10 Best Women’s Swimsuits 2017

Best Women's Swimsuits for your summer outfit

With Summer lurking around the corner, the best women’s swimsuit will be essential to any woman’s wardrobe. Every year, fashion artists come up with new designs that accent women’s figures and bodies, in order to give them the best type of swimsuit that they feel comfortable in while wearing at the beach or pool. It’s also important to know what suits your body type.

You may be slightly uncomfortable with the way or how your body looks in a swimsuit and buying the correct one can have a significant effect on how your body will be displayed. Whether it’s a one-suit or a bikini with top and bottoms. We will be going over the 10 best women’s swimsuits.

One thing you should always bear in mind is that, regardless of your body shape, you shouldn’t feel self conscious in any way because we should all feel comfortable in our skin. Hopefully these swimsuits can give you the extra confidence to feel more alive as well.

What Type of Women’s Swimsuits Are There?

Designers come up with very interesting types of swimsuits to impress their clientele. These range from bikini, to fully body swimsuits for water sports and the one’s we will cover; the classic one piece swimsuit. The bikini is very hip and trendy, and many fashion designers are coming up with ways to make them look new, with interesting shapes and patterns.

The one piece suit is a classic a great and timeless model which is fit for all occasions, but especially if you are using it for sporting events.  These are a full-bodied suit that provide protection from the sun while looking very good. They also prevent any slip ups as it is tight against your body. Unlike bikinis, swimsuit are actually very comfortable and also great to walk around and just throw a light large scarf around your neck if you’re planning on having a snack at a nearby bar by the beach or a drink.

Benefits of Best Women’s Swimsuits

One piece swimsuits have many advantages over two piece bikinis. The one that is largely the most popular is the ease at which you can put it on and that it doesn’t slip off your body when you jump into the water. It can accentuate the curves of your body in a more flattering matter as opposed to tight bikinis that might squeeze your skin in ways you wouldn’t feel comfortable with.

One piece women’s swimsuits these days are extreme fashionable and are not seen as the typical old school style swimsuits. They come in many shapes and sizes, and allow for you to express yourself in with the different styles. Additionally they have been praised to look more classy and elegant. Although we have nothing against bikinis and they are very much more popular, swimsuits seem to have a sense of sophistication behind them.

Downsides of Women’s Swimsuits

While it doesn’t face many downsides or negatives, there are just a few. The biggest complaint women have with one piece swimsuits is the fact that since it does cover a lot of your belly and chest, it isn’t ideal for tanning or getting your summer colors. Others have complained that while it is a very tight and fitting swimsuit, it may press down on your chest hard and flatten the appearance of your chest as opposed to bikinis.

Bikinis will also leave tan lines that may be unsymmetrical but still give you a lot more bronze overall compared to a swimsuit. Alternatively studies have shown that women generally prefer the feel of a swimsuit over a bikini as they generally feel more comfortable, physically and mentally as they cover a lot of unwanted love handles that many dislike on their body.

10. Norma Kamali Xo Bill Mio

The Xo Bill Mio is designed by Norma Kamali in a very fashionable black color. The top part of the one piece swimsuit is a wrap around with a shoulder strap that goes around your neck to keep your chest in place. It connects to the bottom in the back to create a mini-skirt like appearance in the frontal area, while the back replicates a classic swimsuit look.

It is made of polyester is hand washable in a basin. It’s a great swimsuit for the beach or for the pool. Additionally the design is very different and attractive that catches anyones eye. The top part however is a bit tight and may flatten your chest if you’re concerned about that part.

9. Tori Praver Rosarito

This particular one piece is a very attractive looking full piece that is considered very sexy with a comfortable side fabric that is ideal for water sports and a variety of movement orientated activities. It is a classic as it represents the one piece line in a very elegant way.

The product itself consists of 80% nylon and 20% spandex material. While it is imported it is still a hand wash material. It’s a nice little swimsuit fit for any occasion. The backside leaves a lot of open space for your back with a nice tie to fit the swimsuit at the top. The buttocks are nicely elevated and make them look perky.

8. Shelli Segal Marrakesh Palace

The Marrakesh Palace by Shelli Segal is a classic beautiful one piece fit for every occassion. It comes in a light blue and white pattern. The piece extends on to the chest, sans shoulder strap to keep the tan lines away during the summer season. It is a combination of Nylon and Spandex like the usual suit.

Not only is it made out of high quality, which you can also feel on your skin instantly, it is also imported and hand-washable in general. The main design features a square pattern on the suit itself. It has a cutout back with closing clasp as a hook. With a colorful and playful design it is definitely unique.

