10 Best Foot Spa 2017

best foot baths and foot detox baths

In today’s review, we are covering the best foot spa list. Everyone enjoys a nice relaxing foot bath. The best foot baths have a massaging system and a calming and relaxing effect on you. Have you ever wanted to just kick back with a nice soak on your feet while you’re at the spa and getting a manicure? It’s super relaxing and enjoyable.

Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of pleasure on their feet while they are sitting back with face cream that’s exfoliating your skin. Often, spas have these available for you in their nice relaxing chairs, while you soak your feet, they work on your hands by cutting your nails and cuticles and giving you a nice head or face massage. Rubbing in cream to let your skin breath and become more beautiful and clean!

The best foot spas also have jets built in to them so they can apply pressure on your feet and hit those nice spots that help your body relax. It’s often used with warm water and various bath salts that allow your feet to become exfoliated as well in the water while you relax. These are sometimes referred to as foot detox machines as they help your feet detox as well.

Please read on to find out more about our best foot spa review, to understand exactly how they work, what their purpose is and which ones are the best for you!

What Type of Foot Spa Are There?

There are a few different types of foot spas. The best foot spa usually have jets, masseurs, and integrated heating system to keep the water at a nice temperature at all times. These would be considered the best foot baths. Moreover, some are considered foot detox machines, as they help the skin on your feet exfoliate and become more healthy, by letting the skin breathe.

You also have heated foot spas, which helps maintain the water temperature at a nice, comfortable and warm temperature for your feet so you never feel cold when your feet are in there. Lastly, you also have foot spas that have water jets that help move the water around and also apply water pressure to your feet to help get them nice and clean!

Benefits of Best Foot Spa

Foot baths can provide a multitude of benefits. The obvious factor being that it provides a nice relaxing experience for you to cool off and enjoy yourself. Some vendors also provide foot bath detox machines so you can relax and also have your feet cleaned and exfoliated with nice bath salts that help your skin.

Of course, the home foot spa is the best of all as you can just come home after a long day of work, especially if you are standing most of the day, these can be especially beneficial for you as you can just come home, draw a foot bath and pop your feet in while you watch tv. It can be extremely therapeutic and relaxing.

Downsides of Foot Spa

There are not many downsides to the foot spa, other than that perhaps you may cause a spill if you’re not careful at home and get your floor and carpet wet. Another aspect to consider is that you shouldn’t leave your feet in for too long.

All this said, foot spas are extremely beneficial and don’t have many downsides that should be considered as it’s mainly a relaxing experiencing if anything, and shouldn’t and won’t cause any stress in your life!

Top 10 Best Foot Spa Comparison Table

PictureNameColorPriceRating (1-5)
Kendal FBD2535 Deep Foot and Leg Spa Bath Massager with Motorized Rolling MassagePurple$$$$3.5
All in one foot spa bath massager with rolling massage, heat, HF vibration, O2 bubbles, digital time and temperature control LED display FBD720Purple$$$3.5
Ivation Multifunction Foot Spa - Heated Bath with Vibration, Rollers, Bubble Massage & Aromatherapy - Digital Temperature Control LED Display - Includes 3 Pedicure AttachmentsBlue$$$4
Inomata Foot Detox Massage Spa Bucket, PinkPink$4
Dr. Scholl's Invigorating Pedicure Foot SpaPurple$$4
Conair Foot Spa with Vibration and HeatPink$$$4
All in one foot spa bath massager w/ heat, HF vibration, O2 bubbles, red light MS0809MWhite$$$$4.5
Conair Waterfall Foot Spa with Lights, Bubbles, and HeatBlue$$4.5
HoMedics FB- 600 Foot Salon Pro Pedicure Spa with HeatBlue$$$$5
Carepeutic Ozone Waterfall Foot and Leg Spa Bath Massager, 20 PoundRed$$$$$5

10. Kendal FBD2535 Deep Foot and Leg Spa Bath Massager with Motorized Rolling Massage

To kick off our best foot spa review is the Kendal brand. This device has a motorized rolling massage, heating system, bubbles that massage your feet, water fall and also digital gauge to measure the temperature. This machine has it all built in. It has a deep tank that reaches all the way up to your calf as well.

The water fall allows nearly your entire leg to be part of the massage therapy. It also has integrated heating device to keep the temperature constant. It is made of good quality that will last a long time and has insulation as well. It’s a nice looking device as well and always a great machine to have around the house!

9. All in one foot spa bath massager with rolling massage, heat, HF vibration

Next up in our best foot bath list is another all in one device that has it all. This machine uses quality materials and has a great heating semiconductor that is capable of maintaining a constant temperature and also insulated all around. It is capable of a rolling massage that’s built into the base of the bath and has great vibration capability as well.

