10 Best Necklaces 2017

10 best necklaces

Necklaces are a piece of jewellery worn by both genders but are more commonly known to be a luxurious addition to an outfit worn by women. They can be seen across the globe and within every culture. They are said to be as old as 40,000 years and obviously the quality and price can vary massively in todays cultures, but more on that will be detailed below and examples will be shown in our reviews.

A fine piece of jewelry is a great gift for any woman. Whether it be earrings, bracelets or a necklace. The best necklaces will be made of superior quality, great craftsmanship and use particularly nice articles to decorate them. This is what allows them to be standout products. Ladies love to wear jewelry not only because it looks nice but also because of the sentimental value that it holds for them.

The necklace has been around for a very long time, often representing royalty. This, in later years has become more traditional. A variety type of necklaces exist which have derived from the simplest to the more advanced type of necklaces which hold a lot of value, are crafted from very special materials, and so on.

We love these necklaces and think this piece of jewelry is perfect for any woman. Whether you’re going out for a fancy dinner with your partner, or just want to feel more beautiful during the day or at work. A necklace can tie it all together!

What Type of Necklaces Are There?

As mentioned above, there are tons of different variations of necklaces and usually similar trends can be found in certain cultures. But like any fashion, the best necklaces change as a new trend emerges. From the choker to the Lariat, they can either be very small and near the neck, or large and lose down by the chest. Additionally they can be made from all sorts of materials such as pearls, diamonds and sometimes animal teeth.

Gold was a very valuable object to have as a necklace due to its nature in the past. When the banks first started, gold was traded for a paper monetary value of the same amount. This trend has continued over the years which allowed to create fantastic and beautiful necklaces. Necklaces also in different materials. For example, necklaces can also consists of pearls, dubbed pearl necklaces. A lot of manufacturers are also making replicas of these which are beautiful as well and similar looking too.

In more recent years, the traditional necklaces look much different to what they used to be made of. With fashion, a lot of different ideas have presented themselves which allow for a diverse and beautiful variety of necklaces. Some have different types of stones and marbles, other’s with a teardrop shaped crystal at the end.

At the end of the day, it comes down to your taste and what you enjoy. The perfect necklace can for example, really tie a dress together, making it something beautiful and outstanding around a neck. It really is a matter of preference. It’s important to also know what colors suite you and your skin tone and eyes.

Benefits of Best Necklaces

When purchasing a great necklace, it will make your body shine and complete the outfit. Many women feel naked without wearing one, especially for fancy ensembles. But sometimes you don’t have to invest a large sum of money to get a hold of a nice looking necklace. With our reviews below you’ll find a great range that may look expensive yet are very affordable, thus giving you the glamorous look for a cheap price.

Making an outfit come together is another powerful benefit of the best necklaces. They can make or break an outfit. A beautiful necklace made of great material is definitely something you’d like to have in your jewelry box as you can wear them any time, wherever you go. Whether it is an evening event or just for the day!

Downsides of Necklaces

As you can imagine, even the best necklaces can tangle up and get knotted when not taken care of properly. Anything with a long string that gets thrown around will eventually end up in a knot. Additionally you could get stuck on something and accidentally pull and break necklaces easily. Jewellery is also one of the most easily lost items. Although the best necklaces may be more resistant or better quality in general, losing is an unavoidable habit that money can’t fix!

Moreover, the best necklaces are made of good materials which don’t irritate the skin. These could cause rashes, but our best necklaces are made of great materials and customer reviews on Amazon share the same opinion. Knowing this, a lot of different people have tried them all with great results.

10. Majorica 1 Row White 8mm 60″ Endless Necklace

Every woman needs at least one pair of pearl necklaces. Real pearls can set you back quite a lot in terms of your budget. Although man made pearls are slightly cheaper, they are still very luxurious and come with a price. The Majorica necklace is perfect because you can chose to wear it as either a really low hanging necklace or double it up and wear it as a medium sized one.

A Pearl necklace is timeless and speaks for itself! Kicking off our best necklaces review is definitely honored by this one, which makes a fantastic dress accessory, when going out for an evening to fancy and beautiful dinner. This is definitely something every woman should have in their jewelry box.

