10 Best Dash Cam 2017

top 10 best dash cam

With the popularity of cameras and video recording devices becoming cheaper and cheaper as our technology gets better, the frequency in which we see them increases as well. Bring, the dash cam. Much like the GoPro, this is a tiny little camera that you attach to the dashboard of your camera, so you can recovered basically anything in your viewing area.

This helps in recording accidents, traffic violators and so on. You will never know what that opportunity will hit, so you’ll most likely want to be recording all the time, so you’re sure you won’t miss anything! In our review for the best dash cam to place on your dashboard, we will look at the different models that we believe are the best 10.

Interestingly, dash cams have become increasing popular with police and law enforcement. This helps them track and keep an eye on those who violate the law, and the camera will be able to capture the information, such as license plate, car model and so on.This is also another reason why they have become so popular. Moreover, it allows you to record all sorts of interesting happenings and mishaps on your daily commute! Read our best dash cam review to find out what’s right for you!

What Type of Dash Cam Are There?

There are a few different type of depending on your need with them. The most important thing to understand about the best dash cam is that they will have a long recording time. This is essential if you need to capture at an all day basis. For example, you won’t know when a certain thin is going to happen that you need to record and you might be surprised by the fact, so you’ll even forget or mis the opportunity to start recording.

Thus, you need a large hard-drive or disk format connected to the dash cam that can record on 16 to 24 hour basis, until you can unload the footage and clear its memory. Understanding that, you can also imagine how much space you might need to be recording all day. That’s why the dash cam quality won’t always be high definition, but rather standard definition in order to allow to record for longer, but not with somewhat lower quality. Don’t be fooled though, the quality is still very good!

Benefits of Best Dash Cam

The benefits are plentiful in that you’ll be able to capture all the moments on the road. Have you ever wonder how those youtube videos manage to always capture the perfect moments? It’s due to the fact that they’re constantly recording and always ready to capture those moments that are unbelievable, or might provide the ultimate proof in law enforcement cases. These are the benefits of the dash cam, being able to capture the moments you thought you would never be able to capture. Moreover, it’ll provide for an entertaining ride for those long commutes.

Downsides of  Dash Cam

The negatives on the dash came range in different aspects. The most prominent being the fact that how long can you actually record footage while you’re driving. Its important to understand how these devices work, and was it connected to them when you buy them. The best dash cam will have an external disk connected to it which it can directly record all the footage that you capture. Failing this, you might have another expense on your hands. Moreover, it depends on the dash cam you get it but the quality can also be a big factor in this purchase process. Thankfully, we have all the details gathered for you below! Read on for our 10 best dash cam review!

10. SpyTec A119 + GPS Logger 1440p Car Dash Camera

To kick off our review in the best dash cams is the SpyTec A119. This is perfectly capable car dash camera for forward facing surveillance. The built in capacitor is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, so be sure you can use this even in the hottest of temperatures and climates. Moreover, it provides crystal clear video image with 1440p HD video recording quality. Another added bonus is that it automatically turn on and off based on important events and its loop recording technology. It has a g-sensor which recognizes these events. The camera also has an LCD screen and 64gb memory for up to 7 hours of HD video recording.

9. Rexing S500 Dual Lens Dash Cam

Next in our best dash cam review is the Rexing S500. This has a great camera which is adjustable by rotating it 180 degrees and also 30 degrees horizontally. This dash camera has superior full 1080p HD capabilities with a great wide angle lens which can capture a whole depth of view. The LCD screen is also fairly large for easy control. In the package you receive a 32gb SD card with you can use straight away. It also has enhanced HDR tech so you don’t need to worry weather there is too much glare from the sun. The recording is also very fluid due to the Novatek decoding codec and also powered by hardware acceleration. Great night vision mode as well with its f2.4 aperture lens!

8. Garmin Dash Cam 20 Standalone Driving Recorder

The Garmin brand is fairly well know in creating nifty gadgets and this product is nothing short of that, the HD and also GPS enabled recorder is able to record video and also track the exact course you’re on, so you can compare where and when the video footage was taken. You can also use this camera standalone, without being plugged in to take still images. It also has an integrated microphone to record sound inside of your vehicle. It also comes supplied with a G-sensor to recognize to capture footage during a collision or incident.

7. ITrue X3 Dash Cam,2.7Inch LCD,1080P,170 degree Angle,Night Vision and 8GB Card

The ITrue X3 dash cam comes in seven for our best dash cam review. This is another great dash cam with featured gyroscope sensor to sensor any unusual activity and start recording. This camera has 1080p full HD quality with also a great wide angle lens to capture a large depth of field. IT has great night vision with a 6 layer glass lens and wide dynamic range capability. It also comes wrapped in a beautiful leather enclosure, adding a certain element of class of to the device. They provide you with a microSD card so you can start recording immediately, but of course, if you want more storage, you can always purchase an extra card along with the device.

