Top 5 Best Electric Skateboard

Top 5 Best Electric Skateboard

While lots of adventure sports gadgets are available in the market, Electric Skateboards are still the perfect choice for most of the youngsters. Many big brands have launched advanced designs of electric skateboards within past few years and they are loaded with all latest features. However, the selection range has become wider for buyers, it difficult to make decision about right investment.

If you are also planning to buy a skateboard, it is good to go through few expert buying tips to make the right selection.

What to look for while buying an electric skateboard?

Check Power and Drive:

The power rating of electric skateboards is often rated in watts. If you want to enjoy more incline for your rides then it is good to look for higher power rating. The low power boards that are suitable for beginners are often designed to work on 150 Watt whereas the serious skateboards for real adventure lovers are capable enough to handle power rating between 800 and 2000 watts.

Battery Capacity:

Almost all electric skateboards make use of Lithium Batteries; still, you cannot consider them all equally good. Buying a good brand will help you to enjoy safe service for years. Also, while buying your new skateboard; always prefer to check its charge time; if you can get one with quick charging option, it would definitely be a great solution.


The fastest electric skateboards claim speed rating as 24 miles/hour. However, the best idea is to pick the one with variable speed controls so that you can easily manage your ride. You can also have digital wireless remote controls for your skateboards to avoid the risk of snagging caused by wired ones.


You will be glad to know that electric skateboards are considered as most lightweight vehicles as even the large model will fall between 13 and 17-pound weight range. It means you can easily carry your board outdoors to have fun with friends.

Weight Capacity:

Skateboards are designed to handle a specific weight range depending upon their strength and that range is always specified by the manufacturer on the product. Some of the most commonly available adult skateboards are rated to work up to 220 pounds whereas few brands have extended this limit to 350 pounds as well.


Indeed, this factor is essential. As the market is loaded with so many skateboard products from different brands, it is good to choose your product wisely as per your budget range. The features of the product also vary with the price so try to make a detailed comparison about which product can suit you best without facing a tradeoff between price and feature.


Buying an electric skateboard is a costly affair so it is always good to have a warranty for your purchase. Different companies offer different warranty duration, you can compare their service to pick the best one.

Top 5 Best Electric Skateboards you can buy:

  1. Inboard M1: ($1099)

Most of the experts rate Inboard M1 at the top in the list of best electric skateboards currently available in the market due to its highly responsive ride experience. Instead of the old belt drive or stereotypical gear system, this latest model utilizes 2 hub motors on rear wheels so that you can control your rides efficiently.

The overall weight of this skateboard is 14 pounds and it is designed with the swappable battery system so that users can enjoy multiple sessions of the 90-minute ride without any interruption. The Bluetooth technology added to this board works up to the range of 10 miles.


  1. ZBoard 2 Blue: ($1300)

zboard 2

An awesome thing to know about this advanced skateboard is that it does not require additional remote control for movements rather the patented weight sensing technology helps users to adjust movements with ease. You can use footpads available on front and back portion to speed up or slow down your board.

This skateboard is a mid-power rated product that works at 1000watts and offers 16 miles range but you will find it little heavier with a 17-pound weight. The superior handles attached to this board give a nice cruiser experience on rides.


  1. Marbel 2.0: ($1200-1600)

marbel 2.0

If you are searching for a lightweight skateboard, Marbel 2.0 will definitely impress you with its 10 pounds weight. But it doesn’t mean that you have to compromise for speed because it is designed with a twin drive system that helps users to enjoy the regenerative braking system.

You can easily set this skateboard via a mobile app that works perfectly on iOS as well as Android systems. Those who love to enjoy skateboard rides at night will be able to take benefits from the front and rear LEDs added to this model. However, it is a costly choice but you will be able to enjoy amazing rides with this skateboard.

  1. Boosted 2 Dual+: ($1500)

Here is another amazing product that can offer you smoothest skateboard experience with efficient control on speed. This skateboard is loved by most of the professionals due to its ability to start and stop gently without creating trouble for board balance.

The best news about Boosted 2 Dual+ model is that its software is customizable. If you are a beginner, you can switch your ride to 11 miles per hour range whereas experienced people can choose 20 miles/hour. The medium range can be adjusted to 16mph. You will be able to switch to any of these modes with the single press of a button.

  1. Acton Blink Lite+: ($399)

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option for a beginner then Blink Lite is probably the best choice for you. It has a maximum weight of only 7.7 pounds that is why it is rated as the top product in the list of lightweight boards available in the market.

You can download Action app to control this skateboard; it is available for both iOS and Android users. This app will help you to record routes, track miles and document various adventures on the way. This is definitely a solid yet economical choice for beginners.

Probably, this information will help you to make the best investment. For more details about top electric skateboards, prefer to visit