10 Best Inline Skates 2017

top 10 best inline skates

Everyone enjoys the sensation of riding the best inline skates. It gives you a feeling of freedom and childhood memories rise up. Inline skating can be a professional sport, a part time activity or a good workout. Some people even choose inline skating as a way to get to around and commuting.

Whichever type of skating you would like to engage, it is still highly important to choose a pair of the best inline skates. Doing so will prevent you from injuring yourself and you can get the best and most efficient way to use them. Of course safety is always the number one concern but it shouldn’t prevent you from moving about freely with them.

What Type of Skates are There?

Inline skates typically have between two and five wheels aligned up in one row. This is quite a different formation compared to the more traditional roller skates which have four wheels with two on the front and two in the back aligned side by side. Some of these inline skates breaks are positioned in the back.

These breaks are a block of thick rubber that you press against the floor with one of your feet.

Of course there are different types of every piece of inline skates for the type of activity you want to partake. If you’re planning to train your ice-hockey skills during the summer and outside, or just want to do some entertaining cardio, there are various components you may want to change compared to a all-rounded skate.

Benefits of Best Inline Skates

As you use the best inline skates, you will instantly notice the support your ankles receive from the skates themselves. Although skating takes a while to master you can still easily injure the ankles within seconds on cheap inline skates. Besides the stability and safety, you will also notice the performance improvements.

The greater skates will usually have better bearings in the wheels, better wheels, stronger durability and overall better constructions and designs. Of course there’s a higher price range for this type of set but it all comes down to what type of skates you’re looking for. There are certainly very affordable models for everyone.

Downsides of Inline Skates

One of the major concerns of most parents, is the safety of a child. Even when buying the safest pair of inline skates, there’s a high risk of the eventual crash or fall. The best way to avoid injuries is to buy some inline skates protective gear along the skates themselves.

This could include: a helmet, some knee pads as well as elbow pads and also some wrist guards. That way a fall will be dramatically filtered and the damage is pretty painless. Bruises and cuts will be history. However caution should still be advised. In case you are looking for skates for adults, the protective gear obviously comes in all sizes.

Top 10 Best Inline Skates Comparison Table

PictureNameFeaturePriceRating (1-5)
K2 Skate Men's V02 100 X Pro Inline SkatesRemovable Breaks/ Long durability$$$2.5
Rollerblade Spitfire LX ALU Adjustable Kids Inline SkatesGrowable$$3
Rollerblade Macroblade 80 Alu 16 All Purpose SkateAnkle Room$$3
Bauer RH X400R Skate SRHockey Specialized$$$$3.5
Mission Inhaler AC3 Senior Inline Hockey Skates Hockey Specialized$$$$$3.5
Alkali RPD Lite+ Inline Skates [JUNIOR]Lightweight$$$3.5
Alkali Hockey CA3 Roller SkateAll Ages$$$4
Mission Inhaler AC2 Senior Inline Hockey SkatesTough$$$$$4.5
Tour Hockey Thor G-l Goalie Inline Hockey SkateMaximum Support$$$$4.5
Tour Fish BoneLite Pro Inline Hockey SkatesPerfect fit/ Professional$$$$$5

10. K2 Skate Men’s V02 100 X Pro Inline Skates

These alien green inline skates by K2 are really top of the line. Whether you’re planning to use them to commute or for exercising, these are really great and made out of the best materials. When it comes to skates, K2 rollerblades are one of the more recognizable brands in the industry.

Having said that, you can always trust the brand to construct the best possible skates there are. The Breaks at the back can be removed if you please to do so. The color may shock people at first but apart from that the design and speed really doesn’t let you down. A great pair of skates for those looking for long lasting quality.

9. Rollerblade Spitfire LX ALU Adjustable Kids Inline Skates

If you want your kids to get a cool pair of skates, these are a great start! Not only do they look very cool, they also have adjustable features. So if something doesn’t seem to be the way it should you can change it yourself. For instance, if you’d like them to have faster or higher quality bearings you can do so at will.

Usually it can get annoying for kids to purchase items that they can outgrow. These inline skates however are part of the best inline skates simply because they let you grow with them. Of course it will come to a certain extend where growth is inevitably to the size but they still last a while. Great all-rounders for kids!

