10 Best Snowboarding Boots 2017

top 10 Best Snowboarding Boots

With the season nearing, winter sports will be upon us and inevitably, everyone will be looking to upgrade their snowboard gear. What better way than to look at the best snowboarding boots, if you’re an avid snowboarder. Combined with good bindings, the boots are a very important part of the outfit. They provide comfort and stability to your boarding experiencing. But not only that, they also keep your feet warm.

A lot of popular brands that specialize in winter sports and street sports as well are apparent here, namely the brand DC. They have made a good name for themselves in the world of boarding by providing accessories and wearable apparel. Moreover, it’s important to have good boots in order to protect from twisting your ankle or any other potential accidents.

What Type of Snowboarding Boots Are There?

Snowboarding boots, especially the best snowboarding boots come in a variety of types. A lot of them are quite flexible with most brands of bindings, but some are especially designed for one type of binding. For example, there is a brand called Flow which only works with flow bindings, however we don’t believe that they are part of the best.

Alternatively the best snowboard brands have a huge selection whether you’re looking at boots, other clothes or accessories. They all come in different qualities, experience levels and price ranges. This review will focus on boots only which are great for any experience level.

Benefits of Best Snowboarding Boots

The benefits are plentiful. The most important is adding a good layer of protection to your ankles, feet and shin, and the best snowboarding boots provide this. They have a thick out layer, and very resistant to outside forces. They tuck in nicely into the bindings and provide comfort and protection all the way through.

Additionally you’ll be able to ride better because of the stability and comfort and high levels. Finally they also provide enough insulation for a nice warm kept as well as dry foot. On the other hand they also look good and can make your snowboard equipment complete!

Downsides of Snowboarding Boots

It’s important to buy good boots that will protect you from. Cheaper boots and those produced by unknown brands will be made with lesser quality and less amount of protection. The thickness of the boots and comfort is important in order to complete your snowboarding experience.

Thus it’s important to invest in the best snowboarding boots. Of course this isn’t the ideal scenario but if you care about safety and want to make it through the winter without any broken ankles this is an inevitable cost you have to go through.

 Top 10 Best Snowboarding Boots Comparison Table

PictureNameColorPriceRating (1-5)
Thirtytwo Prion Snowboard Boots, Black/Yellow, Size 13Black/Yellow$$3
DC Lynx Snowboard Boot - Men's Black, 7.5Black/Gold$$$3.5
Thirtytwo Team Two Stevens Snowboard Boots, Black/Orange, Size 9.5Black/Orange$$$$3.5
Vans Encore Snowboard Boots - Truffle / Antique 2016-13Truffle$$$$4
DC Men's Control Snowboard Boot, Dark Shadow, 9.5DGrey$$$4
DC Men's Avaris Snowboard Boot, Harbor Blue, 12DBlue/Black$$$4.5
Thirtytwo Lashed Snowboard Boots, Tie Die, Size 10.5Red/Black$$$$4.5
DC Men's Scout Snowboard Boot, Lime, 11DLime Green$$$5
DC Men's Phase Snowboard Boot, Black/Blue, 9.5DPurple$$$5
DC Men's Mutiny Snowboard Boot,Grey,8.5 US/8.5 M USGrey$$$5

10. Thirtytwo Prion Snowboard Boots

The Thirtytwo are a good brand in snowboarding clothes, especially in boots. The Prion boots are a yellow and black model made of a soft textile. They’re very flexible and cool looking while remaining sleek. They have a gripped sole and are equipped with traditional laces. A great boot at a very affordable price, just in time for the season.

As far as snowboard accessories go this is a great boot for almost any person. Although they look sturdy and strong, they are fairly soft on the inside and very comfortable for anyone that slips their foot inside!

9. DC Men’s Lynx Snowboard Boot

The Lnyx Boot by very popular brand DC shoes. These pair are a black and gold themed boot with a black liner. They come with an internal ankle harness to add extra protection while having a very gripped tread. They have normal lacing and come with waterproof leather as well.

