10 Must Have Household Essentials 2017

top 10 must have household essentials

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve lived in your home, there are certain household essentials we all miss and never seem to get a complete list. Some of these essentials are bought immediately once we move in. Others are being gifted to us as gifts. But then there’s the odd few items we always miss when we need them most! The main reason we never buy these items beforehand is because we don’t think of them unless we need to use them.

Once we’ve done our task and finished using the needed item, we immediately forget about it again because the task is most likely something rarer. For instance it could be something we do first thing in the morning and forget about after. Or it could be even more rare such as fixing something broken.

Whatever the task may be, there are some household essentials we should definitely be owning ourselves, rather than being dependant on someone else and borrowing their items.

What Type Of Essentials Are There?

Household essentials can vary very widely. They literally come in all shapes, sizes and forms. Walk into any room of your home and look around. There could be a different item for each. Having said that, there could be some essentials which are related to the kitchen whilst others are solely used outside.

Although we could easily create a lit of the 100 essentials, we tried to narrow it down to 10 as a lot of the items we would list on a larger scale are just spin-offs. Trying to list the very basic essentials for a harmonic home may surprise you. Chances are very high you’re missing at least 1 or more items listed below.

Benefits of Must Have Household Essentials

The benefits almost seem too obvious but it’s still worth highlighting. Some of you may believe that these items aren’t as necessary as we make them out to be. But when you actually get to use it you will feel overwhelmed with joy that you didn’t have to make numerous calls to try and find someone that is available and owns one of them.

Alternatively owning these essentials will also help you avoid going to the specific shops trying to figure out which item to pick. Note that we listed individual reviews about the best of each item so you don’t have to do the research yourself. Finally these tools and appliances will simplify your life. Technology and inventions alltogether have come very far and are incredibly advanced by now.

Downsides of Essentials

You may assume that these items are a bit unnecessary and that you will never use them. But chances are very high that you will use them more than once. The only real downside however is that they may cost a bit more than you’d like. But as much as they cost, borrowing one can be even more costly.

If you buy recommended items, they are going to last a lifetime and you can forget about the cost after the first and last payment you made. Certain items may have battery downsides. This means that you may need to charge them before use and if it’s something you rarely use the battery will almost always be empty. But that’s a minor price to pay!

Top 10 Must Have Household Essentials List

10. Wireless Router

Best wireless internet router

It’s hard to envision a home without wireless internet access these days. Everything from our smartphones to our T.V.’s are connected to the wifi by now. And once the connection breaks off we feel helpless and don’t know what to do with ourselves. Therefore it is wise to get one of the best wireless routers from day one.

That way you don’t have to spend a ton of money on your phone contract and live comfortably with the fast internet speed. They really don’t cost that much and once installed you can forget about these as they last pretty much an eternity. Make sure to get a hold of a good one so it sends the signal through your entire home!

9. Vacuum Cleaner

the top 10 best robot vacuum list for 2016

Of course cleaning a house is never fun. Especially when we have to bend down and vacuum clean the whole floor. But rather than living with dirt or using and old fashioned broom, we still have the luxury to quickly get rid of the dirt and dust with vacuum cleaners.

It may not be evident to get one on the first day of moving into your first home, but it is definitely a must. If you’re really not a fan of doing that house duty however, there are great alternatives, that do it for you. Either you hire a cleaning person, or you can buy a small robot vacuum to do the work for you! Here’s a great list of them!

8. Inflatable Mattress

the best air mattresses and inflatable mattresses you can buy

Do you have guests over at your house? Maybe some family from across the country or long lost friends? Chances are they will spend the night. But where will you house them and where will they sleep? You certainly don’t want to be that person that throws a few covers and a pillow on the floor with a sleeping bag.

The perfect solution, especially for smaller homes, is a quality blow up mattress. It feels like a proper bed and takes almost no space when they aren’t in use. Therefore it is wise to make that small investment. You can even bring these along if you’re planning to spend the night somewhere and you know there isn’t a comfortable sleeping area.

