10 Best Boyfriend Jeans 2017

best fitting jeans and best jeans around!

In today’s article we’re going to look at the best boyfriend jeans. The denim world has been booming lately with all sorts of different type of jean products, from expensive jeans to cheap skinny jeans. The fashion world has tried to make the jeans a great part of today’s society.

Everywhere you go, you see people more and more wearing skinny jeans. This has become especially popular with the “hipster” crowd. These are defined as people who love to be up to the latest trend. Some people are in love with this style, especially with skinny jeans, others are not.

However, one of the most popular outfits with women has been the boyfriend jeans outfit. This has come hugely popular with women everywhere. Boyfriend jeans are classified as the epitome of fashion nowadays along with the huge comeback of high-waist jeans. The best fitting jeans nowadays are most likely skinny jeans but boyfriend jeans are bring back the boyfriend look!

With that being said, we’re going to go over the best boyfriend jeans which we think you will love to no end. These will include a variety of jeans such cheap boyfriend jeans outfit, brown jeans, cheap skinny jeans and even more expensive jeans. Last but not least, we will cover the raw denim jeans as well, as this is where it all started.

What Type of Boyfriend Jeans Are There?

The best boyfriend jeans come in a variety of shapes and forms. Some are high waisted jeans which are very fashionable nowadays, whereas some others include rips and have that washed used look. Skinny jeans are also definitely in the mix, which allow for fantastic looking legs and make your butt look great!

The skinny jeans is not only popular amongst men, but of course we know where it all started, right here with the women’s jeans. And lest we forget, the expensive jeans have made the skinny jeans even more so popular. The best skinny jeans always look fantastic around your legs and body to give a great shape to your figure.

Benefits of Best Boyfriend Jeans

The best part about designer jeans is that they are made of a great denim which allow it to last very long and be comfortable for a long duration of time, without having to worry about them becoming torn and have holes in them, unless of course this was the look! These are the best fitting jeans that you can look for.

The great thing about them is that their name literally describes what they are: as if you slept over at your boyfriends house and wore his jeans out, and that’s the style they are representing in a trendy manner.

Downsides of Best Boyfriend Jeans

Fashion designers always recommend that you shouldn’t never wash the expensive denim jeans as they will lose their quality and become less durable. This is said by most popular fashion designers around the world. This could be the only downside facing designer jeans!

Moreover, some may not fit your body type. It’s important to know your body type, when buying boyfriend jeans, to ensure your hips or waist aren’t too large or small for them, which can make them not look super great.

Top 10 Best Boyfriend Jeans Comparison Table

PictureNameRippedPriceRating (1-5)
Ermonn Women's Ripped Washed Boyfriend Denim Trousers JeansYes$$3.5
Wink Gal Women Destroyed Boyfriend Jeans Ripped Washed Denim Trousers Colour Black Size LYes$$$3.5
Soda Park Womens Blue Mid Waist Ripped Hole Washed Distressed Jeans Denim Pants Size 44Yes$$$4
XQS Womens Baggy Harem Ripped Broken Denim Jeans Pants Trousers As picture 29Yes$$$4
Riders by Lee Indigo Women's Boyfriend Jean, Dark, 14 MonthsNo$$4
Levi's Women's 501 Customized and Tapered Jean, Morning Haze, 28 x 32 (26" rolled)No$$$4
Lee Women's Modern Series Curvy Fit Ruby Boyfriend Jean, Dreamer, 14No$$$$4.5
New Womens vintage Skinny Faded Ripped Casual Slim Fit Cool Denim Cotton JeansYes$$4.5
Levi's Women's New Boyfriend Jean, Adventure Blues (98% Cotton, 2% Elastane), 29WYes$$$5
RieKet Distressed Crop Pants Ripped Boyfriend Jeans for Women Plus Size (16, Blue)Yes$$5

10. Ermonn Women’s Ripped Washed Boyfriend Denim Trousers Jeans

To kick off our review of best boyfriend jeans we have a model by the Ermonn brand. These are ripped style boyfriend jeans with the washed look. They actually come in a variety of sizes, and the best part is that each one has a unique look to them. This makes them a one of a kind.

This makes the jeans very unique, as the colors for each one are different and the style as well, so no two are alike. This means you are getting quality jeans with a unique look for each type of jeans you get. These are definitely the best fitting jeans that you can find, and one of the black denim jeans around with this style.

