10 Best Chinos For Men 2017

top 10 best chinos for men

When it comes to fashion, owning some of the best chinos for men is almost a must. Jeans may be fun and trendy but they are also extremely casual and can only be worn so many times. Although there are tons of different brands and styles of jeans, they all have very similar traits. When it comes to chinos however you have several different styles and colors for both men and women.

It is for that reason that chino trousers are a must have in every mans wardrobe and can help to vary your style and look. Before we go into individual parts trousers and their reviews, let’s take a look at the benefits and downsides to help you decide whether or not this may be something for yourself.

What Type of Chinos Are There?

As for most or almost every type of clothing, there are of course many variations and different models to choose from. Whether you prefer skinny chinos or a more casual cut, there are plenty to choose from. What separates mens chinos from mens jeans, is that you’ll have a lot more variety in terms of colors. Most mens jeans are either blue or black with the occasional grey color. Chinos however come in a massive variety of colors!

Benefits of Best Chinos For Men

So as we’ve just established and discovered, one of the main benefits is that you have tons of colors to chose from rather than sticking to different shades of blue and black. Additionally there are skinny chinos or casual chinos you can wear.

The great thing about once you’ve found the right pair for your personal style, you can get several of the exact same size in various colors and even cuts. That way you’ll know they will fit perfectly and it will give you a wide variety to choose from. The best chinos for men can also be worn or combined with suits and they will look really great together.

Downsides of Chinos

The only real downside to chinos is that you’ll have to be a bit more careful with washing and treating them. Unlike jeans, which derived from a working class culture, that can take a lot of damage as well as not having to be washed after each use, chinos are slightly more sensitive in that aspect. Make sure to wash them when necessary and be a bit more gentile with them. However they are a lot more comfortable to wear in cold as well as warm weather because they don’t absorb the temperature as much as jeans.

Top 10 Best Chinos For Men Comparison Table

PictureNameTypePriceRating (1-5)
Levi's Men's Chino Jogger PantCasual$2.5
Theory Men's Haydin JE N Z Riggs PantCasual$3
Haggar Men's LK Life Khaki Sustainable Slim-Fit Chino PantSlim-Fit$3.5
Dockers Men's Alpha Khaki Stretch Slim Tapered Fit Flat Front PantStretch-Slim$3.5
Cubavera Men's Linen 5 Pocket PantSkinny-Fit$$4
Original Penguin Men's Slim Chino PantSlim-Fit$4
BOSS Green Men's Rice Slim Fit Straight Leg Basic Chino PantSlim-Fit$$$4
Volcom Men's Frickin Slim Chino PantSlim-Casual$4.5
DL1961 Men's Kent Casual Straight Chino In Birch Casual$$$4.5
BOSS Orange Men's Slim-Fit Chino Trouser Pant Slim-Fit$$$5

10. Levi’s Men’s Chino Jogger Pant

To start off the list, we are looking at one of the most known brands in terms of trousers and especially jeans. It doesn’t come to a surprise that the jeans giant Levis’s have a remarkable touch for chinos as well. The Chino Jogger Pant is one of the most comfortable and casual chino trousers on the list.

If you take a close look, you’ll find that the bottom bit by the ankles have an elastic cuff. They are unique in the way they look and make casual streetwear look surprisingly smart. Additionally they are of very high quality and the price actually surprises people as much as it did us! If you’re looking for chino pants to wear daily as a casual wear, you’ll fall in love with these.

9. Theory Men’s Haydin JE N Z Riggs Pant

Although the Theory Men’s Haydin chinos are very affordable, you will be amazed by the great quality they have. As a matter of fact, you shouldn’t throw them in a regular washer and if they need cleaning, should only drop them by the dry cleaners.

The only complaints people have when wearing or buying these gray chinos, is that they wish there were more color options available. On the other hand some people feel as though the cut is a bit weird, but this is more of a debatable issue related to personal taste.

