10 Best Portable Hot Tubs 2017

top 10 Best portable hot tubs

It goes unanimously that almost everyone enjoys a nice relaxing soak in a hot tub. Perhaps you’ve thought about purchasing one before, but it was always too costly or too much hassle to set it up, and then there’s the maintenance. But since the delightful machine now also comes in portable versions, the hassle and space upkeep is nothing to worry about anymore. It is for that reason that the Best Portable Hot Tubs will be reviewed here.

The portable hot tub might be a solution for you, in this case. A lot of the stress tht comes with a regular hot tub is now eliminated and portable ones can be stored away when not in use, such as in the winter times. Some are easily inflatable and deflatable. The maintenance and cleaning process is also a lot easier than a regular built-in the ground hot tub. We will be going over the best portable hot tubs for your home!

What Type of Portable Hot Tubs Are There?

There are a multitude of different portable hot tubs, the most common being the inflatable one that you can pack away. This is the most popular one, as you can inflate and deflate it at will, for example bring it out in the summer and put it away during winter.

Different versions have different types of jets, some are stronger and some are weaker but provide better heating options. They come with cleaning filters and products that allow it to self clean. Lastly they come with covers so you can keep them clean over night.

Benefits of Best Portable Hot Tubs

The benefits are various as compared to the built-in always standing hot tubs. The most convenient thing is that you can set it up when you wish. You can bring it out during the summer, and put it away during winter. Perhaps you’re having a party and would like to use it for that special occasion.

You can keep them out for months on end (e.g. during the whole summer) and use a cover to protect it from dirt. They are made of thick vinyl materials that protect it from damaged. They are quite sturdy, and generate a lot of bubbles for relaxation.

Downsides of Portable Hot Tubs

While a very attractive product, there are some downsides to portable hot tubs. There have been issues with the heating of the portable hot tubs, mentioning that the heater breaks down occasionally on some models.

Others mentioned that the heater wasn’t as ‘rapid’ as described, but perhaps they did not read the description properly. Several other people mentioned that they experienced leaks with their product however there is no way to find out whether it was punctured or it was a factory error.

10. Opar Inflatable Hot Tub

To kick off our best portable hot tubs review, the Opar inflatable hot tub is a very affordable hot tub that you can inflate and deflate as you please. When deflated, it is very small and thus very portable and incredibly easy to store away in any closet. It has a soft waterproof surface that is very easy to clean.

They used a thick mold welding technique so there are no seams that may scratch your skin and cause other irritations. The interior has a honeycomb structure that allows the bed and tub to be stable and not flimsy. Many people believe that inflatable hot tubs are of worse quality because it isn’t set in stone, but the Opar proves the opposite.

9. Comforts Line Products Spa2Go

The Comforts Line portable hot tub is a great portable hot tub in the market at the moment and has been for quite some time. It comes in both blue and black so you’re not limited to one color only and is supplied with an air pump. Because of this pump you don’t have to worry about fainting while trying to blow up the hot tup with your own breath and it makes it very easy to set up. On top of that it is very affordable.

Simply inflate with the supplied power pack and air tube, and fill it with water. It takes slightly less time than other hot tubs to heat up the water with a 48 hour duration. That way you can enjoy the colder days in a warm tub in no time.

8. BlueWave Grand Oasis Portable Spa

BlueWave’s Gran Oasis portable hot tub is a large scale hot tub also referred to as a large sized portable spa. It has a new technology called Dura-Tech which is a three layer laminated vinyl liner that is puncture resistant. It has a very nice looking tan color that blends into any garden.

On top of a very capable filtration system, that allows it to maintain clean water over long periods of time, it also keeps it insulated with its thick vinyl coat. It’s roomy enough for a total of five people to fill in so make sure to keep a guest list ready. Much like it’s competitors, it is quite easy to set up and very cost efficient filter and pump. It definitely belongs in our best portable hot tubs review.

7. Therapurespa Inflatable Portable Hot Tub

The Therapurespa is quite a versatile portable hot tub as it can be placed indoors and outdoors. It inflates itself within minutes. However once you’ve done the quick inflation you then have to fill it up with water which takes some time, and the heating process will take even longer than that. On average it is described between 48-72 hours to fully heat.

