10 Best Fish Tank 2017

the top 10 best fish tank for home or office use

Owning a best fish tank will have more than just one positive effect to your home. It is well known that owning pets can have a therapeutic feeling and help elevate stress levels. Fish are slightly different to the more common dog or cat type of pet. Unlike pets you can stroke, take for a walk and play with, fish are more of an observant pet.

However you still get a lot of maternal feelings for them and have to keep a close eye. Owning fish can be more than a hobby and can easily become an obsession. Once you get started you will decorate your fish tank and add new friends to your aquarium. Finally it gives your entire room a bit of a calm environment similar to when visiting a public aquarium.

What Type of Fish Tanks Are There?

Fish tanks can obviously vary greatly in shape size and form. Generally the larger the fish tank the more expensive they will get. However you don’t want to have a small bowl you typically see on T.V. or in pet stores for several reasons. To begin with, it is quite a torturous chamber to keep a fish in. Imagine being stuck in a tiny room for the entire time of your life.

Secondly, owning a small bowl will only frustrate you in the long run. You’ll have to empty it’s contents regularly and clean it from the inside and there’s only so much sea life you can add to the tank. With larger tanks you can add several plants, different species and have automatic filters that create an entire ecosystem that forms a life of it’s own.

Benefits of Best Fish Tank

As just mentioned, the best fish tank will be fairly large with several different life forms, plants and filters. Believe it or not but owning one of these can get you staring at the tank for hours, simply watching life happen under water. You will end up learning which fish work together, what crabs like to hide under rocks and which plants start to evolve.

All of this will get you to learn more about the ecosystem and you will invest in smaller pieces to add to your underwater planet. You will quickly find a calming and soothing way to relax simply by watching your fish tank and additionally you have a great decoration for your home. Adding a light to illuminate the whole tank makes it stand out even more.

Downsides of Fish Tanks

As with any pet, fish tank come with a lot of responsibility. You should never forget that a pet isn’t a toy and actually needs taking care of. Unlike dogs or cats, you don’t need to take them out for a walk, potty train them etc. but you still need to make sure they get enough food, have the right temperature and are being taken care of.

Due to filters and other accessories, this can be a lot easier to keep track of so the upkeep is often a lot less than with other pets. Additionally we’ve already highlighted that a fish tank can quickly become and obsession and you end up investing in a lot of new fish and plants. Overall some see this as a benefit as it keeps them busy. Generally fish tanks are cheaper than other pets so don’t worry too much about the initial costs.

10. Marineland ML90609 Portrait Aquarium Kit, 5-Gallon

The MarineLadn ML90609 aquarium is a great fish tank for those who are just getting started with the whole fish life. Unlike typical tanks, this one is elevated rather rectangular compared to the more common longer tanks. The size of the tank is also more of a medium to small ranged one, measuring at 16.8 inches high x 11.8 inches long x 11.8 inches wide.

On top of the tank you will find a LED light. This light has 3 different mood functions such as bright white, blue and moonlight settings. This can set a relaxing moonlight glow. Finally the tank has a sliding glass for easy access. Overall it is a great tank if you’re looking for something that’s easy to set up and maintain for a fish or two to swim in.

9. Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit, 5-Gallon

The Fluval Spec aquarium tends to hold a more traditional look and style. However the size holds a total of 5 gallon which is still in the smaller range and great for a few small fish. On the edges of this fish tank you will find an aluminum trim for added stability and esthetic looks. You will also have a nice LED lighting system to illuminate the entire tank which hangs at the top.

With foam block activated carbon and BioMax rings this is definitely in the top range of fish tanks. As this tank isn’t massive it is great for offices or bedrooms. You may want to switch the LED light in case you want to grow certain plants for a greater ecosystem. This is not to say that it doesn’t shine through the entire tank. It does the job well but isn’t as powerful as some would like it to be.

8. AquaSprouts Garden

The AquaSprouts Garden is a bit of a unique and unusual fish tank you may not have seen before. This fish tank is very cool as it includes a small garden on the top of it. So if you’re a fan of eating fresh vegetables, you can now grow them in your own home. This self-sustaining aquarium and garden will be able to let you grow fresh vegetables herbs etc. all year round.

Not only is it appealing to look at but it also makes a great decorative addition to your kitchen. If you’re worried about being able to handle this tank, you shouldn’t. It includes everything from growing media as well as an instruction booklet. It is almost maintenance free and therefore beginners can easily get accustomed with it.