A patented aerotech system for ventilation and have a high flexible rating is the trademark of the boot and hard to compete with for other brands. Although DC is the leading brand in snowboarding gear, they are still very affordable!

8. Thirtytwo Team Two Stevens Snowboard Boots

The Thirtytwo is a very good brand and is the number one choice for Scott Stevens. These are very light and flexible boots but somewhat medium-stiff. They are very lightweight and are theme with orange and black. They have traditional lacing and the tongue of the shoe upholds the tension correctly to give you maximum protection.

The outsole is of a foam with a very gripping tread. If you have wider feet they will fit perfectly. Most people with wider feet feel a bit cramped up in snowboarding boots.

7. Vans Encore Snowboard Boots

Another great brand by a very well known brand, Vans. They have also established themselves in the snowboarding boots industry and have a very good shoe. The encore boot are all black and very sleek looking. They are lightweight, flexible and very responsive.

The tread is very good providing a lot of grip and protection while in the bindings. The first thing you’ll notice when slipping into these vans snowboarding boots is that they are very comfortable and fit perfectly. So once you break them in it will feel like a second skin on top of your feet.

6. DC Men’s Control Snowboard Boot

A great pair of boots by maker DC, these boots consist of leather and contain their newest BOA lacing system. This is very interesting, as you can just twist the knob to tighten or loosen these boots. The laces will automatically expand or contract to create a better lacing experience. They have a red liner and are a great pair that’s available in many sizes.

Watch out that you get the right size as many have said that they needed to get half a size larger compared to their average size. This will save you a lot of headaches when ordering your snowboarding gear.

5. DC Men’s Avaris Snowboard Boot, Harbor Blue

The Avaris boots by DC are another great pair of boots by DC Shoes. These boots use a single line closure system, where you basically just pull the string on the side and loop it around the holding peg. These are rated as a very hard shoe, which means they add an extra layer of protect by avoiding any ankle twisting.

They have a snow basic insole and come in a very sharp blue. The insole is one of the many reasons why your feet will stay incredibly warm and dry in those boots. You might find it difficult to find these in a snowboard store as they are very popular and quickly sold out!

4. Thirtytwo Lashed Snowboard Boots

The Thirtytwo lashed boots come in a black and red tie-dye as they describe. The fitting is a team fit, while the flexibility rating is medium. They use their foam outsole which provides a great tread. The tongue is a 3D molded tongue to provide optimum safety around the leg.

They use a traditional internal lacing system while the cuff is described as articulated. If you want to buy snowboard boots that are easy to break into and don’t hurt your feet for an entire season, these are great!

3. DC Men’s Scout Snowboard Boot

The Scout boots by DC Shoes are using their Boa H3 lacing system which enables you to adjust the tightness and comfort level of the shoe with a very easy rotating knob. The flexibility rating is medium while they use their snow basic insole. A very nice pair of boots that come in Lime Green. Advised for any mountain terrain which involves winter sports.

2. DC Men’s Phase Snowboard Boot

The Phase boots are a great pair that come in a very colorful purple. These boots use traditional lacing style with a unilite outsole. These boots are rated as a medium flexibility rating and have proven to be extremely lightweight and provide a good amount of protection for your feet and ankles.

DC Shoes are a well known brand as mentioned above and they can be trusted to provide a great experience. Additionally as far as the price goes they are a very cheap snowboard gear with reliable background.

1. DC Men’s Mutiny Snowboard Boot

The best snowboarding boots as rated on amazon as the best selling boots, are they DC shoes Mutiny snowboarding boots. They come in a grey and camo style color scheme and are made of textile and synthetic materials. They use traditional lacing and a unilite rubber outsole for proper treads.

They also come with an internal ankle harness to provide maximum protection. This is excellent for foot support and additionally your feet will keep warm inside them at all times. They are well fitted and amazing in quality. There’s not much more you can ask for in snowboarding boots!

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