10 Best Marble Run Sets 2017

top 10 best marble run sets

Who hasn’t played with marbles when they were kids. The Best Marble run sets have always been a part of someone’s childhood. They are also known as a Quadrilla. Nowadays they come in a variety of sizes from large to small pieces, from professional size to children’s sized. Every kid has had the memory of playing with marbles whether rolling them down a hill or just throwing them at each other which is also classic game, to collecting them.

Sometimes referred to as rolling ball sculptures, these are the professional ones which come in the form of kinetic motion, an art form that contains moving pieces like a Rube Goldberg machine. These long tracks work with many parts to create a fun and adventurous marble track which in the end and knocks down the final piece. We’re going to look up the best marble run sets right here.

What Type of Marble Run Sets Are There?

Marble run sets come in a variety of types. Sometimes they’re made of wood structures or metallic pieces, and sometimes made out of plastic pieces that are interchangeable and interlock with each other. Wooden marble run pieces are authentic in a way and have a bit of a historic feel to it whereas most marble towers are now plastic and can have a lot of add-on pieces to be attached. These can then be bought afterwards.

In general they generate a large number of track configurations as well as a lot of fun. More complicated add-ons such as loops and xylophone ramps which create music while rolling are also part of these sets.

Benefits of Best Marble Run Sets

The benefits of having the best marble run sets, are the fact that you have a lot of fun with them. You have to use the correct pieces to create a long and fun track. The Rube Goldberg machines are a perfect example of how marble run sets can be long and be a lot of fun at the same time.

Not only does it create fun for all ages, with both parents and kids together,  but it encourages younger children especially, to follow instructions. They have to carefully assemble their marble run game before they can experience the full joy.

Downsides of Marble Run Sets

While not having many downsides, it should be considered that when buying these for very young children, that some of these pieces are very small and can be swallowed. You should always consider your child’s age before buying a marble run set.

Always look at the correct age group that is advised. Other than that they’re all fun and games. Another slight complaint is that quadrillas do take up a bit of space and when having to dismantle them all the time it can be time consuming.

Top 10 Best Marble Run Sets Comparison Table

PictureNamePiecesPriceRating (1-5)
Edushape Marbulous Neon Translucent Marble Run 125 Piece Set + 55 Marbles in Reusable Plastic Bucket.125$$$$3
Marbulous Modular Marble Run w/82 Pieces Plus 50 Marbles Total of 132 Pieces - Made of Quality Child-Safe Plastic in Reusable Plastic Bucket82$$$3.5
Marble Run: 123 Piece Set (103 durable pieces and 20 marbles)123$$$3.5
Edushape Marbulous Marble Run Contains 202 Pieces and 50 Marbles202$$$$$4
Edushape Marbulous Marble Run - 82 Pieces82$$$$4
Toysmith 80-Piece Marble Run80$$4
Mega Fun Marble Run 75 Piece Set plus 60 Marbles (Total 135 Pc Set)75$$4.5
Q-BA-MAZE 2.0: Big Box90$$$4.5
Marble Run Coaster 105 Piece Set with 75 Building Blocks+30 Plastic Race Marbles.75$$$5
Marbulous-Translucent Marble Run (48 pieces plus 16 marbles)48$$5

10. Edushape Marbulous Neon Translucent Marble Run

This particular model comes with neon translucent interchangeable pieces. It has a total of 125 pieces and 55 marbles. It’s very sturdy and is suitable for four different skill levels. Each of the pieces are made of very good quality plastic and some are even neon glittery.

If you’re considering to purchase a thought provoking gift for a child that is actually a lot of fun, this is a great choice. It has proven to help build cognitive skills. Marble tracks never get old and with 125 pieces you have a lot to look forward too and keep you busy as a child.

9. Marbulous Modular Marble Run w/82 Pieces

This modular marble run set by Marbulous is an 82 piece set and includes 50 marbles total. The pieces are made of a very good high quality plastic and come in very vibrant and fun colors. There are instructions on what kind of models you can build and furthermore it comes in a reusable plastic container in which you can store all the pieces.

