10 Best Down Jacket 2017

top 10 best down jacket

Are you looking for the best down jacket to keep you warm during the cold days? Look no further because this review will list the 10 best jackets so you don’t have to do the tedious research. Down jackets have become very popular and there’s a good reason why. Down feathers are the feathers of bird that are found underneath the thicker feathers on the exterior we see. Jackets and duvets that are filled with these type of feathers, are usually of higher and better quality.

Although many jackets may use down feathers, the down jackets we refer to, have a very recognizable and similar look. Especially in countries that are known for their sense of fashion like Italy, these types of jackets are a must have in every closet. Because they are very gender lose, many couples often buy the same jacket in different colors.

What Type of Down Jackets Are There?

As already mentioned in the introduction, there are many jackets which may contain down feathers. However since we’re focusing on the general look of the specific down jackets, we will only focus on these. In these jackets there are only a few major differences.

One of which is the brand and quality of the jacket. It’s not unheard of, that brands such as north face, focus on clothing that prevent from the cold. So obviously these will evidently be of better quality than an H&M down jacket of course. The durability as well as comfortability will be much better.

Secondly the fit is usually more accurate with quality brands and you can either choose jackets with have hoodies or don’t. Besides that there aren’t many differences.

Benefits of Best Down Jacket

As just discussed, owning one of the best down jacket has it’s upsides and clear benefits. A quality down jacket will last for years and is actually constructed to do so. These jackets are meant to be light and flexible for long walks in the arctic or during harsh weather conditions.

But at the same time when the weather suddenly changes and the sun shines through, these jackets will not end up making you sweat and overheat. Because they’re so light and have a nice airy feel to them you’d be comfortable. If they do get a bit too hot they’re nice and light to carry.

Downsides of Down Jackets

When buying cheaper quality jackets, you’ll quickly notice that the filling isn’t consistent. This means that in certain areas there will be gaps and not only does it look very bad it also feels a lot colder in these areas. Additionally down jackets of lesser quality crease easily.

Clearly this looks cheap and ‘untidy’ which can be really annoying. Most importantly you need to make sure to get the right size fit for these types of jackets or they can be slightly awkward looking or uncomfortable.

Top 10 Best Down Jacket Comparison Table

PictureNameFeaturePriceRating (1-5)
Arcteryx Cerium LT Hoody - Men'sLightweight, 100% Polyester$$$$$2.5

Mountain Hardwear Dynotherm Down Jacket - Men's
Repells Water$$3
Marc New York by Andrew Marc Men's Blizzard Down Parka with Fleece BibInterior cellphone pocket$3.5
The North Face Thermoball Hoodie Jacket - Men'sRetains warmth even when wet$$$3.5
Mountain Hardwear Men's Micro Ratio Down JacketStows in its own pocket$4
Buffalo by David Bitton Men's Big and Tall B&T Packable Down Puffer Jacket100% Nylon$$4
Patagonia Mens Down Sweater Jacket800-European Goose Down Fill$$$$4
Columbia Men's Platinum 860 TurboDown Down JacketOmni-Heat reflective lining, 860 Turbo Down insulation$$$4.5
Columbia Men's Crested Butte Omni-Heat Jacket100% Nylon$4.5
Men's The North Face Nuptse JacketGoose down with nylon weave fabric$$5

10. Arcteryx Cerium LT Hoody – Men’s

Many people vote this to be the best down jacket in terms of weight to warmth ratio. Although we disagree, the jacket by Arcteryx does have its perks. You’d often find down jackets fitting very tight so movement is a bit restricted. This one is the complete opposite. It fits nicely and you have a lot of comfortable moving space without having to readjust the jacket.

Finally it looks very stylish and can easily be combined as a smart casual outfit or a really trendy one. The hood is always a great plus for those windy days. It covers your entire head nicely. The durability is also of great quality. Don’t worry if you see a few feathers coming out as the majority will remain within the jacket.

9. Mountain Hardwear Dynotherm Down Jacket – Men’s

Mountain Hardwear rarely makes a bad product. The Dynotherm Down Jacket clearly isn’t one of them! It is ultra light so you may have to check twice that you’re actually wearing the jacket. The design of the jacket resembles most down jackets but does have a slightly different style to it.

That it due to the front chest pocket. Some people find this jacket so comfortable that they wear it as an everyday jacket. It breathes easily and it keeps you surprisingly warm. Overall it isn’t the number one but it does the trick. Because of the price however we didn’t put it further up the list as you can get warmer jackets.

