10 Best Electric Wheelchair 2017

top 10 best electric wheelchair

In this day and age it has become increasingly apparent that a lot of people are facing difficulties in their day to day life when it comes to traveling. That’s why it’s important to be aware of the best electric wheelchair. Wheelchairs have made it possible for those who have difficulties walking due to injury or disease to roam about freely on their own.

Adding a level of independence, electric wheelchairs have become more and more common. Whether you are paralyzed due to an accident or incapable through an injury, wheelchairs have helped millions of people by allowing them to travel and be mobile, independently from needing help. This is definitely the most important part.

Electric wheelchairs are used by very famous people, who are accustomed to using the best electric wheelchair. Some examples include people like the very famous physicist Stephan Hawking, who faced a disease early in his years and is now able to communicate and travel with his electric wheelchair just by blinking.

This has given hope to those who feel left out and incapable of traveling. Wheelchairs are also becoming a lot more portable so you can just fold them up and put them in your car when you need to travel longer distances. This has made it extremely convenient to own and operate a lightweight electric wheelchair. Please read on for more information!

What Type of Electric Wheelchair Are There?

Electric wheelchairs are available in a few different varieties. The first being the normal seated wheelchair, which allows you to sit down and be comfortable while you move around. However, lately companies have been producing wheelchairs which allow you to add a level of recline so you can be comfortable on your back when traveling in a wheelchair.

Moreover, there’s also all terrain wheelchair which allow you to travel on all sort of terrain, from grass to rock to cement. This is very important to know if you are planning to roam in different terrain. Most wheelchairs are not capable of using all terrain. Only the best electric wheelchair is capable of traveling on all terrain.

Benefits of Best Electric Wheelchair

The benefits are plentiful in that you can use the best electric wheelchair to become highly active in your day to day life, without having to rely on family and friends to move you around. This adds a level of independence in your life, which you may have felt you were lacking. A great choice indeed to allow yourself to become mobile!

Downsides of Electric Wheelchair

The downsides are not many, however we have concluded that perhaps, the most important aspect is the battery. It’s important to understand how far you can travel with your wheelchair. This means you need to know whether your folding power wheelchair is capable of long distance or short distance. Another issue may be storage, if you don’t get a folding electric wheelchair. Read on to find out about the ten best electric wheelchair around!

Top 10 Best Electric Wheelchair Comparison Table

PictureTitleWeightPriceRating (1-5)
Forcemech Power Wheelchair - Navigator, Electric Folding Mobility Aid59 lbs$$$$$3.5
GO-GO Ultra X 4-wheel Electric Travel Scooter Red Pride Mobility SC44X78.8 lbs$$3.5
Pride Go-Chair Travel Power Wheelchair150 lbs$$$4
Forcemech Power Wheelchair - Voyager, Electric Folding Mobility Aid46 lbs$$$$4
Giantex Lightweight 55 lbs only Heavy Duty Supports 330 lbs Aluminum Foldable Wheelchair Electric Power Propelled Portable55 lbs$$$4
Merits Health Products - POWER PACKAGE ($500 VALUE) - Vision CF - Front Wheel Drive Power Chair - 18"W x 16"D - Red154 lbs$$$4
Upgraded Compact Mid - Wheel Power Chair Color: Burgundy108.8 lbs$$$4.5
NEW Electric Wheelchair Aluminum Alloy Portable Reliable Compact Travel Medical Scooter72.8 lbs$$$4.5
KD SMART CHAIR50.lbs$$$$5
EZ Lite Cruiser Personal Mobility Aid50 lbs$$$$5

10. Forcemech Power Wheelchair – Navigator, Electric Folding Mobility Aid

To kick off our best electric wheelchair review is by Forcemech. This is the Forcemech Power Wheelchair – Navigator. This is a really sturdy product and comes with two lithium ion batteries which allow it to travel up to 16 miles.

It can support a person up to 397 lbs, which makes it very rigid. Very portable and lightweight electric wheelchair, this device weighs only 59 pounds. It’s a great and tough wheelchair for those looking for something very reliable and know won’t fail them!

9. GO-GO Ultra X 4-wheel Electric Travel Scooter Red Pride Mobility SC44X

Next up is the GO-GO Ultra X 4-wheel Electric Travel Scooter Red Pride Mobility SC44X. This is another great mobile electric wheelchair. Weighing in at 78 lbs, it is considered a lightweight electric wheelchair. It is available in two colors!

