10 Best Wallets For Women 2017

top 10 best wallets for women

Trying to purchase one of the best wallets for women can be a bit of a mission and near impossible at times. Not because women are complicated or that there isn’t enough choice, it’s actually because of a number of reasons. For instance there are a number of bags and outfit where different wallets come in handier than others.

Therefore you might be looking for a smaller wallet that carries less but is practical enough to slide in your pocket, whereas sometimes you might need a larger wallet that holds all your cards, money and more when you’re out and about or when you’re shopping for instance.

Nowadays it’s super trendy to have a cool looking wallet, whether it comes from a fashion brand or it is produced by a small time merchant who specialize in great leather. Wallets are a great way to keep all your things handy. It’s the perfect organizer for your purse. You can add all your cards to it included your driver’s license and ID for identification.

Moreover, you can also use the wallet to mix and match with for example, an evening clutch bag. Sometimes you may even find yourself with a wallet that almost resembles a clutch, which can be super handy as it will have a double purpose, rather than just being a single use product.

What Type of Wallets For Women Are There?

As briefly described in the introduction, there are several varieties of wallets. Some may only hold a few coins and are more commonly used for quick outings. Then of course you have all different sizes and shapes as well as materials and the way they open and close. Finally you should consider what type of wallet you’re looking for as the size often tells you  how much you can fit inside the wallet.

In latest years, the trend has moved towards the more flatter and minimalistic wallets, which are mainly holding cards and cash. This allows for a thinner and more slim looking wallet, while it doesn’t take up too much space in your bag, or you can just carry it along with your wallet, which is super easy.

Benefits of Best Wallets For Women

The perfect purse will obviously be in the medium range of a large wallet and a small one. It will combine the best of both. Trying to find the best wallets for women can be somewhat impossible but it can be done. Ideally it will go with almost any outfit and last an eternity while looking great and never being and inconvenience to you!

The best wallets will be made of great leather or material in general, which can hold a lot, while looking slim and easy to use. The quality is important because this is what will determine its lifetime. Moreover, some of have a window for your ID which you can just use quickly and handily, without taking out the ID itself.

Lastly, the organizational benefit is the best of all of course. The size will depend on your preference of course and how many different types of items you’d like to have in your wallet. Whether a coin purse within your wallet is important, or having a window which you can use to quickly display your ID, the options are plenty!

Downsides of Wallets For Women

Unlike with men who simple have a wallet that pretty much fits into any jeans back pocket or inside pocket of a jacket, women have to carefully decide what outfit to wear and which wallet to combine it with. This obviously has some benefits but can mostly be a burden. Additionally since there is more attention on accessories like wallets, there are many fakes so watch out you don’t get scammed.

You have to ensure the quality is vetted for and of course our list of the best wallets for women will be sure to not have anything that’s considered fraudulent. It’s important to know the difference, that’s why our list of best wallets for women will guide you in the right direction!

Top 10 Best Wallets For Women Comparison Table

PictureNameColorPriceRating (1-5)
Salvatore Ferragamo women's wallet genuine leather coin case holder purse card bVarious$4
PNBB Womens PU Leather Wallet with Tassel Zipper, GreenVarious$$4
Marc by Marc Jacobs Too Hot To Handle New Billfold WalletVarious$$5
Tory Burch Robinson Expandable Concierge Wallet in Toasted Wheat Saffiano LeatherLight Brown$$4
Tory Burch Robinson Expandable Concierge Wallet in Toasted Wheat Saffiano LeatherVarious$$4.5
Gucci GG Canvas and Leather Women's Trifold Wallet 263114Black$$$4.5
Burberry Horseferry Check 'Porter' Continental Women's WalletBrown$$$5

Wiberlux Christian Louboutin Women's Metallic Stud Zip Around WalletSilver$$$$5
Authentic Louis Vuitton Damier Zippy Wallet Article: N60015Brown$$$$5

10. Salvatore Ferragamo women’s wallet genuine leather coin case holder purse card

Unlike the rest of the wallets featured in this review list, this wallet is purely designed to hold coins. Carrying coins with your wallet can quickly get out of hand and misshape the entire wallet and sometimes even break it. Therefore it can be wise to get your hands on a coin holder to keep them separate from the cards and cash.

This beautiful wallet is great for those who are highly involved in fashion. It’s very small and compact while boasting bright white colors which add to its flair. You can put your coins in this wallet, while it also holds things like cards and cash.

9. PNBB Womens PU Leather Wallet with Tassel Zipper, Green

If you’re looking for something slightly different this might be something for you. Unlike the traditional longer shape of female wallets, this square shaped leather wallet by PNBB is thinking outside the box. The cute Tassel zipper will open and close your wallet and it can hold a surprising amount of cards, coins and other items a wallet usually carries. The perfect sized wallet that fits in anywhere!