8. Haggar Men’s LK Life Khaki Sustainable Slim-Fit Chino Pant

When it comes to slim fit or skinny chinos you usually find that they are very restrictive and movement is limited. The Chinos by Haggar however defy physics. They are so flexible you could probably do splits with them, even with their slim fit!

Additionally they look incredibly smart and are perfect for going out, wearing smart clothes too and even combining them with blazers and suits. Whether you move a lot during your job or you like to look good and dress well. These are one of the most comfortable chinos on the list!

7. Dockers Men’s Alpha Khaki Stretch Slim Tapered Fit Flat Front Pant

The Chino option from Dockers is almost insane. Besides the great stretch slim cut, you will probably end up spending a fortune after your first purchase. The simple reason being that they have every possible color you could think of.

If you want to have a wide selective choice in terms of trousers, these chinos will help you have a different choice for every day of the month! Not only incredibly comfortable due to the stretch material and fascinating price, these chinos are made for comfort. It’s hard not to stock up on this option!

6. Cubavera Men’s Linen 5 Pocket Pant

Technically these aren’t really chinos as they are actually made out of linen. Chinos are usually made out of cotton and other materials. However due to their look, they classify as chinos in our eyes. As they are made out of linen, they are probably best to wear during warmer periods of they year.

These are perfect for evening strolls at the beach or when it’s too warm to wear jeans. As far as skinny chinos go, they can be slightly uncomfortable in warm weather, since your legs don’t get enough breathing space. These linen chinos however are very light in material and give a nice breeze.

5. Original Penguin Men’s Slim Chino Pant

When entering the world of chinos, most men decide to go for either the traditional beige color or the more conservative darker options such as navy blue or dark brown. Although there’s nothing wrong with doing that, there are more colorful and trendy options.

Penguin is known to push this movement forward by coming up with a warmer approach of colors. In this example you’ll see the red slim chinos which are great for summer attires but also has a bit of a christmassy touch to it. If you want to try out something new and look good while doing so, have a look at the color options of penguin. Additionally they’re really affordable and come with great quality.

4. BOSS Green Men’s Rice Slim Fit Straight Leg Basic Chino Pant

As far as skinny chinos go, this is probably one of the more comfortable option. These light grey or rice colored chinos are unique in it’s kind. You’ll hardly find another pair in that color, class and quality! Alternatively you’ll also be able to get the exact same pair in a dark navy blue color. This however is a more common one, especially for mens chinos.

If you’re looking for something trendy and classy a the same time you can’t go wrong with the purchase of this pair. Besides being incredibly comfortable you can also look really formal and smart wearing these.

3. Volcom Men’s Frickin Slim Chino Pant

As Volcom is known to be more street wear and also a famous for skateboarding clothing, you can be sure that their chinos will feel like wearing something as comfortable as a pyjama. Although this is more of a casual cut, they are also slim chinos.

Another benefit to these pants is that they come in many different colors so you can instantly grab 2 or 3 of them. Try out grey chinos or brown ones. With a price like this you can’t afford not to get more than one pair.

2. DL1961 Men’s Kent Casual Straight Chino In Birch

Although the chino pants by DL may be casual, they still look a lot smarter than smart jeans. The beige color is the typical or traditional color for chinos. You’ll find that it is easy to combine any type of clothing with them and whether you’re just hoping down to the shop or want to go out, you can easily slip into these without any issues.

As they are made out of 98% cotton you don’t have to hand wash them. You can easily throw them in the machine wash and let technology do all the cleaning. As far as casual chino trousers go, this one is of the top of the line.

1. BOSS Orange Men’s Slim-Fit Chino Trouser Pant

It doesn’t come to a surprise that BOSS would be placed as number one. They are always trend setters in the world of fashion, especially for men. These particular types are tinted in a dark blue color and have a very casual yet smart look to it.

The reason they’re so great is because with casual wear they look extremely casual and they are incredibly comfortable as well. But if you slip into some leather shoes and put a blazer on, they could easily go unnoticed and be mistaken for some suit trousers.

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