7. Drill

top 10 Best corded drill

Maybe you’re not the handy type of person and maybe you rarely fix or build things (if ever). But regardless if you are or not, a corded drill is a must have in any home. More often than not, small screws need to be tightened or holes need to be drilled to hang something up.

Rather than calling a service that will charge you a stupid amount or bothering someone on a Sunday morning to pass by your home to do it for you or lend you a drill, you can do it yourself within a few minutes. We prefer corded drills, as they don’t need charging and they have more power.

6. Electric Radiator

top 10 electric radiators

Electric radiators are probably the cosiest invention ever created. Although heating really is a privilege we take for granted, the traditional heaters located below our windows sometimes take way too long. Some of us actually love being in a really hot environment and these heaters take a while to get to that stage.

That’s when electric heaters really come in handy. Especially during winter you can quickly heat up a room switch them off and let the radiators maintain the heat. These electric radiators are also amazing to place in the bathroom to heat the whole area up and prevent condensation and wet walls. Be careful not to drop any water on or inside them though!

5. Storage Box/ Garden Shed

top ten best garden shed 2016

No matter how big of a mansion you may be living in, there’s always room for more space. Especially to keep things together that belong together. You wouldn’t like to mix your garden tools with your kitchen tools for instance would you? Of course not and that’s exactly why storage boxes or garden sheds come in handy.

These garden sheds keep all your tools nicely organized and together. Organization is definitely key and next time you run around wild looking for your tools you just have to open your garden shed and find it neatly placed on the shelf inside of it. That way you’ll also keep the dirt outside.

4. BBQ Grill

the top 10 Best gas grills

Whichever type of cuisine you’re into, there’s a certain period and time in the year where it is inevitable to have a barbecue. But in order to have a quality and successful barbecue you need a quality grill. The best type of grills are gas ones as they take no time to heat up and the heat can be controlled like on a stove or in an oven.

A house without a grill however seems almost sad. We say that because these grills seriously come in any size so whether you’re a social person and like to host parties or if you like to keep to yourself and smaller quantities, you can host your type of grill the way you like it. Grilled meat and veggies just taste better in summer!

3. Pressure Washer

top 10 best pressure washers for 2016

A pressure washer is more of a luxury compared to the other items listed here but they do come in handy if you like to keep your household clean. Obviously pressure washers are used outside but there’s a lot of things they can take care of in no time which would take hours and a lot of cleaning products.

Besides the time and money these devices can save, they can also prevent a lot of back pain and dry hands. For instance cleaning the outside of your car, or rims, require you to kneel down dip your sponge in a bucket several times and scrubbing away. But with a pressure washer you simply aim at the dirty spots and watch them disappear.

2. Coffee Maker

top 10 best coffee maker 2016

A coffee is more than just a wake up cure. A lot of people depend on having a coffee first thing in the morning to truly wake up. Others have it throughout the day. However a good coffee can be consumed at any time of day. Whether you like to have a quick espresso in the morning or a nice coffee after lunch, you need to have a coffee maker to drink one.

Ready made coffee’s just don’t taste as good. If you want that Italian like aroma, you need to invest in a proper coffee maker. They vary from barista like machines to quick and painless ones, where you just have to top up some water and the actual coffee and finishing off by pressing a button.

1. Stereo/ Record Player

top ten best vinyl record player

A true home isn’t complete without some sort of music player. Although the above image may represent a very traditional vinyl record player, these are modernized and play a lot of different sources of  music. Whether you have a collection of CD’s or only play music off your MP3 player, you need a proper stereo if you want to listen to music with quality.

Especially for when guests arrive and you want to play some sound in the background, one of the household essentials is definitely owning a stereo. They also look nice and decorative in most cases. If you don’t already own one make sure to have a browse at our top 10 review here.

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