Merax Arrow Shed with Single Door Wooden

The Arrow Shed is a convenient slim and narrow shed for someone looking to have a nice amount of storage space for the garden that doesn’t take up too much space. Of course made out of durable and waterproof painted wood. Equipped with several shelfs and asphalted rood your items can be tucked away safely!

The Merax is made of really good wood which will last through all the seasons. The best part about this garden shed is that it’s super thin and nimble so it can fit wherever you want to put it in your yard. It’s also very beautiful looking as well and that’s why we included it in our best garden shed review.

1. Merax Wooden Outdoor Garden Shed with Cedar Wood

The Merax is on the number one spot for many simple reasons. Not only does it have an incredible storage space and neatly organized shelves to help you structure your organization even more, it also has the traditional stainless wooden look. With great handles and on the outside as well as double locks and doors, you can safely lock away your items.

The number one in our best garden shed list is another by the great Merax brand. This is made of fantastic quality wood and a slanted roof to ensure all leaves and rain will fall off. It’s weather proof with the right of varnish, to ensure it never deteriorates. A great addition to your garden!

Check out some other things that fit in your garden! If you’re a handyman /woman then you need to own one of these for sure! Besides tools and gadgets, you may find it handy to sto