The temperature display at the top also displays exactly what program you’re on, what temperature you can set it at and what other options there are. This is considered a heating therapy foot bath with massaging capabilities and also bubbles that help with your blood circulation by stimulating your legs.

8. Ivation Multifunction Foot Spa – Heated Bath with Vibration, Rollers, Bubble Massage & Aromatherapy

The Ivation brand is next up in our line. This heated foot bath is a great combo which has all sorts of functions such as vibration, rollers, bubble massage and aroma therapy too. This is perfect for those who spend all day standing up at their job and have very sore feet. You just pop your feet and let the rest of worries be taken care of by the foot bath.

This is also a heated foot bath which helps with the relaxation process of your feet which is very important. It also has great bubbles that are jetted onto your feet which help as a massaging agent and also receive stress. The LED display has all the information you need to activate and maintain the device!

7. Inomata Foot Detox Massage Spa Bucket, Pink

The Inomata is a very basic foot detox bath. This is specifically aimed at those who can’t have massages as it irritates their feet or they have very fragile and sensitive feet. In this case, this foot bath is perfect for you.

This foot detox machine is perfect for those who just want to lay their feet in warm water with specific bath salts and exfoliators acting on them. This is super affordable and very easy to operate as you just need to fill it with hot water and add the specific salts and aroma therapy oils necessary!

6. Dr. Scholl’s Invigorating Pedicure Foot Spa

From the extremely popular and experts in foot therapy comes the Dr. Scholl’s pedicure foot bath. This is definitely a worthy contender in our best foot spa list as this has a lot options available such as soothing massages, the jets which provides bubbles to your feet and a smart heating feature which they refer to as smart heat.

The stones at the bottom which help soften the heel are also removable and exchangeable so you never have to worry about running out of it. The massager at the bottom helps tired and exhausted feet come back to life by stimulating the circulation. This is a great fantastic and beautiful looking foot bath!

5. Conair Foot Spa with Vibration and Heat

The Conair brand is next up in our list. This device is a great foot bath as it has a technology which they call toe touch control, which allows you to control the foot spa with your toes! This is super handy as it means you can just put your feet in and watch tv and not need to look down at all while you watch tv.

It comes with attachments which help with the massaging and also a splash guard to avoid spillage anywhere. This is fantastic for pedicures as it helps your feet relax and become very soft so you can cut your nails and cuticles away very easily and pain free!

4. All in one foot spa bath massager w/ heat, HF vibration, O2 bubbles, red light MS0809M

This all in one for spa has it all. It comes in fourth in our best foot bath review and is here rightfully. This device uses a heating semiconductor to maintain the speed and heating evenly distributed at constant temperatures. It has three different varying programs which help with the vibration frequency and the bubbles.

It is very elegant looking and has all in one functionality including massage therapy, jet streams that blast bubbles which help your feet relax and become oxygenated. Lastly, it also helps with the circulation of the blood in your feet as it helps stimulate it!

3. Conair Waterfall Foot Spa with Lights, Bubbles, and Heat

This Conair Waterfall Foot Spa is a fantastic other product from Conair which also features their patented toe touch control which helps activate the waterfall, bubbles on high or low and the heat feature all with the touch of your toes. This means you never have to bend down once your stick your feet in.

The foot spa also has a waterfall function which helps promote extra relaxation. The bottom is nonslip so you can be sure you’ll never slip incase you need to stand up for whatever reason. A great product with many features which help keep your feet warm all the while inside the foot bath!

2. HoMedics FB- 600 Foot Salon Pro Pedicure Spa with Heat

In second in our list of best foot spas is the HoMedics. This product is a massaging magic device with vibrating effects and also oxygenating bubbles which help soothe and relax and your muscles open up. It’s a very pleasant experience and perfect for the pedicure as it helps soften up your skin and cuticles.

It has a multitude of pressure rollers which helps massage your feet and provide them with a nice circulation. This also makes sure that the blood is moving fairly around and ease the pain and soreness on your feet.

1. Carepeutic Ozone Waterfall Foot and Leg Spa Bath Massager, 20 Pound

Our best rated product and Amazon’s best seller in our list of best foot spa is the Carepeutic Ozone. This comes highly recommended has it helps with its hyperthermia therapy which helps with circulation, pain, soreness and also help with rejuvenation of your feet. This is perfect for those looking for a relaxing home foot spa experience.

It comes with rolling massages that help the circulation of your feet and the jets and air bubbles help oxygenate the skin. This will surely improve your feet and the skin thereof. It also comes with a herbal bag container which you can attach to ensure for a nice aroma therapy session. Get your’s now!

Taking care of your feet is important, check out our other products wellness and beauty treatments as well! If you’re all about the comfort, you might be amazed by this review as it has changed many peoples lives! Say goodbye to backpain and stress and hello to comfort and relaxation!