6. FalconZero F170HD+ GPS DashCam 1080P 170° Viewing Angle 32GB microSD Card Included FULL HD

The FlaconZero F170HD+ is highly capable dash cam with 1080p HD recording ability. The recording function is very smart as it records based on motion, so as soon as your car is mobile, it will start recording. It can also detected any activity that happens in front of it, so if you’re parked, you can catch whatever happens in front of you. The super wide 170 degree angle lens is very large and captures a huge field of depth. It is included with a 32gb micros card so you can use it immediately. Moreover, it has night vision capability and Wide Dynamic Range as well. You can also use to capture still images too!

5. Vantrue N2 Dual Dash Cam – 1080P FHD +HDR Front and Back Wide Angle Dual Lens 1.5″ LCD In Car Dashboard Camera DVR Video Recorder with G-Sensor, Parking Mode & Super Night Vision

In number five for our best dash cam review is the Vantrue N2 Dual Dash Cam. This a special dual lens dash cam which contains both front and back facing camera in on body. The dual cam recording mode allows for 1080p recording on the front facing camera, while the rear facing camera has 720p video quality. The front camera has crystal clear quality for great video capturing. The G-sensor is able to record when it automatically senses a crash and detect incidents, so you don’t have to always keep it running. Moreover, it also locks the videos during this process so you it won’t corrupt or damage your video files! A fantastic dash cam!

4. Vantrue N1 Mini Dash Cam – Full HD 1080P+HDR 1.5 Inch LCD Small Car Dashboard Camera DVR Video Recorder with Parking Monitor, G-Sensor, Super Night Vision & 156° Viewing Angle

The Vantrue N1 Mini dash cam is very similar to its younger brother but it contains a superior camera which record extremely sharp and crystal clear video. It has great night vision capabilities for capturing footage in the evening and is supplied with a 157 degree wide angle lens for a large depth of field. The device is also heat and dust proof to ensure a long life. It has built in motion detectors which you can use in parked mode and also while driving. It also comes with loop recording which means it will automatically turn on when the car turns on and overwrites old footage with the new, so you just incase you forgot to delete your old files after you copied them over, it will continue to record as you go along!

3. Z-Edge 3″ Screen 2K Ultra Full HD1296P 2560×1080 Car Dash Cam, Car DVR Dashboard Camera Car Vehicle Camera with 32GB Card, Parking Monitor, G-Sensor ,Loop Recording ,WDR, Night Vision, Ambarella Chip

In number three for best dash cam review is the Z-Edge dash cam. This has been voted by Wirecutter as the best dash cam for 2016. It has a super HD dashboard camera with records great images and a very high quality. It is very reliable and operates automatically when ever you get in and out of your car. The recording definition is at 2K, providing super high quality footage. It also has a great field-of-view at 145 degree wide angle lens. It comes with automatic safeguards to record during car ignition and turns off when the car is turned off as well. It has a great CMOS image sensor so you can be sure to capture all those license plates.

2. Rexing V1P 2.4″ LCD FHD 1080p 170 Degree Wide Angle Dual Channel Dashboard Camera Recorder Car Dash Cam with Rear Camera, G-Sensor, WDR, Loop Recording

In number two for best dash cam review we have the Rexing V1P dash cam. This is a dual channel dash camera which can record both at the front and rear. It has 1080p resolution and uses the H.264 encoding technology which is highly compressable. The design is very discreet but it still holds many functions. Loop recording allows it to record over old videos automatically, incase you forget to clear the memory. The field-of-view is wide with 170 degree viewing angle and has a 6 layered glass lens for great night vision capability

1. KDLINKS X1 Full-HD 1920*1080 165 Wide Angle Car Dashboard Camcorder with GPS, G-Sensor & WDR Superior Night Mode

In number one of our best dash cam review is the KDLINKS X1 dash cam. This is a full HD dash cam with 1080p recording ability and a super wide angle lens of 165 degrees. With its continuous loop functionality you can just let it record on its own hands free. It has a large viewing and control LCD screen and it comes supplied with an 8GB microSD card. It has superior night vision function with a large f1.6 aperture lens. Moreover, it also has a wide dynamic range and great HDR technology as well. It comes built in with GPS which gets directly recorded onto the video clip information as well so they’re all geotagged. Get your’s now!

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