7. Coralife Fish Tank LED BioCube Aquarium Starter Kits

The Coralife Fish tank is definitely oen of the best fish tank brands around. With a sleek modern hood and spectacularly performing LED light it also makes as one of the best looking fish tanks. The lights also change with the help of an integrated timer. This allows it to switch from bright light, sparkling blue and color enhancing LEDs. This is so help reflect the natural day cycle immiating the sunrise/ sunset as well as moonrise/ moonset.

Due to the easy set up there’s not a lot of understanding behind the whole kit. All you need to worry about is the initial setup and let the built in filtration and timer take over the rest. The pump has a dual intake and an adjustable nozzle. All of which performs quietly of course.

6. Tetra 20 Gallon Aquarium Kit

Tetras 20 Gallon aquarium kit obviously changes from the above mentioned fish tanks. To begin with it is a lot bigger and can hold a lot more fish and interesting accessories to create a personal little ecosystem. The fluorescent décor allows your tank to illuminate in a neon fashion, all of which will be even more highlighted through the LED light.

The glass of the tank is scratch resistant so you don’t have to worry about it looking used and old eventually. Another great feature about this kit is that you get everything along with a few decorative add-ons with the kit. This lets you set up the entire aquarium from scratch to finish and you don’t have to wonder what bits and pieces are missing.

5. SCA 50 Gallon Starfire Glass Aquariums Complete Package 24x24x20″ 10mm

The SCA 50 gallon fish tank is definitely for someone who wants a serious fish tank. This large aquarium will be part of your home and serve as a beautiful décor. The heavy duty cabinet with dual opening doors is part of the package so don’t worry about finding a suitable piece of furniture to place the tank on.

Included in the kit you will find a skimmer and atmen, return pump as well as top of the line durso stand + return T pipe, bulkheads, tubing and filter media which is bio of course. Additionally you should know that the company offers excellent customer service, they even offer to build the tank for you before shipping it, which can save a lot of headaches. Definitely a strong contender on the best fish tank list!

4. Full Acrylic 360 Cylinder Aquarium Tank w/ Stainless Steel Trim 55 Gallons Tall Base Version

As the name suggests, the Full acrylic 360 cylinder is made with high strength acrylic. Quite differently from the generally squared fish tank, this one is in the form of a cylinder. That way you can have a full 360 degree view on your ecosystem and it takes up less space. The stand and canopy are obviously included.

You do not have to remove the top or canopy, as you may simply feed your fish through the feeding tube. The LED lights are strong and illuminate the entire tank. Of course you’ll also find a filtration system and pump as well as other smaller accessories. This stainless steel type aquarium definitely draws attention and is a great investment of high quality.

3. Midwest Tropical Hexagon Aqua Scape Aquarium

The hexagon shaped fish tank by Midwest is a unique and pretty aquarium for fish lovers. Due to its abnormal shape, it offers multiple views of your personal ecosystem. Every angle will have a different effect and you can see the backgrounds of the underwater world taking place.

The unit is a self-contained one and its filtration is concealed for added endurance and stability. The base is made out of black acrylic material whilst the tower itself is clear of course. To get your aquatic life started, in the kit are some plants and a pump included.

2. Aqua Coffee Table 28 Gallon Aquarium

Typically you will find aquariums or fish tanks to be placed on tables or stands near a wall. But not with the aqua coffee table. This giant 28 gallon holding coffee table is a beautiful piece that also serves as a table. In a slightly hexagon shaped form, this table aquarium really changes the traditional fish tank units.

As one of the best fish tank models it is illuminated from the bottom and has a black acrylic pedestal base. This also hides the 2-staged filters. Made out of strong and long lasting qualities, this will decorate your living room beautifully for years. The only slight downside would be the power cable that is attached to it but with a simple rug that can be covered.

1. 133 Gallon Fish Tank Reef Aquarium Glass w/ LED Lighting System | Fresh or Salt Water

If you’re planning on taking on a serious hobby you need more than just an average fish tank that looks ok. Instead you need the best fish tank that serves a lot of underwater life and can hold a lot of decorative and rocks, stones and plants. With this giant 133 gallon fish tank reef, you will have the ultimate calming, stress relieving and decorative aquarium.

With the size of the tank you can take on several fish and let them work with each other. Once life takes hold of its own you let the complete 28W LED lighting system illuminate it all. The wooden cabinet lets you store all the supplies necessary to keep it clean and feed the fish. Finally this model offers a 400 gallon an hour filtration system which should do the job.

For other interior design ideas for your home, make sure to have a look at this review! We’re sure you’ll find something you’ll like or at least would like to have in your home.