9. Wink Gal Women Coachella Destroyed Boyfriend Jeans Ripped Washed Denim Trousers

Next up is the Wink Gal brand. These are labeled as extremely sexy and destroyed boyfriend jeans. These look extremely hot and are one of the most unique jeans around now. These would definitely be black denim jeans. These will definitely make all the boys take a second look at your beautiful legs.

These are currently completely in fashion, showing off a large portion of your legs, making you look ridiculously sexy. The wink gal brand ensures that you are getting something that you love, when you purchase one of their boyfriend jeans.

8. Soda Park Womens Blue Mid Waist Ripped Hole Washed Distressed Jeans Denim Pants

In number eight for our best boyfriend jeans review is the Soda Park brand which is producing a beautiful blue waist jeans. They have the ripped and hole look which give it that bad boy and rough look. These are a denim and cotton blend and have a zip and button closure. They are a pair of high waist jeans as well.

They’re advertised as machine washable which makes it extremely convenient, and since they’re high waist they’re probably one of the best fitting jeans around. This makes the boyfriend jean a perfect addition to your closet!

7. XQS Womens Baggy Harem Ripped Broken Denim Jeans Pants Trousers

Next up in our review is by the XQS brand. These baggy harem ripped style jeans are a beautiful denim and a great baggy fit for anyone looking for something other than skinny jeans. They have a very nice washed denim blue as well. Another great addition to your closet with these baggy ripped jeans.

Since they are baggy, they’re a great throwback to the 80s, when it was really popular to have somewhat baggy and high wasted jeans. If you’re looking for something trendy then look no further because these pair are definitely for you.

6. Riders by Lee Indigo Women’s Boyfriend Jean

The Riders by Lee Indigo are a great looking pair deep indigo blue cotton pair of high was it boyfriend jeans. The cuffed leg adds a great hipster look to it as well making these a dream to wear. A lot of people have commented that they think they are extremely comfortable due to the fabric they are constructed with.

Another great aspect of these are that they have 2% spandex, which allows them to be a tiny bit stretchy and extremely comfortable to wear. They are soft, and have great colors. Some of have mentioned that they didn’t receive the correct color so make sure you get the color that you want! Indigo or light blue!

5. Levi’s Women’s 501 Customized and Tapered Jean

In fifth place for our best boyfriend jeans reviews are the Levi’s Women’s jeans. Levi’s of course is a fantastic and well-known brand in the denim brand industry. They make some of the best jeans around. These are no different than that. The Levi’s brand comes out with another knockout pair of jeans which remain completely affordable!

These boyfriend jeans are some of the best fitting jeans around. Customers have raved about the fit being perfect and that it fits perfectly exactly with the size that they ordered. The color also has that classic indigo color that Levi’s are known for.

4. Lee Women’s Modern Series Curvy-Fit Ruby Boyfriend Jean

Next up is another by the Lee brand in our best boyfriend jeans review. These are a very comfortable and beautiful pair of looking jeans. A lot of customers have said that these are extremely comfortable and have the fit look that you’re looking for.

These are no different, the cuffs when rolled up, add that perfect boyfriend look that you’re looking with the boyfriend jeans. They go perfect with a pair of nice shoes and are said to be very cute by a lot of customers. None have complained about any size issues.

3. Womens Skinny Faded Ripped Casual Slim Denim Cotton Jeans

Next up is another a great pair of skinny and faded jeans. These have a casual and ripped look. They are made of a denim, which means they don’t have the elastic factor that many have come to love with modern jeans.

People have said however that these are aimed at skinnier people with a thin waist which allows them to slip comfortably into these shorts. These definitely are one of the best boyfriend jeans around and best fitting jeans for those who have a slender body.

2. Levi’s Women’s New Boyfriend Jean

Another by the Levi’s brand, which we love so much. These are actually their own brand of boyfriend jeans, which have the relaxed and loose fit around the hips and thighs, allowing you to roam around freely without feeling to stuffed into the jeans.

They’re casual, but not too casual, that you can still wear them on an occasion that requires for a semi-smart look. Customers have said that the fit is indeed very nice and has a nice look to it too! The faded looks is typical Levi’s which makes them a perfect addition to your boyfriend jeans outfit.

1. RieKet Distressed Crop Pants Ripped Boyfriend Jeans for Women

In first place for our review we have the RieKet Distressed pants. These are extremely cute and the definition of boyfriend jeans as they have the relaxed and comfortable look, while also maintaining the look for women.

There’s a few rips here and there but nothing too extraordinary, allowing them to be fitting for smart-casual event. Customers have mentioned that these are some of the best fitting jeans they’ve. The quality is comfortable enough for you to roam around in. Get your’s now!

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