10 Best PS4 Accessories 2017

the top 10 best ps4 accessories!

A true gamer most likely owns several consoles and a PC and has most likely played at least one game on every possible platform. However we always like to have that once console that we prefer compared to the rest. Because of that, we also like to specialize in certain games. Wether it is a FPS or a racing game, there’s always that one where friends can’t compete. However to be the best we also need to own the best equipment.

Gaming has become a sport these days, with things like major league gaming that host and encourage professional competing in video games. Many people participate in these events, often going with their friends and clan members. This can range from PC gaming to console gaming. People also enjoy video games from their couch, often kick backing with a nice video games after work.

Another great thing that has become a part of gaming is online gaming. With our internet becoming faster and faster, gaming has made its way online. You can play with anyone around the world, including friends and family that you may not see so often. This is also a great way to stay in touch with the people you care about! You can all enjoy online gaming together while catching up.

PlayStation has and console gaming in general has made this a lot easier for everyone to be able to participate in online games, as before it was limited to PC gaming, but with console games, it has become much more accessible to a bigger audience, allowing game developers to make great games that everyone can enjoy and love! For that reason this review will focus on the best PS4 accessories for all the PS4 lovers!

What Type of PS4 Accessories Are There?

Like the many different types of games, there are also many different types of accessories that you may or may not want to use as your gear. As some might only be compatible for some games, others can be used for every single game (such as headphones for instance). Don’t worry though because the below review will feature a variety of all so you will be covered for your genre!

We’ve covered the most popular, and these range from controllers to racks and driving wheels. The accessories really make the PS4 complete, as you can customize and buy different things that suit your need. For example, if you’d like to play two player with a friend, you’d most likely be interested in purchasing a second controller for your setup!

Benefits of Best PS4 Accessories

Have you ever felt like your skills could be better if you could only use have a better way to shift gears in a racing game of if you could hit the right combination of buttons to perform that ultimate punch, kick combination? Well with the best PS4 accessories you can perform these moves a lot easier as they are made to simplify gaming and stand out in the crowd. Great gear also simply makes gaming a lot more realistic and fun.

Moreover, the accessories can also help you organize your games, add extra chargers for your controllers, and the racing wheel is something that gives you a much more realistic driving experience, as you can basically enjoy and drive from the comfort of your living room! Hyper realistic racing simulators like Gran Turismo definitely achieve this and works best with these types of accessories.

Downsides of PS4 Accessories

Of course there are a ton of gaming accessories and equipment that really isn’t worth all the hassle or money. Some of these gadgets actually make the experience way worse. These could even ban you from certain games and are considered as cheating. To avoid this from happening simply do your research on sites like this one and read the description on the gear before purchasing a cheap controller that will break within the first week.

We’ve also made sure to exclude those types of accessories. Another thing to note is the build quality of poor products. This can result in a sub-optimal gaming experience, so be sure to always do your research on products so you know exactly what you’re purchasing!

 Top 10 Best PS4 Accessories Comparison Table

PictureNameGenre Of GamePriceRating (1-5)
Numskull - Tower & Dual Charger for Dualshock 4 ControllerAll$5
HORI Full HD Monitor for PlayStation 4All$$$$4.5
Forza Designs - Best PS4 Wall MountAll$4.5
GAEMS M240 Professional Gaming MonitorAll$$$$4
Openwheeler Racing Wheel Stand Cockpit Red/BlackAll$$$4.5
Thrustmaster VG T300RS Officially Licensed PS4/PS3 Force Feedback Racing WheelRacing$$$4
Logitech G Driving Force Shifter (941-000119)Racing$4.5
Mad Catz Street Fighter V Arcade FightStick TE2+ for PlayStation4 and PlayStation3Fighting Arcade$$4.5
HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset for PC & PS4All$4.5
DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4 - Jet BlackMost (except specials like guitar hero)$5

10. Numskull – Tower & Dual Charger for Dualshock 4 Controller

Which gamer hasn’t experienced this problem? Disks out of the box and controllers empty when needed the most. The Numskull will eliminate both issues at the same time. Simply store your games away neatly and organized while charging two controllers at the same time! Next time you want to own some friends quickly throw in the game without looking for it and launch it with fully loaded controllers!

A must have for any gamer really! This will definitely save you time and also help you organize everything. It’s a super handy accessory for the PS4 as it’s multifunctional and useful. A great product to kick off our best ps4 accessories review.

9. HORI Full HD Monitor for PlayStation 4

Are you addicted to gaming? Don’t want to miss out on gaming on the go or would you like to take your gaming up to the next level? This Monitor from HORI is not only full HD but it can also be mounted straight onto you your PS4! And yes it does include speakers and it is completely portable. I think this proves that we’ve stepped up the gaming lifestyle and we’re living in the future!

Time to travel and game at the same time! This will make portable gaming on a full blown console a lot easier. You can take it with you everywhere and never miss a second of gaming. This can also be a viable option if you’re living in a dorm room and are limited on space!

