10 Best Recliner Chairs 2017

best recliner chairs for your office

Regardless of how many possible sitting positions you can find in a living room, you will always have that one spot that you call ‘your spot’ and no one has the right to sit in it besides you. Of course that very spot should be as comfortable as possible and make you feel at home! The best way to achieve this feeling is to have your very own recliner chair. You could easily spend hours in it without realizing how the time goes by.

Recliner chairs are very popular these days. People love them because it gives them a great viewing experience when they’re in a comfortable chair. Many people buy multiple recliners and set them up together like a home cinema, or a private cinema. Having 12 recliner chairs next to each other for the ultimate movie experience.

Nothing quite like sitting down, then kicking back the chair to lay down for a great comfortable seat. Some cinemas have even adopted them for their VIP areas. The great comfort can now be enjoyed at home. Having a wonderful chair to come to at the end of the day is unbeatable. Pair that with an ice cold beer and you’ve got paradise.

The recliner chairs became highly popular in the 90s, even being featured on shows like Friends. They called them the Lazy Boys. The recliner is perfect for your living room, situated by the tv, so you can enjoy and watch in the comfort of your own home while possessing the most comfortable chair possible.

What Type of Recliner Chairs Are There?

There are plenty of different recliner chairs. Some are meant to be used for working purposes while others are simply there for you to enjoy your favorite book or a nice film on T.V. However the best recliner chairs have a lot more than just a feature that lets you tilt backwards in a lying position. These could vary from cup holders to massages, or even built-in speakers. Some even have a mini fridge built in to keep your drinks cool!

This built in fridge on the side is super handy as in arms reach, so you won’t even have to get up. That is the ultimate definition of relaxation and these chair encapsulate that. The comfortable leather paired with the reclining back and pop up foot rest is what makes these chair so popular.

Benefits of Best Recliner Chairs

If you really want to spoil yourself, you definitely want to get your hands on a recliner that has massage features and/or heating features, to cure your back pain or simply keep you warm during cold nights. The best recliner chairs will most likely have both of these features. Another great outcome of owning a recliner, is that you could easily have a nap on them after a long day.

Most importantly, you’ll have the most comfortable seating when viewing your entertainment or curling up with a nice book! It doesn’t always have to be in front of the tv, you can also situate a chair like this in your study or library and title it your reading chair. Whatever the need, relaxation is the first priority.

Downsides of Recliner Chairs

Recliner chairs could sometimes take up a lot of space. They also rarely match the rest of the furniture in the living room. So unless you buy all your furniture from the same brand, it can be tricky to match the recliner with the rest of the living room. If you want one that has all the abilities mentioned above, you will also find that they can easily go up into the 4-figure budget so choose wisely.

Top 10 Best Recliner Chairs Comparison Table

PictureNameSpecial FeaturesPriceRating (1-5)
Body Balance System Harmonic Massage Leather ReclinerRemote, Massage$$$3.5
Mac Motion Bergin Recliner Chair. 52-lo3-09-625.Footrest $$$$4
New Tan Theater Seating / Gaming Recliner ChairExtra Thick Cushion$$$2
Premium Dynamic Target Spot KAHUNA Massage Chair® LM-7000, 5YRS BEST WARRANTYFull Body Massage$$$$$5
ProLounger Wall Hugger Microfiber Biscuit Back Renu Leather Recliner Chair - Hardwood frame - Ultra-padded Arm Rests and 100 Percent Bonded Renu Leather FabricPadding$$$$4
Imperial Officially Licensed NFL Furniture: Baltimore Ravens Microfiber ReclinerNFL Customization$$$4
X Rocker 5143601 II Video Gaming Chair , WirelessSpeakers, Subwoofer, Wifi$$4
Aminiture Swivel Chair Gaming Racing Style Recliner OrangeHighly Adjustable$$3.5
Ace Bayou 6498501 Juvenile Recliner Urban Vinyl, BlackNone$4
X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Gaming Chair, WirelessSpeakers, Subwoofer, Wifi$$4.5

10. Body Balance System Massage Leather Recliner

With this chair you can use the remote control to recline the chair at the perfect distance instead of having one fixed spot that is either too low or too high for you to enjoy. If you really want to step your comfort levels to the next stage, you can also turn on the massage function and feel as comfortable as a home should make anyone feel.

This massive bad boy with pop up foot rest is next level relaxation. With a beautiful brown leather, this is perfect for a home with a lot of wood, so it fits in perfectly with the rest of your home.

