10 Best Watches For Women 2017

top 10 best watches for women

Whether you’re planning on treating yourself or buying a nice gift for a female friend or loved one, finding the best watches for women can be rather tricky. Similar to men’s watches, the female side of the fashion world is just as wide and all types of styles and prices can be found. However one thing remains certain and that is that owning a watch or getting one as a present is always a pleasure.

Watches are like jewellery and you can never have enough of either. Unlike most material posessions, certain watches actually increase in price over time so it’s not too bad of an investment to make either. Compared to men, ladies watches are a bit more elegant and sometimes even come in sets with bracelets and rings to further increase the beauty of it. Below you will find a list of the best watches for women.

What Type of Womens Watches Are There?

As mentioned in the introduction, there are tons of variations of watches in general wether you’re looking at the male or female aspect of things. However, although the female watches tend to vary just as much in technical aspects and price ranges, they tend to vary a lot in style as well.

Unlike mens watches the feminine counterpart generally doesn’t look as bulky and has a more elegant look to it. A watch is a very delicate items itself and the more complex the machinery inside works, the more valuable it generally tends to be. But for every mans watch there seems to be a similar model in the womens watches department and vice versa.

Benefits of Best Watches For Women

Of course the obvious benefit of a watch is for the person wearing it to tell the time. But besides the obvious benefit there is also the qualities and looks to consider. Especially with girls watches the small details can make a big impact on the look of the watch as they are generally smaller and slimmer.

Therefore it is important to look at the best watches for women which are able to take care of rough impacts and actually withstand some damage. It usually is wiser to look at known brands that are known and especially known for quality. The greatest benefit of girls watches is that you can combine them with a lot of outfits in most cases.

Downsides of Watches For Women

As much as they look more delicate and fragile as normal watches, the slimmer types are actually also more likely to break than mens watches. Another slight downside of watches for girls is that if you’re looking at quality brands, it will set you back a little. But like any jewellery or luxury, you have a certain price to pay if you want the better materials.

That being said there is always a cheaper alternative that looks very similar and could fool anyone. But the lower you set the price the less likely it will be made out of greater materials. Not to worry though as below you will find a great variation of the best watches for women for very affordable prices.

Top 10 Best Watches For Women Comparison Table

PictureNameColorPriceRating (1-5)
Citizen Eco-Drive Women's EW1903-52A Silhouette Crystal Analog Display Gold WatchRose Gold$$2.5
Versace Women's VQG010015 V-HELIX Analog Display Swiss Quartz Purple WatchPurple/ Silver$$$$$3
Longines Presence L7.$$$$$$3
TAG Heuer Women's WAH1213.BA0861 Formula 1 Diamond-Accented Stainless SteelSilver$$$$$$3.5
Michael Kors Access Touch Screen Rose Gold Acetate Bradshaw Smartwatch MKT5013Rose Gold$$3.5
Swiss Military by R Women's 54006 357J A Alpha Analog Display Swiss Quartz Two Tone WatchSilver$$$4
Frederique Constant MOP Dial Grey Satin Strap Ladies Watch FC220M2EC4Gold Satin $$$4
Marc by Marc Jacobs Women's MBM3194 Amy Two-Tone Stainless Steel Watch with LinkGold/ Silver$4
Anne Klein Women's AK/2684BKST Diamond-Accented Gold-Tone and Black Leather Strap Watch and Bangle SetBlack and Gold$4.5
Michael Kors Watches Slim Runway WatchBlack or Rose Gold$5

10. Citizen Eco-Drive Women’s EW1903-52A Silhouette Crystal Analog Display Gold Watch

Starting off the list with one of the beautiful rose gold watches for women by Citizen. The great and actually quite remarkable feature about the watch is that ECO-Drive draws it’s energy from light. Whether you’re using light from the sun or artificial light, the motor is driven by light.

One fully charged watch will last for up to 6 months so you never really have to worry about not having enough battery left in your watch. Besides this technical piece of art, the look of it is quite exceptional. The dials are of silver color and around the face of the watch you have small mineral crystals.

9. Versace Women’s VQG010015 V-HELIX Analog Display Swiss Quartz Purple Watch

Using purple as a color for a watch is something not many designers can pull off. Let alone combining purple with silver. However when Versace attempts it, they not only succeed but create something magnificent. This elegant and beautiful piece is something designer watches really separate from casual or ordinary watches.

There are many small details this Swiss made watch has. For instance it comes with a 38 mm stainless steel case. The dial window is made out of anti-reflective sapphires as well. In order to close the watch you get a deployant-buckle which is also rather unusual for leather bands. If you’re planning to go swimming do not wear this watch because it isn’t as water resistant and not suitable for it.