7. Tori Praver Women’s Rosarito One-Piece Swimsuit

This one piece swimsuit by Tori Praver is definitely a classy piece and is bound to make you look and feel good. With a 80% nylon and 20% spandex manufactured material, this imported swimsuit has what it takes to make your summer or spa event feel perfect. It features a high neck and inset bodice as well as halter ties to make sure everything sits right.

The design has a subtle snake skinned look to it with a skin toned color all around. It gives you that classy elegant look you tend to see on celebrities and really gives you the feeling you belong in that group. Additionally it feels very comfortable to wear all day so you can hit the beach restaurants with these at ease.

6. Milly Women’s Acapulco Maillot

The Acapulco Maillot by Milly is a great addition to the summery outfit. Is a stunning swimsuit that screams out fashion and summer with it’s vibrant patterns and colors. The V-neck shaped opening at the front of the swimsuit gives a glance at your body while holding everything in place.

Overall the swimsuit gives a bit of a girly touch to it which makes it look more playful combined with it’s colors. Because of it’s delicate fabrics it’s wise to hand wash this swimsuit rather than throwing it in a washer. If you’re a fun and playful person that loves to smile, this will be a perfect addition to your wardrobe.

5. Ellejay Leblon Lace Up

The Ellejay Leblon lace up is a beautiful blend between a one piece swimsuit and fashionable trendy design. The front has a very good looking lace up pattern and allowing the chest to be slight visible and two strap the go upward from the chest around the neck. The back is quite revealing allowing to tan your back without taking the suit off completely, only loosening the two straps at the back.

It is a deep V-lace up and has two halter ties. It is fully lined. With the black color and the laces crossing over the chest, this swimsuit could be confused as a dress for a fashion event in Milan. This type of swimsuit is perfect for several occasions and parties during the day on a beach or boat.

4. Melissa Odabash Women’s Geneva Twist Halter-Neck One-Piece Swimsuit

The Melissa Odabash Geneva Twist Halter swimsuit is one of the more subtle models featured on our best women’s swimsuit list. With a medium to low cut front, it is very girly and incredibly cute. The twisted bodice gives it a certain touch to make it look different from a boring old, standard swimsuit. The baby blue color also reflects nicely in a summer day.

Overall this swimsuit goes great with darker or tanned skin as the contrast generally goes hand in hand. That is not to say that light skinned people should look for a different model or color as you may find it appealing to your complexion as well.

3. Eberjey Women’s Beach Glow Nadine One Piece Swimsuit

The Eberyjey beach glow Nadine one piece is a wonderful bathing suit that brings back fashion to the world of one piece swimsuits. The front is a full cover up while maintaining a deep V cut down the chest with two small straps holding it at the top compared to the lace top. The back crosses the two straps that hold the swimsuit together.

Both of these are quite thin in straps so when they collide they don’t cover your entire back. They are also adjustable so you can fit the swimsuit perfectly to your body shape, which is always a giant plus. There are also removable bra pads so you can slightly customize it to your needs. A very nice addition to the summer collection.

2. Laundry by Shelli Segal Women’s Pretty Partridge Tie Back Tankini

The Pretty Partridge women’s swimsuit by Shelli Segal is a beautiful blue and purple themed floral pattern one piece swimsuit. It is a complete one piece two straps needing to be tied. One of the straps is there to adjust the front bit so you can give your chest the push up effect if wanted. The adjustable underbust treatment is always a great feature when it comes to swimsuits.

It is a full front cover up while maintaining a small slit under the chest. It is 92% Nylon and 8% Spandex and should be washed by hand. A great colorful piece for the summer! Unlike most swimsuits on the list this is actually labelled as a Tankini due to its separate bottom piece.

1. Shelli Segal Maharaji Border Bandeau

FInally, we have the best seller. This is the Maharaji Border Bandeau by Shelli Segal. It’s a very trendy looking black and white pattern all around while it has a colorful ‘sweetheart’ pattern on the chest. The piece has removable straps and the one piece itself goes all the up to the chest. It consists of 92% Nylon and 8% spandex. It has sewn in molded cups and should be washed by hand.

The removable straps are also adjustable so weather you want your swimsuit to fit nicely or avoid tan lines on your shoulders, you can choose your preference. Although the bottoms are featured on the images, make sure to order them separately as they do not come with the top part of the swimsuit. This is a bit of a shame but overall it looks great and unique.

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