Moreover, it is capable of carrying and supporting up to 260 lbs. The battery is also quite good, allowing you travel for quite a distance. This is considered a very reliable on all sorts of terrain, some might even call it an all terrain wheelchair. Great product and great value for money. Be sure to check it out!

8. Pride Go-Chair Travel Power Wheelchair

In number eight for our best electric wheelchair is the Pride Go-Chair. This is a great sturdy wheelchair that can support up to 300 lbs, if you are looking for this. It can travel 3.7 mph, which is quite quick and nimble.

Customers are very pleased with this wheelchair, as it allows them to travel even within tight places due to its small turning radius. Great mobility and comfort combined into one single chair. This is perfect for the elderly or people who have issues with their legs.

7. Forcemech Power Wheelchair – Voyager, Electric Folding Mobility Aid

One of the most lightweight electric wheelchairs we’ve come across is the Forcemech Voyager. This is consider an ultra lightweight electric wheelchair, weighing only 46 lbs! However, with its ultra portability, it can still support up to 265 lbs. The folding power wheelchair is also easy to fold up and pop into your car.

It can travel up to 25 miles with two batteries fully charged and installed. It also abides by air traveling guidelines, which is perfect if you are planning to fly with this wheelchair. This is definitely great value for money from this wheelchair!

6. Giantex Aluminum Foldable Lightweight Electric Wheelchair

In sixth place for our best electric wheelchair is by the Giantex brand. This is a very lightweight electric wheelchair weighing only at 55 lbs. However, don’t let this fool as it is a heavy duty chair capable of supporting a person who weighs up to 330 lbs! Remarkable aluminum builds allows it to be extremely sturdy.

It’s also very lightweight and easily folding electric wheelchair. This allows it to be stored very easily in your car and home. The battery needs 6-8 hours of charging, which you can do over night while you’re asleep. Driving range is up to 12 miles on a single charge.

5. Merits Health Products – Power Package

The Merits Health Products electric wheelchair is a capable wheelchair for those who are slightly larger. This wheelchair is capable of carrying a person up to 300 lbs. It has detachable and adjust armrests. Likewise, the back and seat covers are removable for easy cleaning. It’s a semi-recliner with up to an angle of 135.

The footrest is able to flip up for easy storage. It’s quite a compact wheelchair as well with a max speed of 4 miles. This makes it a great wheelchair for those looking for a safe way to travel. You can of course store it in your SUV as well!

4. Upgraded Compact Mid – Wheel Power Chair Color: Burgundy

In fourth place for our best electric wheelchair review is by the CTM Homecare brand. This is a great burgundy colored electric wheelchair. This is a comfortable all terrain wheelchair. With its upholstered back, the mid-back seat is adjustable with a headrest and a safety belt to ensure the safety of the carrier.

It has an extendable and three angle adjustable footrest, and the armrests are of course adjustable as well. This is a great product recommended by medical professional for those looking for a comfortable electric wheelchair.

3. MobileCare Electric Wheelchair Aluminum Alloy Portable Reliable Compact Travel Medical Scooter

Next up is the MobileCare electric wheelchair. This is a very convenient and versatile wheelchair which is assembled with aluminum and is also a folding electric wheelchair. The seat is made of breathable bottom and back cushions, and has removable railing.It’s very lightweight at 72.8 lbs.

This lightweight electric wheelchair can be operated in two ways: either electrically by the person sitting in it, or it can be pushed manually by hand. The wheels are of rubber and it has a weight capacity of 220 lbs for the person who will be sitting in it. It also comes with a year long warranty.


One of the more luxurious folding lightweight wheelchair around, this one by KD Smart Chair weighs a mere 50 pounds only and can literally fit anywhere. It folds shut in just a matter of seconds and you can easily fit in most, if not all, vehicles.

The battery is also very capable with it being able to transport up to 15 miles in one charge. The best feature of course is that its a folding electric wheelchair and lightweight as well. This is cleared by the FDA 510K medical department. A fantastic purchase!

1. EZ Lite Cruiser Personal Mobility Aid

In number one for our best electric wheelchair review is the EZ Lite Cruiser Personal Mobility Aid. This is a very lightweight electric wheelchair and it is also a folding power wheelchair. The turning radius is quite small of only 29.5 inches, which allows you to get around tight corners very easily.

The lithium ion battery allows for over 10 miles on a single charge. You can additionally attach a secondary battery and have over 20 miles of driving power. It’s quite affordable, and you don’t need a lift for your car either. At 50 pounds, this is very lightweight. This is definitely one of the better electric wheelchairs out there! Get your’s now!

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