8. Longines Presence L7.

If you really want to spoil yourself or someone else, or if you’re looking for something of highest elegance then Longines is definitely a brand to consider. Especially when looking for designer watches for women Longiness is one of the top leading brands. Besides the minimalistic look, you get a 18k gold case.

The white background and black leather strap give it a timeless look and it would look great with almost any fancy outfit you put on. Of course a watch like this should be worn with care and although it can be worn daily, you may want to pay extra attention not to ram it against anything.

7. TAG Heuer Women’s WAH1213.BA0861 Formula 1 Diamond-Accented Stainless Steel

Another luxury watch by the world famous Tag Heuer brand. Tag Heuer only produces elegant watches and although these are typically one of the best watches for women or men, they do tend to look rather casual. This is of course a benefit because for those of you who like quality but don’t like to show off too much and be flashy, this is a great watch.

Rather than flaunting massive things on a wrist, you can glide through with this significant piece on your wrist. A very subtle detail that should be noted by this watch in particular is the ceramic middle it has on it’s stainless steel bracelet. There are also diamond accented bezel on the face.

6. Michael Kors Access Touch Screen Rose Gold Acetate Bradshaw Smartwatch MKT5013

If you’re looking for a smart watch but don’t like the extremely futuristic look of most smart watches, then you may be looking at the wrong brands. Typically smart watches tend to have a rather bland look to them and focus on their functions rather than the looks. When it comes to Michael Kors however, looks are very important.

The touch screen smartwatch MKT5013 actually has the typical classy MK look to it but also combines a lot of technical features you’d typically find on smartphone. Everything from calls to messages can be notified on the watch and the strap is also replaceable. So technically with this single watch you can make it look like you’re wearing a different watch each time you put it on.

5. Swiss Military by R Women’s 54006 357J A Alpha Analog Display Swiss Quartz Two Tone Watch

If you’re looking for a sports watch but don’t want to have that typical childish or bulky look to it then have a look at this Swiss Military watch. Designed for women the 54006 357J makes this sports watch look like a classy one you’d wear on an elegant evening. Of course the name itself speaks for the highest quality.

This watch may look a bit fragile but it can take quite a lot of damage. For instance its water resistance goes up to 165 feet. Apart from the watch you also get a swiss military knife which is a nice little add-on feature. The watch itself looks incredibly classy and is great for those of you that want something to wear at all times, even when doing some sport.

4. Frederique Constant MOP Dial Grey Satin Strap Ladies Watch FC220M2EC4

With a rather causal yet elegant look, the Frederique Constant satin strapped watch falls onto number 4. The watch is something you can combine and smart or casual smart look with. It is ideal to wear into work or professional meetings and the price is more than attractive to say the least.

The satin strap closes with a typical buckle you’d see on most leather strapped watches. The dial window material type is made out of anti reflective sapphire whilst the case material is made out of stainless steel. It’s movement is quartz and surprisingly the watch has a significant water resistance of 30 meters!

3. Marc by Marc Jacobs Women’s MBM3194 Amy Two-Tone Stainless Steel Watch with Link

The deployment clasp closing wrist watch from Marc by Marc Jacobs is a two toned stainless steel watch with a perfect color combination. The combination consists of a pink gold and silver mix. The brand logo is engraved around the watches face as well as in side the face.

Between the arabic numerals you have very chic crystal hour markers that indicate the time. Overall this is a very popular model and surprisingly affordable. It makes a great watch in many occasions whether you’re planning on going out or attending a business meeting!

2. Anne Klein Women’s AK/2684BKST Diamond-Accented Gold-Tone and Black Leather Strap Watch and Bangle Set

This beautiful watch by Anne Klein is actually a watch set! If you’re not familiar with watch sets, besides the watch you get a couple of bracelets and jewellery to wear alongside the watch. Of course this is a massive benefit for jewellery fans as you can wear these separate too!

The watch itself has a glamorous, glossy black taint with a golden tone. At 12 O’clock you will find a diamond, adding to the glamour. Although it can withstand some water splashes and rain, do not use this watch to go swimming as it isn’t constructed or designed to do so.

1. Michael Kors Watches Slim Runway Watch

At number one we have the infamous Michael Kors Slim Runway watch. As the name suggests, it is very modern and you will easily feel like a runway model wearing it, due to it’s minimalistic and yet luxurious style. It screams fashion and with two colors to choose from, it can often be a tough decision to make.

The black model comes with a golden tone stick whereas the rose model has rose golden sticks. Both are made out of stainless steel and close through a clasp. Although it is a sturdy watch, it doesn’t feel heavy on your arm and as it’s not too flashy it can be worn with multiple outfits. It definitely deserves the number one spot for the best watches for women.

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