8. Forza Designs – Best PS4 Wall Mount

Although is isn’t an in game accessory it still makes the list as it is exclusively for PS4 and many gamers have never heard of this before. Ever felt like all the consoles and gadgets under the TV are just taking over too much space? How about pinning your PS4 right next to your TV on the wall? Not only does it look a lot slicker it also frees your clutter and cable mess!

This not only makes it a cleaner look but it will also help with ventilation! Your PS4 will be able to breathe better and thus extend its life, if it’s not overheating. This is definitely something to consider and that’s why we believe it’s in this list!

7. GAEMS M240 Professional Gaming Monitor

Do you live quality? And are you a fan of that crystal clear full high definition graphics that the new games bring out? Well in that case make sure your monitor displays only the highest of quality for that extra crisp and clear image in video games. The GAEMS monitor specializes in exactly that. This is a monitor for high end games and it makes sure you feel like you’re inside the game with its 4 integrated speakers rather than just sitting in front of an awesome monitor.

This monitor has minimum delay, lag and latency so you’re receiving the full real time experience. Some TVs add a post processing layer on top, and this can cause lag to your gaming experience. This is definitely not something you want, as it can completely throw you off your gaming experience, if what you’re inputting into the controller is being delayed on the screen!

6. Openwheeler Racing Wheel Stand Cockpit Red/Black

Although this is aimed for racing and should be combined with other add on features like the below Thrustmaster racing wheel and pedals, you can use this chair for any other game. However the ultimate racing experience is only fully accomplished when sat in that chair with the full gear. It really feels like you own an arcade at home or a super car.

Hop in and start your engine! This racing wheel is perfect for racing games, such as need for speed, but especially great with driving simulators, like Gran Turismo. Pair this with one of the monitors on this list and you’ve got yourself a racing simulator right in your living room!

5. Thrustmaster VG T300RS Officially Licensed PS4/PS3 Force Feedback Racing Wheel

Although racing is fun on any console with a controller, there is no comparison to use a wheel and pedals. Instead of risking your life outside on the road, make your virtual racing career a more believable one by using the Thrustmaster Racind Wheel. It feels so real that you might assume you’re outside on the actual road. Make sure to wear a helmet in case you crash because it might just feel too real!

The wheel and the pedals paired together give you a fantastic gaming experience. It’s a great way to enjoy driving games, and will be one of the better experiences you can have on your PS4 with this great accessory. The Thrustmaster is a very reputable brand and they’ve always made great ps4 accessories and this one is no different!

4. Logitech G Driving Force Shifter (941-000119)

Do you like racing games but find that automatic is the only option for you as the button combination on your controller is just too confusing to drive in gear mode? No problem… the Logitech Shifter is the perfect addition. Mount this gear on your desk securely and start racing like in a real car. Solid steel will make sure the adrenalin sweat doesn’t get in the way or your victory!

This shifter is modeled after a real gear shift and uses great materials to give you a legitimate shifter. The cool steel will replicate the feeling you have when using a real shifter in a real car! This is a must have for the racing aficionados. Together with the racing wheel and cockpit, you will become an unstoppable racing master!

3. Mad Catz Street Fighter V Arcade FightStick TE2+ for PlayStation4 and PlayStation3

Arcade type of fighting games are incredibly fun to play but can be very tough to master. There are endless combinations of fighting moves and only the best know how to execute them. But the only way to fully master them would be to own an arcade at home. This however is now possibly with the Mad Catz Arcade FightStick! Mad Catz has been a trusted accessory company for playstation since forever and always deliver quality!

Who doesn’t love the arcade aspect of this great ps4 accessory. A lot of us experienced our first gaming experience in an arcade! Before games and consoles became commercialized, this is how most of us would enjoy games! Why not simulate that experience at home with this arcade stick and button accessory!

2. HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset for PC & PS4

If you’ve never played a game with a headset before, this will completely change your view on gaming. Especially with the HyperX Cloud II your opponents stand no chance. Try playing an online shooter like Call of Duty for instance and see if anyone dares to sneak up on you from behind. Any small sound like grenades dropping or knives thrown will be picked up instantly and you can defend your team!

This is great for talking with your friends and family, and also with online games in general! You can use this to chat with anybody. But this is also a fantastic accessory as it adds a great sound to your games! We often don’t realize how important the sound is until we try something like this! Game developers put a lot of effort in providing us with a great experience, and this is part of it.

1. DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4 – Jet Black

Naturally the controller produced and manufactured by Sony themselves landed on the number one spot. The DualShock controller is a must have and although you typically get one with the purchase of your PS4, no one ever even considered not to get a second one. A true gamer has at least 2 and possibly 3 for a great evening with some friends. This is a must have addition to your console!

The PS4 controller is probably the ultimate accessory! It’s a beautiful controller and the best controller designed by the PlayStation team every since the Ps2. The controller is very ergonomic and light and just a great all around accessory. It also has the great touchpad which can be used for drawing and typing, and it also features a motion sensor as well! Get your’s now!

A fan of gaming and consoles in general? Make sure not to miss out on these accessories either! Need a nice setup for streaming purposes? In that case you can’t live without these ring lights. Proper lighting makes all the difference.