8. Marc New York by Andrew Marc Men’s Blizzard Down Parka with Fleece Bib

Many people face a dilemma when looking for a good down jacket. That dilemma consists of having to choose between either being really comfortable and warm but compromising suitable work attire, or vice versa. But when you take a look at the Mark New York by Andre Marc, you will soon forget this problem.

You can easily wear leather shoes and a suit underneath this jacket and still look smart. The jacket doesn’t have the typical trendy look, which most down jackets have. It keeps a mellow and smart style, whilst also making sure the cold won’t get to you. If you’re searching the best down jacket for work clothes, this is it!

7. The North Face Thermoball Hoodie Jacket – Men’s

It doesn’t come as a surprise to see North Face more than once in the list of best down jacket. If you’re looking for a practical jacket, that keeps you warm and comfortable but doesn’t weigh a ton and looks hideous, North Face is guaranteed to do the job! They are incredibly handy and are very packable.

Additionally they always come in various color options and this particular Thermoball model, even has a hood. That way your head can experience the pure pleasure and warmth of the down jacket. Even with just a shirt underneath you will feel very warm and know that your money is well spent!

6. Mountain Hardwear Men’s Micro Ratio Down Jacket

This jacket has so many small details to make it one of the best down jacket listed here. For instance, we all know this feeling where the zipper isn’t zipped all the way to the top and it’s getting a bit colder. If we’re wearing gloves, it makes it hard to zip up, especially when our fingers are really cold and hard to move. The mountain hardwear has a dual hem drawcords to simplify this.

Of course this is just something small but it makes a big difference. Additionally the small mock-style collar helps to keep the neck warm and actually does so a lot better than any scarf might.

5. Buffalo by David Bitton Men’s Big and Tall B&T Packable Down Puffer Jacket

The Buffalo by David Bitton is by far one of the best looking jackets in this list. Besides the great packable light weight features and the warm keeping ones, this jacket has a clear distinctions from the typical down jackets. The exterior alone has a bit more of a fancy look to it.

The entire jacket fits in a small bag in case you’re looking for some ultralight backpacking gear. However when you open the jacket, you will find a different color that really gives it this extra kick. It makes the entire look a lot more smart and more than just a warm keeping jacket.

4. Patagonia Mens Down Sweater Jacket

If you would be standing in a windy storm in harsh cold weather conditions, you would barely be feeling it with this jacket. Patagonia is not only one of the more elite brands in down jackets, it also has a large amount of quality down feathers in their jackets. 800 European goose down to be exact.

The polyester they use is recycled, so they’re also doing some good to the environment by producing these jackets. It’s needless to say that this is one of the best down jacket models you’ll find. You may have 1 or 2 feathers coming out but not more than that. Cheaper brands will gradually lose feathers over time.

3. Columbia Men’s Platinum 860 TurboDown Down Jacket

Columbia is one of the well known fashion brands but especially when it comes to the best down jackets. This specific example has a 869 Turbo Down insulation. Additionally the jacket is constructed with water resistant fabric. So when those wet rainy days hit you, the body will remain warm and dry!

The build of the jacket is rather boxy so beware of that before making a decision. Some people prefer the slimmer and more slender look instead. As for the warmth and heat, this jacket will keep you warm even with just a T-shirt underneath! The light weight of it also makes it comfortable to wear with several layers underneath.

2. Columbia Men’s Crested Butte Omni-Heat Jacket

The Columbia jacket may not actually contain any down and is made 100% out of nylon, however it does have the down jacket look and that’s why we included it. The jacket is ultra light, comes in various color schemes and it keeps you warm beyond imagination. These jackets are perfect if you’re planning to get some backpacking clothes.

But on a windy, cold day these are also perfectly acceptable as working smart. The modest, minimalistic look, keeps it very casual-smart. Because of their light weight they’re great to carry around. Especially for those who travel a lot, it can be folded easily and put in a carrier bag.

1. Men’s The North Face Nuptse Jacket

Many people feel amazed when they get a hold of this jacket by North Face. The reason being, is that the jacket weighs near to nothing and yet it keeps you warmer than any other winter jacket. The combination of light weight and compact heat is exactly what a down jacket should feel like.

With tons of color variation and looks, this jacket is literally made for anyone. The simplistic yet stylish look is ideal. If you’re looking for the best down jacket, this is definitely it. The price is fair when considering the 700 goose down contained in the jacket. Top quality for a top jacket!

For more fashion related reviews feel free to have a look at this one here! If you’re out and about a lot and on the move, you may want to keep an eye on speed controls. With these you’ll be on the lookout without having to physically watch out. And to make the ride even more fun why not include an awesome touch screen radio?