10 Best Winter Coats For Men 2017

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Winter coats are an essential part of any winter collection wardrobe. Warm winter coats are very important to keep busy during the cold season. The best winter coats have very good fur that help you stay warm. The warmest winter coats have duck down or a synthetic filling, however these are less breathable. Compared to down coats for women, the best winter jackets for men also have similar material.

That’s why it’s important to have the best winter coats for men. They protect against harsh weather conditions such as wind, rain and snow. During the winter seasons, the weather can change drastically from sun to snow and rain. Most, if not all winter jackets have protection against these weather conditions. We will go over the best winter coats for you to survive the harsh weather conditions while looking stylish.

What Type of Winter Coats Are There?

There are different types of warm winter coats and jackets for men in general. The best winter coats are made of duck down as these are extremely air resistant but also breathable at the same time. Most coats and jackets have these types of filling, but others contain synthetic filling, which is also very good.

Some of the parka coats contain synthetic interior, which is also a very popular filling. Some of women’s winter jackets have the same filling. In terms of winter coats, you definitely need to have at least one. Even if we only use them for a short period of the year. However great purchases are jackets that can be worn outside of winter as well and don’t make you sweat when it isn’t freezing outside.

Benefits of Best Winter Coats For Men

The best winter coats for men is depending on the outer coating, which blocks off the wet weather such as rain. They usually have a wax coating on the outer layer to fend off against the weather when it’s rainy. Furthermore, the best winter coats have a type of down, as this is a breathable type of filling and allows your body not to overheat and keep cool at the same time. These are the best winter jackets for men.

Generally the best winter coats are trendy as well as practical. There are certain coats which are made for mountain climbers that could help you survive the harshest and coldest weather conditions, but they wouldn’t be ideal for every day life situations. Therefore we will exclude these type of jackets.

Downsides of Winter Coats

Fake coats have a cheap synthetic feeling and they do not allow your body to breathe, and you end up feeling too warm while sweating uncomfortably. These are quite terrible to have because instead keeping you cool, you end up getting too warm and then the outside weather is very cold. Obviously that’s a very uncomfortable condition to be in.

Combine this with your high body temperature and sweat, you’ll end up getting a cold. It’s always important to have a jacket that keeps you warm yet fresh enough on the inside to avoid sweating. Below you will find the top 10 best winter coats for men.

10. Mountain Hardwear Compressor Insulated Jacket Azul Mens

The Mountain Hardwear Compressor Insulated Jacket Azul Mens is a great jacket with a special synthetic material that replicates a down jacket. The piece winter coat which addresses the issue of cold weather head on! It’s black and is very lightweight. It uses the trademarked Thermal.Q system to create warmth but keep you cool as well!

If you’re looking for great winter jackets for men this is definitely one of the popular choices. Not only do they offer a great look but also perfect comfort. You can easily go through your day as well as have fun in the snow while keeping your body temperature at a healthy level!

9. Quiksilver Snow Men’s Raft Jacket

The Quiksilver Snow Men’s Raft Jacket is a great winter coat that has taped seams and mesh line venting to allow your body to breathe. The microfiber chin guard ads protection to your face so you can zip it up all the way and a plethora of pockets for your passport, goggles and keys.

Great quality and very stylish. The out fabric is very durable and quite thick so this will keep you warm. Quicksilver is known to be a sports brand and these type of winter coats are a perfect example for those who like to go skiing or snowboarding for instance. As you stay very active you may sweat but the jacket is designed to keep you warm and cool at the same time.

8. Quiksilver Fiction Snowboard Jacket Mens

The Quiksilver Fiction Snowboard Jacket Mens is a great winter coat with their patented dry flight technology. The insulation is made of polyfill and has the embossed taffeta lining. There are vents under the arms which are mesh and allow your body to breathe. This is a very warm winter coat compared down coats for women.

It has a bunch of pockets for all your gizmos and gadgets so you never lose anything. As already mentioned, Quicksilver is sports brand, especially related to snowboarding. They make great jackets for men though regardless if you want to do sports or just look trendy and feel comfortable while doing so.

