10 Best Spinning Reel 2017

top 10 best spinning reel

Fishing has been part of man’s activities for as long as we can track history. Obviously the first purpose was to feed and nourish ourselves. However we’ve started to enjoy fishing as a sport as well. But in order to catch the greatest and most amount of fish you need the best equipment and most importantly the best spinning reel.

A spinning reel is almost as important to a fishing rod as the heart to a human body. It’s the centre piece that holds it all together. The stronger and more powerful it is, the more efficient and effective it will work.  Although there are many other parts that can make or improve your fishing rod, this review will focus on just one fishing gear accessory.

What Type of Spinning Reels Are There?

Spinning reels can obviously come in a huge variety of qualities. There are proper professional rods that range very highly in prices. Alternatively there are also very basic ones. But there are also certain rods which are for left or right handed people. Then of course there are high speed spinning reels, baitcasting and spincaster ones. There are obviously standard ones as well as others which are better or more resistant to salt water.

Whatever fishing reel you’re looking to get, there certainly is the right one for each type of fishing you’re planning on doing. If you’re more of a casual fisher then you don’t need to get something for people that like sport fishing.

Benefits of Best Spinning Reel

Spinning reels really help in numerous ways. We’ve long surpassed the basic fishing techniques and spinning reels have become an essential part to fishing. The best spinning reel will ultimately increase various things, such as quicker handling or a more natural movement of the bait.

These days we don’t have to sit for hours until a fish swims by and throw a spear at it hoping we’ve caught it. The rods we can purchase today have gone through years of improvements and a lot of accessories can be bought to improve these. However you’ll find that there’s a reel attached to nearly all of them.

Downsides of Spinning Reels

 If you don’t know how to handle a spinning reel it can become a bit complicated. It is advised to work your way up to better models if you’re new to fishing. Although they may seem very innocent and basic, there’s actually a lot of technique involved to handling a spinning reel perfectly. The best fishing reels need years of knowledge. But once you master them, you’ll have a basket full of fish in no time!

Top 10 Best Spinning Reel Comparison Table

PictureNameLeft/ Right HandPriceRating (1-5)
Okuma Azores Saltwater Spinning ReelLeft$$2.5
Penn Battle II Spinning ReelRight$$3
Okuma Citrix Lightweight Low Profile Baitcast ReelBoth$$3.5
Okuma Fishing Tackle Helios Extremely Lightweight Spinning Reel Left$$3.5
Okuma Coldwater 350 Low Profile Linecounter ReelBoth$$4
Okuma Citrix Large Capacity 350 Size Low Profile Baitcaster with Paddle Handle Both$$4
Okuma Cedros High Speed Spinning ReelLeft$$$4
Okuma Citrix Large Capacity 350 Size Low Profile Baitcaster with Power HandleBoth$$$4.5
Okuma Fishing Tackle HS-273VLXa Helios Extremely Lightweight Low Profile Bait Caster ReelLeft$$$4.5
PENN Spinfisher V Spinning ReelRight$$$5

10. Okuma Azores Saltwater Spinning Reel 

The Okuma Azores is perfect for the sea. It is a high quality salt water spinning reel and made out of the best materials for long lasting and durable quality. If you plan on fishing a lot this reel will keep you company for decades! With numerous tests and popularity around the world you can be sure this reel is the real deal!

It has a precision dual force drag system and other special settings to help you go the extra mile. You’ll definitely catch near enough anything you set your mind to using it. Of course made out of stainless steel and it even comes with a anti-reverse roller system.

9. Penn Battle II Spinning Reel 

The Penn Battle II spinning reel has a bearing count of 6. That way you’ll have a smooth release of the string and event he fastest fish won’t be able to escape your skills. The entire body is made out of metal as well as the rotor and sideplate. Of course it also comes with a anti-reverse bearing which is instant!

The Penn Battle is great for intermediates as well as experts. It’s nothing too fancy but it has the quality you’d like any equipment to have, if you’re planning on having long lasting tools. It definitely delivers as promised.

8. Okuma Citrix Lightweight Low Profile Baitcast Reel 

Okuma is by far the leader of the reel industry and all of their reels have a remarkable quality. Fishermen around the world adore their products and it’s easy to see why. The Citrix Lightweight has an aluminium frame around its cast and the gear ratio is a solid 7.3:1!

