10 Best Sun Hats 2017

top 10 best sun hats for your summer outfit

The best sun hats can help an already perfect outfit make you look even more perfect. Hats are a fashion accessory but can actually be quite a useful one. Much like a belt certain accessories are actually there to do more than just add to an outfit and look good. Hats definitely fall into this category.

Although we’re only going to be reviewing womens hats, there are obviously brands and different types for both genders. Below you will find the top 10 best sun hats which are definitely a must have, but before going through the list, lets take a look at the different types of sun hats and the pros and cons.

What Type of Sun Hats Are There?

There is a a giant selections of different hats and also quite a range of sun hats in particular. Most sun hats are the ones made out of straw. These are very common and a lot of women like to wear these to the beach and generally in summer.

But what happens when the colder season comes into play? Ideally you’d want your hat to keep you warm as well as protect you from the sun. So you’ll find that a lot of hats are made out of different materials than just straw and can still be labelled as sun hats.

Benefits of Best Sun Hats

The most obvious benefits of a sun hat, can be found in the name. They protect you from the sun. If you’re very light skinned, you have to be extra careful with the sun. You may be using sun cream but your face will be exposed to the sun all day. A simple sun hat can help protect it. Additionally it also shades your eyes from the shining sun which can actually be very damaging.

The best sun hats however not only give you health benefits, but also make for a great outfit. Great ones will be stylish in every season. Whether in the middle of summer or on the coldest winter days. Especially when it snows, the hat can help your hair stay dry.

Downsides of Sun Hats

Although sun hats are good and even the best ones can be worn all year round, there is one weather condition you probably want to avoid wearing a hat to. That miserable weather is called rain!

Rain can quickly ruin a hat. Another downside is that if you walk into a store or restaurant it is polite to take off a hat. Summer hats however are rather large and can cause slight issues to place them down somewhere. Often times people forget they put it down by the seat next to them and forget it or it gets dirty.

The final downside is that they are quite hard to clean. However hats don’t usually get that dirty that they need a proper clean so don’t worry too much about that downside.

10. Ted Baker London Women’s Cooney Floppy Felt Hat

If you’re a fan of high quality and designer clothes, you’re no stranger to Ted Baker. Ted Baker is known for his London look and London is definitely one of the greatest cities for shopping and fashion in general. This sun hat or floppy felt hat is made out of 100% wool and it feels amazing in to touch.

The look itslef is amazing as well and if you look closely, the little lace around the hat holds a tiny golden bow. That minor detail makes it all the more cute and feminine. A great hat that comes in two different colors and can be combined with a variety of outfits.

9. Lucy Love Women’s Almost Famous Floppy Hat

Floppy hats have recently become very popular and very trendy again. You will find a lot of celebrities rocking these out. The red almost famour floppy hat by Lucy Love definitely shows its playful side.

The cut reminds us a little of the early 30’s and had a burlesque look to it. Make sure only to dry clean it if you need to and definitely don’t throw it in an ordinary washer. It’s made out of 100% wool and comes from the united states!

8. Billabong Juniors’ Lovely Dreams Hat

Billabong is known to be a brand for those who enjoy being a bit artsy and trendy. Generally all their clothes are a bit more laid back and relate to the sea and summer in one way or another. The Lovely Dreams hat however gives a bit of a classy side to it as well.

Another 100% wool hat that needs dry cleaning only. The great thing about brands like Billabong is that their clothes don’t cost a fortune like most other designer brands. Additionally they are still made out of great quality and look impecable so you can’t really go wrong with this hat!

7. Billabong Juniors’ Daydreamin Boho Hat

This Daydreamin Hat by Billabong is made entirely out of wool and looks stunning. It will definitely make you look very trendy and sophisticated. It can be worn to so many outfits and in many different seasons. Make sure to keep it out of the rain because it can deform it.

At first you might think the hat feels a bit tight, but because of the wool material it will slightly stretch out and make sure to fit to your headshape and size. There is a faux leather braided bang around the hat which gives it a bit of forresty look to it. On the side of the braided leather you will find a plaque with the brand logo on it.

6. ‘ale by alessandra Women’s Earth Spirit Adjustable Upf 50+ Wool Felt Floppy Hat with Leather Trim and Handpainted Feather

The floppy hat by ‘ale is one of the top of the line. It comes in various different colors and each color is more embracing than the other. It’s hard to stick to one color in particular once you browse around and have closer look at the other types. Each hat has a trendy little feather hanging on the end from the leatehr trim that is laced around the hat.

Made out of 100% wool and adjustable to different head sizes makes this one of the best sun hats. Make sure to hand wash it if you don’t want it to get destroyed.

5. Genie by Eugenia Kim Women’s Florence Wool Felt Wide-brim Fedora Hat

The Fedora hat by Eugenia Kim is one of a kind. The late around it has a spot which looksl ike a bow tie. The wool is genuine and the entire shape and feel of the hat is amazing. The wool is of the highest quality and you will love the touch of it on your head.

The reason this makes one of the best sun hats is not only because of it’s top quality, but also the style. It has one of those timeless looks meaning you can wear this now and in future but it will always make an impression and look brand new. Guaranteed to turn heads and give compliments.

4. Betmar Women’s Charlie Felted Fedora Hat

With a little sweatband decor around the hat, which gives it that extra look, the Betmar fedora hat is very unique. You can adjust the sweatband to let it hang a bit longer or tighten it if your head’s slightly smaller to make the hat fit. The hat comes straight out of the US and is made out of wool.

This obviously means that you should dry clean it. Make sure to have a look at other color combinations and options as you might fall in love with more than one. Unlike most wool hats, this one is water repellent so you don’t have to worry too much if it gets wet.

3. Karen Kane Women’s Snapback Felt Fedora Hat

Not only is this hat made out of 100% wool like most of the hats listed in this review but unilke most, this hat is also water repellent. Definitely a bonus for a hat, especially if you’re planning to wear it a lot. Karen Kane’s unique designs can be definitely be seen in this hat.

It is very delighate and lite felt. You’ll instantly feel the high quality once you put a finger on the hat. The style looks so unique because it’s inspired by men’s wear but it definitely has it’s femininity side to it.

2. Gottex Women’s Moonlight Adjustable Wool Felt Hat with Jewel Trim and Upf 50+

Besides the impressive quality and the overall look and shape of this felt hat, there is a very detailed and decent feature that seperates it from most hats. If you look closely the lace around the hat has small jewels on them. This lace gives it a bit of playful vibe and reminds of of the 70’s.

It also has some sort of pocahontas vibe to it. As it is more of a delicate type, make sure to hand wash this hand and make sure not to expose it to the rain too much or it might ruin it.

1. Nine West Women’s Felt Rancher Hat

This rancher hat’s braided decor is one of a kind. With a twisted mix of metal and leather it looks very unique. It may only be a small detail but in the fashion world, the small details make a huge impression and play a vital role.

The great thing about this hat, is that you can wear it on many occasions and so many to so many different outfits as well. Weather you want to wear it on a night out with the girls or just during the day while you’re on a stroll. Very versatile.

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