9. Mac Motion Bergin Recliner Chair

This classic looking chair comes with a footrest so that you can sit back and put up your feet at any time. If you feel like treating your skin with top grain leather, then this is the right chair for you. Perfect to sit on and read your favorite book or alternatively to just watch one of your favorite films.

Somewhat more elegant and beautiful, this dark red wood colored leather chair makes for a fine reading chair on a lazy Sunday afternoon, or situated in front of your tv, while enjoying the latest sports games.

8. New Tan Theater Seating / Gaming Recliner Chair

The New Tan Theater recliner chair has a very modern and stylish look. It makes any living room look more expensive and could easily come across as a designer chair. It could also easily fit into an RV or trailers and make a nice addition to it. Start gaming with a whole different experience while leaning back on this chair.

This tan leather chair beautiful and extremely comfortable but best of all, the material is highly breathable so you won’t be getting to warm in this chair.

7. Premium Dynamic Target Spot KAHUNA Massage Chair

Obviously this is one of the most expensive chairs you can possibly get your hands on but if you have the budget, this is a must! You will never want to leave this recliner as it has a full body massage function. Feel the amazing power this chair has as it massages you from head to toe. Set a timer and let the chair do all the work.

Treat your painful areas with the healing heat that radiates into your back and calfs. The build-in massager will ensure ultimate relaxation state. It oozes comfort and is FDA registered so you know it’s perfectly healthy and suitable to use.

6. ProLounger Wall Hugger Microfiber Biscuit

The ProLounger is a must that loves to spend quality time with style and comfort. This overstuffed leather recliner will make you feel like you’re sitting (or alternatively lying) on a cloud. The chair also comes in two different colors and reclines all the way back for ultimate comfort.

Made with a beautiful dark brown leather and upholstered to perfect, this will make a fine addition to your living room. It also has a swivel at the bottom so you can rotate around at will.

5. Imperial Officially Licensed NFL Furniture

A must have for any NFL fan is the recliner chair to watch their match as a true supporter. It comes in 14 different teams so you can be sure yours will be included in the collection. It fits in ideally into any living room and doesn’t take up much space.

With a small hole on the right handed armchair, you can put your favorite beverage or snack in there so you don’t have to constantly hold onto it and make it warm or get up to grab it from the table! This is for the ultimate sports fan who loves to support their team.

4. X Rocker 5143601 II Video Gaming Chair , Wireless

This chair is more of a rocking chair than a recliner chair. However it qualifies in our list as it is the smaller version of the top rated chair. With two speakers and a subwoofer you can actually feel the sound through the interactive audio. Plugin your headphones or use the wireless connection to experience the ultimate gaming experience.

Control the volume as you wish on the side of the chair. This will dub as the perfect recliner at home, whether you’re into video games or not. The features are plentiful with this one so you know you’re not making a wrong decision.

3. Aminiture Swivel Chair Gaming Racing Style Recliner

Unlike most of the recliner chairs listed here, this one is ideal for a working environment. This would fit in perfectly in an office and with a 360 degree turning point you can spin around easily to grab things around you. The armrests are also adjustable and the reclining angle goes up to 145 degrees.

Try not to fall asleep on this chair as it will feel incredibly comfortable. A perfect chair for the living room or office, this will be a great addition.

2. Ace Bayou 6498501 Juvenile Recliner Urban Vinyl

This recliner chair is obviously nothing special but that is exactly what some people are looking for. It doesn’t have any fancy features such as speakers or other functions you might see in more expensive models.

However it does look very neat and has a minimalistic look to it. It’s great for reading books or watching T.V. and fits into any child’s room. It is advised for people around the age between 3-21. Your wife will definitely be happy with this chair.

1. X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Video Gaming Chair, Wireless

The best seller of reclining chairs is this video gaming chair with endless features. Apart from an integrated subwoofer and a built-in radio wireless receiver it also has two speakers near the head for the ultimate experience. This makes gaming incredibly fun. But other activities such as listening to music and watching T.V. is also a lot more enjoyable on this chair.

At number one in our best recliner chairs list, this fantastic product is of ultimate comfort and possesses a wide array of features which you will definitely not grow tired of!

If you’re looking for an even more comfortable chair to sooth your back pain, comfort levels or just simply to watch TV, try looking at this list! Try out your new chairs while doing some work, or while playing some of your favourite console. Or simply style up your office and living area with an air purifier.