9. Kendra Scott “Signature” Rayne Pendant Necklace

Are you looking for something to wear on a night out and want people to compliment your outfit? This Kendra Scott, pendant necklace will leave people staring at you! The necklace, which comes in many different combinations, can be worn for many occasions. Wether you’re aiming for the Gatsby look or the Indian style, this necklace can make it work.

Kendra Scott is known to make beautiful and trendy necklaces and this model is no different. It has beautiful golden colored tassels and hangs from a pearl colored mid-section. It’s a great accessory to have and would go along with a nice summer dress.

8. kate spade new york Azure Allure Small Necklace

The kate spade necklace will fit perfectly for a summary look and has a somewhat ‘young’ feeling to it with the playful flower-like symbols across it. If you’re looking for something that can be worn in a more casual wear this is a very good match and a great addition to your wardrobe or jewellery collection.

This necklace has nice blue colored stones which are aligned perfectly around the necklace, creating small flower looking shapes. It’s really cute and is a great necklace for the spring and summer season as it looks very fresh and easy!

7. Gold Necklace – 14K Gold Dipped Y Necklace

This elegant gold necklace is definitely one of a kind and a highly fashionable one to own. The teardrop like shaped pendant gives a very modern touch to it and somehow goes perfectly with both casual as well as fancy outfits.

Although you may not be aware of it but every purchase of this necklace donates a $10 contribution to a sustainable water contribution to Africa so you can wear the necklace proudly knowing you did some good!

6. Judith Jack “Abalone Enchantment” Sterling Silver

This beautiful silver necklace can be worn in two different ways. Either you like to hang it fairly low and make it a 36inch long necklace or you convert it and have it slightly higher as a 18inch one.

Obviously the change in length gives you a lot more variety in outfits to wear and combine with it. This almost makes it feel like you’ve purchased two different necklaces in one go. This necklace is sixth in our best necklaces list and we believe it’s truly a charming and gorgeous necklace.

5. Love Necklace Inscribed with I Love You in 120 Languages

Nothing says I love you like saying it in 120 different languages! This magnificent necklace comes with a tiny magnifying glass so that you can actually read all the 24k golden inscribed love messages. This necklace is very unique and actually quite gorgeous whilst looking very classy.

Sometimes the actual message and idea of the jewellery puts a bigger smile on the persons face you gift it to than the actual object itself. Yet this necklace goes perfectly with a black dress. Perfect for a night out at a cocktail party.

4. Sterling Silver Open Teardrop A Mother’s Love Pendant

Anyone that loves their mother could easily buy this as a gift for her and it would make her happy! Engraved on this little teardrop shaped necklace is a message that says “A mothers love is forever” so don’t worry about having to get your mother’s day gift prepared!

Especially for petite women this may be a nice feature on their neck and she will always remember how much her offspring values her! Number five in our best necklaces list, this fantastic teardrop shaped necklace is totally adorable and would go along great with a cute dress.

3. Two-Tone Sterling Silver “Be” Graffiti Charm Necklace, 18″

This subtle yet cute necklace is a great one to wear with casual clothes. It has the word “be” engraved on one charm while the other has a mixture of positive words such as “happy, compassionate, brave, thankful” etc.

Although the necklace may be very small (about the size of a dime) it does make an outfit complete and sends happy/ positive vibes to anyone that takes a closer look. Super charming and very beautiful, this belongs in our top three for our best necklaces review.

2. Qianse “Heart of the Ocean” Pendant Necklace

Inspired by the Paris fashion week of 2016 this necklace is a perfect add on for the every day look. If you’re planning on giving this as a gift, you can gain bonus points by admitting that the crystals are made by Swarovski.

The colors are so magnificent that they will be loved by anyone who wears this necklace. Additionally it changes from the usual silver and gold looking ones. Just a gorgeous necklaces and definitely one of the best necklaces out there.

1. ALOV Jewelry Sterling Silver Love Heart Pendant Necklace

This is a perfect gift for any boyfriend or husband looking to buy a little gift for his better half. It’s a nice necklace that can be worn for any outfit. Whether you’re looking to go out on a nice dinner with a smart or elegant outfit, or just a date in the cinema.

The necklace also has a nice engraved sentenced to add to the romance which spells out: ” I love you to the moon and back”. It’s a great necklace made of great material and definitely belongs in our best necklaces review as number one. We think you’ll love this necklace!

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