7. Burton Men’s Gore-Tex Vagabond Jacket

The Burton Men’s Gore-Tex Vagabond Jacket is a great Gore-Tex jacket. It is completely waterproof with fully taped seams and gore-seam tape. The mesh linings and zippers under the arm giving you breathing room. They call it the techiest winter coat of all time.

With the approved Gore-tex material, this beast will never let you down, not even during the coldest of weathers. Burton is also known for snowboard related products and they are one of the top brands. So if you’re looking for one of the best winter jackets for men with quality behind it, Burton’s you’re brand.

6. Mountain Hardwear Stretch Ozonic Jacket Mens

Another jacket by the reputable brand, the Mountain Hardwear Stretch Ozonic, is a great winter coat with Dry.Q technology. It is waterproof and breathable but rids your body and weather of moisture. A coat for when the weather is wet and cold, while back packing through mountains. This is a great winter coat with two zipped pockets that prevent anything from following out.

It is also equipped with adjustable hand cuffs with velcro. But apart from the technical advantages and features of this coat, the comfort is also at it’s highest when wearing the jacket. You’ll be able to move freely rather than feeling restricted and wrapped up. Plus it looks very cool!

5. Volcom Men’s CP3 Jacket

The Volcom Men’s CP3 Jacket is a great winter coat that’s completely made of polyester. It has the patended volcom V-science technology that allows the jacket to breath. The cut of the jacket is mesh lined with vents to allow your body to stay cool. It has lined warmed pockets which allow the pockets to keep your hands warm.

Volcom is another brand that’s well known in the skater community. Over the years the brand has developed from being very practical to also being very popular because of their looks. It’s not unusual to see this brand being a popular one for mens winter coats. A great winter coat for anyone trying to stay warm during winter.

4. Quiksilver Mission Printed Shell Snowboard Jacket Mens

The Quiksilver Mission Printed Shell Snowboard Jacket another great coat by Quiksilver. Compared to ladies winter coats, this jacket has a lining that avoids moisture. This is a designated winter coat for snowboarding as it even has attachments to attach some accompanying pants.

It has a lot of pockets for all your things. A lot of great features on this jacket, especially made for snowboarders. However you are not restricted to wearing this jacket only for winter sports. Although it is specialized for it, you’ll find that it actually looks pretty casual as a normal winter coat as well.

3. Volcom Men’s Alternate Insulated Jacket

A great coat by Volcom Men’s Alternate Insulated Jacket, this winter coat also uses the 2 layer 2 way stretch. It has a great low loft insulation, while the insulated jacket is alternate and is a great jacket to keep you both warm and cool. It has zipped vents, with the v science 2 way cuff system.

It’s a very lightweight jacket and the chest fits perfects for slim fits. The hood is also quite large to fend off against any bad weather conditions. While most people will be walking around with a huge winter coat, you can slip on this cool jacket and wear comfortable clothes in which you’re able to move in and yet feel incredibly warm.

2. DC Men’s Tick Jacket

The DC Men’s Tick Jacket is a great coat by DC. It’s a very nice jacket and winter coat by a reputable brand. This jacket has it all, with a great polyester finish which fends off any bad weather conditions. It has a 2 way hood that’s adjustable. It also has tapered seems to allow maximum protection against the weather for your body.

You’ll find that DC is also one of those brands derived from the skateboarding community. They offer great movement function, comfortability and everything else you’re looking for in a jacket. The looks are also rather trendy and “cool” compared to traditional formal look of winter coats.

1. Volcom Men’s Mails Insulated Jacket

The best seller on amazon and the best winter coat is the Volcom Men’s Mails Insulated Jacket. Turn up the heat with this winter coat, while it uses it’s v-science 2 layer technology to keep you warm yet cool. The technical details contain the zip technology that allows your body to breath.

Rated the best winter coat by amazon and its customers, this is a fantastic coat for the winter and probably the best you can find around! Say goodbye to cold winters because you’ve just found the winter coats for men that everyone dreams of.

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