This beautiful wallet holds a green tint while boasting a cute little tassel which you can even use to carry around. This wallet is perfect for cards, cash or even a tiny little mirror to check out your make-up once in a while.

8. Marc by Marc Jacobs Too Hot To Handle New Billfold Wallet

When Marc Jacobs labelled this wallet “Too Hot To Handle” the name spoke for itself. One look at this wallet and everyone will go crazy as well as jealous because they want to get their hands on one. It’s not unusual for customers to purchase various different colors of the same model because they are so pleased and happy with it. Additionally the price is surprisingly affordable.

In number eight for our best wallets for women, we have a great brand, the Marc Jacobs brand. This is a fantastic and neat little wallet which you can use on a daily basis. It’s almost perfectly fit as a clutch, while you can roam around the streets with this trendy little thing!

7. Tory Burch Robinson Expandable Concierge Wallet in Toasted Wheat Saffiano Leather

The difference between a great purse and a perfect one is something like Tory Burch Robinsons Expandable wallet. Don’t feel like carrying your purse with one hand all day long? No problem, turn it into a handbag with the removable shoulder straps. The flap top can be closed easily with the magnetic button.

This Tory Burch Robinsons wallet is in our list of best wallets for women due to its peculiar shape and wonderful tan color. Perfect for the summer or spring when you’re wanting to walk around the streets with the palm trees around you!

6. Marc Jacobs Wingman Zip Wristlet Phone Wallet

Marc Jacobs likes to put his name on everything in his line. But that’s ok because the brand itself looks so fancy you could have the name all over its products. Of course it is 100% real leather. With several different sizes and models you should choose wisely because they really are something special. There’s never been a dissatisfied owner of a Marc Jacobs wallet!

To be number six in our best wallets for women list and comes from Marc Jacobs, known to produce their products from very high quality material. This beautiful little teal wallet is perfect for your cards and a bit of cash on a light night out.

5. Academyus Women Girl Candy Color PU Leather Slim Wallet Card Holder Money Bag

The Academyus hand sized wallet is so beautiful in so many ways. Although it looks very basic it looks perfect just like that. You could get several of the same model in different colors and it would feel like a different wallet all over again. Combine every possible outfit with this wallet but make sure you only bring the necessary items with you as the wallet itself isn’t massive!

This fantastic little envelope shaped and navy blue colored wallet is the fantastic one hand wallet for your evening out. While it fits in most purses, you can also carry it just on its own. Super nifty and beautiful wallet for women.

4. Gucci GG Canvas and Leather Women’s Trifold Wallet

As well as the other top brands in fashion, Gucci is one of the beig ones. The brand is just as timeless as most of the other top brands. With the black color combination and the signature style branded Gucci symbol, this wallet is perfect with anything you wear.

Gucci is household name and this list for best wallets for women wouldn’t be complete without this brand. This is fantastic and beautiful gorgeous wallet that’s very handy and fits into your purse.

3. Burberry Elmore Horseferry Check and Leather Zip-Around Wallet – Tan

Have you ever looked at an item from Burberry and thought it was as classy as it comes? Well that’s the effect of Burberry. If you never had enough money to get something by this line of brand, then this might be the first piece as the price is fairly reasonable. This signature styled wallet has a lot of space for all the cards and possessions you need to carry around daily.

To be third on our best wallets for women is the classic Burberry brand with its recognized pattern. This is a very trendy and great looking wallet, perfect to go along with the rest of your outfit.

2. Wiberlux Christian Louboutin Women’s Metallic Stud Zip Around Wallet

Want somethign a little more exciting? Then have a look at the classy yet crazy looking Wiberlux by Christian Louboutin! Real authentic leather so you know it’s incredibly durable. The entire purse is made in Italy where fashion is a giant part of life! This is a wallet you want to take a lot of care of and only wear for great nights out and special occasions.

This spiky wallet has some attitude to it as well, but don’t be alarmed as its done out of style and isn’t a danger. The Italian taste definitely shines through and we are happy to put it at number two on our list of best wallets for women.

1. Authentic Louis Vuitton Damier Zippy Wallet

When it comes to luxury, Louis Vuitton is a well established name in the game. So it comes to no surprise that the Zippy wallet is marked on the first spot. The brown iconic color pattern is just as timeless its design. The purse is of course made in France and 100% authentic. With 8 card slots, open compartment for bills and zippered compared for coins and many more features this has everything you need!

Of course, at the top of our list for our best wallets for women is the internationally recognized and very famous brand in the fashion industry. Be sure to check it out!

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