It has a multi-disc composite drag system and a staggering 8 bearing count (which of course are stainless steel balls). It is worth mentioning that it also includes a micro-click drag star for those of you who like to be precise.

7. Okuma Fishing Tackle Helios Extremely Lightweight Spinning Reel 

If you’re not a fan of weight and like to have things a bit lighter, you’re probably worried about how fragile reels are. Usually lightweights break because they haven’t got enough material to be solid and long lasting. This model by Okuma however has a C40-X carbon frame, sideplate and rotor. So although it is as light as a feather it can take quite a bit of damage!

It really is one of the best spinning reel models you can get your hands on and is not to be underestimated. It’s one of the mode popular models out there. The main gear is also AlumiLite alloy to keep the theme of being one of the lightest reels out there with excellent quality!

6. Okuma Coldwater 350 Low Profile Linecounter Reel 

If you’re looking for something solid and rich in quality this is your reel! With a carnonite drag system and multiple disks, this is definitely one of the finest reels. It is one of the best reels for trolling and it works incredibly smooth. This may be due to its 3BB and 1RB ball bearings, which are made of stainless steel.

Apart from looking amazing and having a flawless mechanical background, you’ll also find that it comes with a line counter function. This will help you measure the feet and also has a clear view anti-fogging technology. The ergo grip handle knobs will make sure you never let go and reel in those fish!

5. Okuma Citrix Large Capacity 350 Size Low Profile Baitcaster with Paddle Handle 

As with any Okuma reel you have the finest quality. Just one look at the reel and you know that this isn’t a toy. With 8 stainless steel ball bearings and a total weight of 11oz. it definitely shouldn’t fall into anyones hands. This is something for real fishermen and women. A top notch aluminium frame on its cast as well as the side plates.

It can carry a total of 25 lbs drag due to its multiple disc drag system which is made out of carbonite completely. Besides all the numerous technical benefits it also looks incredibly powerful and luxurious. Almost like a Lamborghini for your fishing gear!

4. Okuma Cedros High Speed Spinning Reel

The reel is one of the most ergonomic ones out there and it has an incredibly smooth feeling once you start using it. Due to the amazing stainless steel high quality, you can catch some really heavy fish with this reel. Although it may look a bit of an attraction seeking reel it actually performs a lot better than most expect it to do!

It comes with a patented Elliptical Oscillation system and it is great for any type of angler. It’s got a great handling and if you take good care of it you will be able to make this reel last for a lifetime, even in the harshest salt water!

3. Okuma Citrix Large Capacity 350 Size Low Profile Baitcaster with Power Handle 

The top third best spinning reel is another one manufactured by Okuma. This may come as no surprise to most of you. However the Citrix Large with power handle is very similar to the paddle handle. The difference being that the power handle seem to give a bit of sturdier feeling to it and many have said that it feels more powerful.

This may be explained due to the better grip you get when using a power handle compared to the paddle one. The technicalities are almost identical, with 6.4:1 gear ration, 11 oz. weight and 8 ball bearings of the stainless steel kind of course.

2. Okuma Fishing Tackle HS-273VLXa Helios Extremely Lightweight Low Profile Bait Caster Reel 

The second you get this fishing reel in your hand, you feel like you got something really solid in your hands thanks to the entire metal frame and side plates. Additionally you’ll find that it has a very smooth feel to it. You could easily get around 40-50 yards with it plus it feels extremely light as the name suggests.

If you’re new to baitcasting this is the perfect way to get training as it is a very user friendly reel. Even professionals have said this to be one of the best reels on the market. So whether you’re still new to fishing or very advanced, you will be happy either way with this reel as it is very user friendly and incredibly effective!

1. PENN Spinfisher V Spinning Reel 

At the number one spot we have the PENN Spinfisher which really is the best fishing reel with an incredibly affordable price tag. People around the world have said that even with a little extra cash they wouldn’t want to get any other reel. It is powerful, solid, fast and effective!

It also makes near enough no sound at all and has a touch which is as smooth as silk! With this fine tuned reel you can have a lot of fun and concentrate your mind on fishing rather than working the reel. Finally it is a perfectly balanced reel and it really is perfect especially with the price it’s being sold at!

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