Being able to create a different marble run with the same pieces if obviously a huge benefit. Rather than having one marble track you can switch it up and see which type of tracks are most enjoyable.

8. Marble Run: 123 Piece Set

This 123 piece of marble set keeps the attention on marbles while teaching your kids about the concept of physics, motor and logic skills. You can set up multiple entry points and have multiple marbles running through the course at the same time.

The toy is a plastic type quadrilla. The plastic is very sturdy and comes of a durable material and includes a total of 20 marbles. As far as marble toys go the 123 piece is a perfect starter kit for kids and they surely will have a ton of fun with it.

7. Edushape Marbulous Marble Run Contains 202 Pieces

This is a very large marble run set which contains a total of 202 pieces. This particular brand is made by edushape, and is aimed kids who have a drive for building an adventure. While you’re watching TV, your child will be busy constructing many different varieties of this marble run set because it contains so many different pieces.

If you have a curious child that likes to explore different options and opportunities, this marble run toy is the perfect game. It might even help them to consider a career in architecture in the future… who knows!

6. Edushape Marbulous Marble Run

Another marble set by EduShape, these guys make the best marble run sets and thus have a lot of experience in them. They aim to present a lot of mental exercises for your child from an early age on. While they play they sharpen their skills and focus, while building their cognitive senses. They call it a toy that’s a clear winner.

Helping kids develop this crucial skills in their early ages while building these marble towers is just a perfect way to self educate as well as having fun. It becomes a very complex task to mix both pleasure and education, the older the children get.

5. Toysmith 80-Piece Marble Run

This model is by a brand called Toysmith. This particular model contains 80 pieces which form Rams, shoots, Curve tracks that all fit together in a variety of ways. Once you assemble these tracks together there’s unlimited options for fun. The pieces are very easy to handle and easy to put together.

There’re instructions on how to assemble many different courses for this particular quadrilla marble run. This will not only create a long lasting, fun toy for the kids but also help them keep busy and stay curious.

4. Mega Fun Marble Run 75 Piece Set

The Mega Fun marble run said is a 75 preset which provide hours of joy for kids of all ages. Even as an adult, you will have a lot of fun while playing with your kid with this toy. It’s relatively inexpensive and quite an affordable price tag for those looking to share a bonding moment and a learning experience with their child.

Not only is it great for bonding time and actual fun, it will bring you back to your childhood memories and hopefully create some nostalgic moments. A marble set can be a very simple toy but it does carry a lot of value with it.

3. Q-BA-MAZE 2.0: Big Box

The Q-BA Maze, big box, is a maze building marble run set. It comes with 72 pieces and each one consists of three different angles. They claim that it helps with problem solving skills and planning skills. None of the pieces are breakable and they come with a rich plastic that will last a long time.

This of course is a huge benefit compared to a wooden marble run. These can often break fast and may even start to deteriorate and leave behind splinters which could potentially injure your children. However the Q-BA Maze marble track is made out of top notch quality! Fun for kids and adults.

2. Marble Run Coaster 105 Piece Set

The marble run coaster, is a 105 piece set and comes with a lot of variety in pieces. It includes 30 plastic marbles, and it supposedly stimulates creativity, reasoning and physics skills. It’s a fantastic educational toy and helps with organizational skills.

Multiple entries are possible, while throwing multiple marbles at the same time to see which one makes it down first. This is a true marble run game for those who like to compete and see who can be fastest. A very fun game indeed!

1. Marbulous-Translucent Marble Run

The best marble run set, as described by Amazon, which is their number one bestseller, is from Marbulous. The set is made of a translucent plastic, which includes a total of 48 pieces and 16 marbles. Like all others, this one is intended to stimulate reasoning and creativity.

It is suggested for kids aged 4 and up, however adults can join in at anytime! If you’re looking to get some quality family time with a simple marble run game, you can’t go wrong with this piece!

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