8. Rollerblade Macroblade 80 Alu 16 All Purpose Skate

If you are planning to find something that you can ride with but don’t want to damage them or yourself if you do one jump, the Macroblade Rollerblades may be what you’re looking for. Besides the comfortable feel they are very flexible in their stability and performance.

The ride feels smooth, yet may be a bit fast for someone who’s just starting out. As for the fit, the ankles feel protected and tucked in, yet it gives them a comfortable space and it doesn’t feel too tight on your feet. These are primarily designed for women but men have said to bought them too and been satisfied.

7. Bauer RH X400R Skate SR

When it comes to finding inline skated for hockey purposes, you may want to look at an excellent pair such as these. The Bauer RH x400R feel incredibly comfortable letting you forget about the great support and ankle padding it has. The ride with these also feel very smooth.

Typically with roller hockey skates, these too don’t have any breaks in the back. They are designed for hockey breaking motions. Once you take these off, you won’t feel any irritation or sore pain around your feet due to the comfortableness. You’ll find that there’s a great grip with these as well.

6. Mission Inhaler AC3 Senior Inline Hockey Skates 

If you’re into extreme details and want some high performance for hockey related skates these are definitely the pair you want to purchase. All the way from the different materials used on these skates, down to the comfort levels, these are definitely one of the best inline skates for hockey related activities.

Although it’s not a must, they strongly suggest to perform a heat fitting, when unpacking and wearing these for the first time. Once done, these will feel like a very comfortable pair of sneakers and you could literally wear them the entire day without any discomfort.

5. Alkali RPD Lite+ Inline Skates [JUNIOR]

A very common problem for outdoor roller skates, especially when looking and lower or cheaper quality skates, is that they weigh quite a bit. Not only does that tire you out quicker when riding them but it’s also tedious to carry them around when they’re not strapped on your feet.

The great thing about the best roller skates is that they are usually made out of quality materials and feel light at the same time. That is exactly what you’ll get with these Alkali’s and they will also keep a nice breeze at your feet. Many people overlook these because of how cheap they are but they’re actually great!

4. Alkali Hockey CA3 Roller Skate

Compared to all the top brands and highest quality skates featured which are mainly designed for hockey and heavy impacts for that matter, these are a bit different. They may not protect you as well as heavy duty hockey skates, but as speed roller blades they are perfect.

Again we’d like to stress that these aren’t professional level skates, but you can easily ride them off road and play some hockey games with these. Although the roller skate accessories have no limits, this model already has pretty much amazing quality stuff for it’s price. Memory foam ankle pads, Abec 7 bearings with Labeda shooting wheels and much more!

3. Mission Inhaler AC2 Senior Inline Hockey Skates

Straight from the start, we highly advise you not to get these if you’re planning to use them as off road rollerblades. The reason being, that they won’t last. This is not due too the skates but rather the wheels. The good news however, is that with any professional roller skates, you can actually customize them.

However, these are primarily designed for indoor hockey. So if you’re serious about the sport these are one of the best models. They are built to take a beating and will last for a very long time, even with extensive use! Finally, although they look heavy and protect well, these are very light!

2. Tour Hockey Thor G-l Goalie Inline Hockey Skate

Once again another magnificent pair that offers a very cool look and offers the most professional roller skates experience you can get. Riding on these will be very smooth and comfortable. The support the skates offer doesn’t get much better than this.

As this is a hockey designed roller skate, the support and safety of the shoes are very important. Obviously you can use these as outdoor roller skates as well as indoors. The roller skates wheels are by THOR pro series and make a total of 59mm in thickness. If the puck ever hits your feet at full speed, you will barely feel a thing!

1. Tour Fish BoneLite Pro Inline Hockey Skates (Black) (Senior)

Whether you’re looking for mens roller skates or womens, one thing is clear, these are one of the finest and best rollerblades you can find. Whether you’re planing on just skating along for fun, or using them for sports purposes! They will fit perfectly and are incredibly comfortable, when heat fitted.

Even after continuous use and heavy handling, they won’t appear as old or look like used rollerblades. The only thing you should watch out for is the wheels as they can get dirty fairly quickly. This pair is a very professional pair and you can easily replace wheels if they tend to get used up too much.

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