Don’t let the long heating process scare you off though. The tub comes with a portable carry bag and a digital control panel that is safe to use indoors as well as outdoors since it will be waterproof. It is quite a sturdy tub as well and not very unstable. It is also quite affordable compared to the other portable hot tubs.

6. Lifesmart Rock Solid Luna Spa

The Lifesmart Rock Solid Luna is a rather expensive model, however it makes up for it with its integrated technology. It has a total of 12 power jets that allow it to massage your back while you enjoy a relaxing session in the tub. This model in particular is not an inflatable model but a hard shell model. Although the hard shell makes it look like it has to be set up once and be left on the spot, it is actually still very portable and can be reassembled in a matter of minutes.

It uses an eco-smart technology to reduce costs on energy by being highly efficient. That way you don’t only save money on getting a portable hot tub (which is always the cheaper alternative) but also save on energy costs. It comes with a plethora of jet modes including waterfall, foot well and back jets for maximum comfort.

5. Lifesmart Simplicity 4 Person Spa

In number four for our best portable hot tubs review, the four seater version of the Lifesmart portable hot tub is a step up from the previous one. It is extremely easy to set up, just a plug and play method. It uses a hardshell eco thermo plastic that insulates the heated water and is highly efficient with its energy usage.

This one has a capacity for four people with 12 high therapy jets. So whether you’re surrounded by friends and having a good time or simply your family, there’s always an open spot for someone. It is a very sturdy hot tub and is created from a rock solid sandstone material. This is a recommendation for people who are serious about their hot tubs, as this is in the higher price range. The quality however is more than you can ask for and most people even forget that this is a portable tub once it’s set up.

4. Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Inflatable Hot Tub

The Bestway Lay-Z-Spa is a very affordable inflatable hot tub. It has eight adjustable jets that are controlled through a digital panel, allowing you to customize your hot tub experience. Should you want it harder or softer after a workday, you can choose to do so. This is especially powerful, if you like to get rid of some stress, aching muscles or a chronic back pain.

It comes supplied with a cover made from letheroid material and locks on each end, to prevent it from flying off. It has a cushioned floor, which helps to pad it out as well as to not damage its surroundings. It also comes with a DVD to help you set up the hot tub. That way the guessing game of having to set up the hot tub will be non existant.

3. Intex PureSpa 85in Bubble Spa

The Intex 85″ PureSpa portable hot tub is rather the largest available portable hot tub, allowing for six people to simultaneously enjoy the relaxing effect it can create. It has built-in filtration system that softens the water which is better for your skin. So while you’re soaking and having an amazing time your skin won’t be affected like in most other tubs.

In number three for our best portable hot tubs review. It is created of Fiber-Tech material which consists of very high strength fibers made of pollster that do not get affected by stretching over time. Lastly, it comes with a cleaning kit, insulated cover, water heater and air pump, and two filter cartridges. It almost seems like you’re getting someone to take care of the tub with all the additional products that come along with a purchase of the Intex. However you’ll be happy they did supply you with all the extras so that it can last a lifetime.

2. Intex PureSpa 77in Portable Spa

The little sister of the Intex 85″, this is the 77″ model. If you aren’t looking for anything massive and just want something decently sized in the back of your house this is the right model. It is slightly smaller than the 85 and has capacity for four people, however it also cheaper. It also includes the same built-in filtration system, water heater, leather cover and chlorine dispenser. The easy to use digital control panel allows for seamless control of the jets.

It has a very simple system for carrying out maintenance with a 2-step process to replace the filtration cartridges. Also comes with the inflation hose, manual, carrying bag, and a ground cloth for outdoor usage. It doesn’t take much to convince interested people to go for this model.

1. Coleman Lay-Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tub

The last one and number one for our best portable hot tubs review is the Coleman Lay-z Spa. It’s the best portable hot tub on the market. It is the best seller on amazon and continuously receives fantastic reviews by the customers who have purchased it. This is an extremely affordable portable hot tub. It is an inflatable hot tub with fabric coated material and the cover is lined with aluminum to keep the heat insulated. That way you won’t have to worry twice about weather conditions.

This is the winner of them all as it is very easy to set up, surprisingly cheap ,compared to other models, and comes with a massage system with the jets. It should be noted that it takes 48-72 hours to heat the water to a comfortable hot tub temperature. This is slightly on the longer side but for the amazing benefits it has, the time plays a small role.

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