10 Best Jewelry For Men 2017

top 10 best jewelry for men 2016

When it comes to best jewelry for men, it is almost a matter of taste. Whether you believe something to be great or not may be debatable. However there are some items which have a universal preference while others are generally disliked. Jewelry for men can be hard to buy for and even harder to wear when you don’t really know what goes with your specific style.

This review will aim to help you make a faster choice by cutting the process of having to go through each category and item individually. Instead you will have 10 of the best jewelries for men listed below and you can simply make a pick (or several), whether is is for yourself, a friend or your better half. All types of jewelry will be listed below. The only item we excluded are men’s watches, as we have a separate review for that which you can easily find here.

What Type of Jewelry For Men Is There?

Jewelry can vary in many ways regardless if it is within the male or the female market. Prices can vary from a single digit to enormous amounts that could buy you a decent sized family house. Other variations may be the actual type of jewelry. For instance you could choose between several different bracelets, cufflinks, necklaces, rings, earrings etc.

However the material may also vary from silver, gold, diamonds and all other different metals the periodic table has to offer. Obviously the best jewelry for men doesn’t have to mean it will also have to be the most expensive one. Sometimes the price can be surprisingly affordable.

Benefits of Best Jewelry For Men

A good piece of jewelry is something you will treasure and keep for decades. You don’t have to think about wearing it twice. Like a good pair of shoes, you will feel comfortable wearing it to almost all of your outfits and it will never go out of fashion. Additionally you don’t have to worry about it breaking because if you truly bought one of the best items, it will be able to take some damage and still look flawless.

Downsides of Men Jewelry

Although we said that great jewelry for men doesn’t have to be expensive, usually the better the item is, the more it will cost. This can obviously mean that you’ll be looking and wearing it more carefully. Some even choose to get an insurance on individual items. This may add some costs but it is worth the price in case it ever gets stolen or breaks. On top of wearing expensive jewelry, you may have to be careful where you’re walking because theft is sadly unavoidable in some dangerous areas.

10. Tateossian Mens Silver Money Clip – Silver

For someone that holds a lot of cash on a daily basis and doesn’t like to mess around with big wallets, there is only one real solution. That solution is to own a money clip. Once you whip out something as elite as a money clip, people know you’re confident and have what it takes.

Wallets may only be used for cards but for the daily exchanges a money clip is a handy accessory. This Tateossian money clip is made entirely out of  rhodium plated sterling silver and will make any man happy. It’s probably one of the more luxurious items here but it still has to be listed!

9. Mont Blanc Meisterstuck Keyring with Woven Leather

When it comes to men, they are slightly more limited on the luxurious jewelry they can wear. Therefore designers have become fairly creative and decided to come up with certain accessories that go further than pieces you wear on your body. One of these jewelry accessories that shows class and anyone can include in their wardrobe, is a keyring.

If you think about it, keys are the one item you have on you daily as soon as you leave the house. Why not place a classy keyring with them so that every time you sit down and place your keys on the table, people can admire your class. The perfect example is this keyring by Mont Blanc. Made out of stainless steel and black woven calfskin it makes holding your keys a lot more enjoyable.

8. 14K Gold Solid Knot Tie Tac with Center Diamond

A tie pin or bar ads the same purpose as a tie clip (like the example shown below) and that is to hold a tie in place. However they also serve a second purpose. That purpose of course, is to show others that you have a sense of style and class.

It may only be a small piece, but at the end of the day people will notice and envy you. Not everyone dares to wear these because quite frankly they don’t know how to. But a man of class will barely leave the house with either a clip, bar or a pin like this. Obviously they vary from material but something that has been constructed out of 14k gold is just the right amount that won’t be a ridiculous sum for a piece of jewelry like this.

7. Tateossian Mens 40mm Pure Silver Groove Texture Tie Clip

Sometimes the very small things can make a huge difference. If you wear suits a lot, then a tie is obligatory. What you find with most ties, is that they seem to have a life of their own. Especially when the slightest breeze of wind blows, they start flying all over the place. The only real solution to this is to tuck it in, take it off completely or add some class to your outfit and get a tie clip.

These little beauties actually increase your style and make wearing a tie enjoyable. People will start looking up to you and you come across like an authority figure. A tie and its clip are best friends and if you don’t wear them already, you’ll start loving these. Therefore a beautiful yet simple silver piece like this one presented above can be a very classy accessory to a mans outfit!

6. 14K White Gold Basketweave Shirt Stud Set-86742

Admittedly, shirt studs are very much of an accessory for men. Only very few occasions actually present the opportunity to wear these. And even fewer shirts have the option to combine shirt studs. Therefore this is only for men who want to look sharper than anyone else and steal the show at the next occasion.

If you do own a shirt that lets you wear shirt stud, you might as well go all out and get a decent pair that will separate the men from the boys and especially those with real class. You’d be surprised how much of a difference an outfit can make when you wear something as subtle as these 14k white gold shirt studs!

5. 0.97 Carat (ctw) Round Black & White Diamond Mens Micro Pave Ice Cube Hip Hop Stud Earrings 1 CT

Earrings are clearly not only for women. For a longer time now, men have been wearing earrings as well. Of course this is not for every mans taste but for those who do any want to remain classy, they will choose something like this. They may appear bigger on the image than they actually are.

The earrings are beautifully decorated with small black and white diamonds. The combination is flawless and goes hand in hand. Although they aren’t massive, people notice them. Because of its size, these can easily be worn daily.

4. Gold on Gold Kinetic Watch Movement Cufflinks with 12 Complimentary Collar Stays

A great pair of cufflinks can be so hard to find because most look identical. If you wan’t something simple you can always go for the cheap knitted ones. These are very easy to buy and almost any store that sells men shirts will have them in various colors. However a magnificent piece like these will be very hard to acquire.

Anyone with a great eye for detail will ask you about these and it will be a great conversation starter. Especially once they realize the individual pieces to make this pair are parts of kinetic watches. They actually move like one as well. Additionally you get a set of complimentary Ox and Bull collar stays so that your shirt will be complete.

3. Men’s 14k Yellow Gold Solid Fancy Bracelet, 8.5″

There’s not much to say about a classy bracelet. The thing that separates a classy bracelet from one that is just there to show off can vary from many small things. Firstly you want to look at the size of it. A nice subtle bracelet is all you need to show some class. Additionally you don’t want it to have too many different symbols, figures and shapes.

An ongoing theme within one bracelet does the trick. If you look at this bracelet you’ll see these exact trademarks and therefore jewelers from any part of the world will label this as a fancy bracelet for a man. Bracelets such as this model can be worn daily with any outfit.

2. Men’s 14k Gold 9mm Cuban Chain Necklace

Men necklaces come in all shapes and sizes. However the traditional look will always remain. Having a giant chain comes across provocative and it won’t fit with most casual outfits you may wear. Therefore a decent sized 9mm chain like this one is the perfect thickness. It’s very subtle and feels good around your neck.

Whether you’re a gold or a white gold man, this necklace comes in both variations. The chain is maid out of 14k gold and has polished round links that are 20 inches long in total. The great thing about plain necklaces is that you can add pieces to if if you wish.

1. Solid 14k White Gold Modern Comfort-Fit Hammered Wedding Band

For women, an engagement or wedding ring is usually quite a big deal. This means the groom will have to take a considerable amount of time to make the right choice. But have you ever thought about how a man feels and what type of ring he would like to have?

Usually the male version should be slightly more conservative and casual. This is where this 14k white gold ring comes into place. It looks good on a daily basis and it has class. It’s not too extravagant and yet you can tell it’s quality and hand made. A perfect accessory for a man.

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