10 Best Evening Clutch Bags 2017

the best Evening clutch bags for your next party!

Part of every woman’s accessories is their favorite purse or bag that they like to carry around with them at all times, wherever they go. That’s why it’s important to have the best evening clutch bags when the occasion suits. When you’re going out around daily, usually a purse is handier because you can carry more things with you. After all it’s important to carry your keys, phone, some make up and whatever other items you need on a regular basis.

Whereas, if you go to a fancy dinner party, an evening clutch bag is much more elegant and nonchalant.

Typically you don’t need excessive amounts of items on a night out or for a fancy dinner. You can just take your important cards, cash and even fit your smartphone in there for an elegant and exciting look. Be sure to check out our 10 best evening clutch bags to see what people have been purchasing lately and which you might like best yourself.

What Type of Evening Clutch Bags Are There?

There are a few different types of evening clutch bags, ranging from those that come with a strap that you can extend into a small purse, or those with a magnetic flap or with a zipper closing system. Although they mostly all vary in one way or another, the general look starts and ends with the petite look.

The variety is all dependent on personal preference. Along with that comes the colors and patterns and moreover the material, although we have covered mainly leather evening clutch bags. These type of bags are meant for a classy to playful look. Although it serves of some use, clutch bags are regarded as a fashion accessory. For instance, you wouldn’t put a second pair of shoes in them or carry around work documents.

Benefits of Best Evening Clutch Bags

The benefits is that clutch bags are very trendy and fashionable. Although small, they make up for in elegance and style. You can definitely pull it off one evening when you’re out for a dinner, while carrying just a few items that you deem necessary. Furthermore, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes so you know you’re not short of choice!

Regardless of your budget there will always be that one clutch bag you were looking for. You don’t always have to choose the most expensive one to have the nicest look and best material. However it’s well known that most fashion items increase in both areas the higher the price range. There are nonetheless great items in every price category and you can definitely find the best evening clutch bags suitable for your range.

Downsides of Evening Clutch Bags

The downsides of evening clutch bags is that they’re not huge. You won’t be able to fit everything in there, but that is side stepping the point of these! They’re meant to be small and the purpose is to carry only the bare essentials, so it feels like you’re not even carrying a bag. Maybe space for some lipstick, phone and some cards, but that should do it!

Of course carrying around a smaller item can get lost easier which is another downside. Some of these clutch bags don’t even come with anything to put across your shoulder or hold onto, so you’re forced to hold onto the bag itself for the entire evening which can be a bit annoying. Regardless of these downsides, it’s hard to say no to a perfect bag and therefore it’s a must to read on!

Top 10 Best Evening Clutch Bags Comparison Table

PictureNameColorPriceRating (1-5)
Buxton Heiress Organizer Clutch, Mahogany, One SizeBurgundy$$3.5
HOBO Vintage Lauren WalletRed$$$3.5
BMC Womens Creamy Beige Perforated Cut Out Pattern Gold Accent Background Foldover Pouch Fashion Clutch HandbagCream$4
Michael Kors Fulton Carryall Women's Leather WalletBeige$$$$4
Kate Spade New York Wellesley Printed Stacy (Black/Decobeige)Polka$$$4
Vera Bradley Zip ID Card Case (Heather)Flower$4
Fossil Ellis Wallet ClutchBrown$$$4.5
Rebecca Minkoff Sofia Clutch, Black/MultiBlack$$$$$4.5
Liebeskind Berlin Tabi, Indigo BlueBlue$$$5
Aldo Rochester, Black LeatherBlack$$5

10. Buxton Heiress Organizer Clutch

To kick off our list of evening clutch bags, we present the Buxton Heiress organizer clutch. This clutch is made of 100% real leather and has a snap closure mechanism system. It is a very light clutch with a leather finish. The all leather material obviously shows the quality behind the bag and offers a great firm feel to it.

Moreover, it has a debased logo on the front of the clutch and a rear logo on the coin pocket. This is a beautiful burgundy colored clutch bag for those who enjoy this authentic color. It almost gives us a look back into time and revives the 30’s with it’s simplistic yet classy look.

9. HOBO Vintage Lauren Wallet

The HOBO vintage Lauren wallet is a beautiful all leather evening clutch bag. This bag is a big favorite on Amazon and has a lot of customer reviews who are very pleased with this bag. HOBO has been carrying a lot of bags in their series.

This is a very confident and edgy trendy evening clutch bag that is sure to make you stand out amongst the crowd. It almost looks like a giant coin purse, which only makes it all the more perfect as an evening clutch bag. The look also goes with many outfits and because of its uniqueness many people admire this bag.

8. BMC Womens Perforated Cut Out Gold Accent Foldover Pouch Fashion Clutch Handbag

The BMC Womens Perforated Cut Out Gold Accent Foldover Pouch Fashion Clutch Handbag is next for our evening clutch bags. This is a very trendy cream colored clutch bag with a beautiful fold over mechanism. It’s very compact and light yet has spacious interior.

The bag is lined with textile on the inside while the outside has a print design. The closure system is with a zipper and also magnetic snap buttons. The zip puller has several playful and long strings attached to a metallic ball.

The design of the exterior is very unique and almost has a 60’s look to it. However the mixture of gold and rose makes it look very fashionable and trendy as well as incredibly modern.

7. Michael Kors Fulton Carryall Women’s Leather Wallet

In number seven for our best evening clutch bag review we have the Michael Kors Fulton Carryall Women’s Leather Wallet. This is a great leather waller with the famous MK monogram printed on it. The clutch bag is wallet flap style with the MK nameplate at the front. Moreover, it has a snap closure mechanism and a back slot for quick access.

This wallet fits full size bills and has a zippered coin pocket and slots to fit six of your cards. The interior is made of fabric and leather combination. The exterior however has a bit of a Gucci like look with it’s endless MK imprinted background.

Nevertheless Michael Kors is one of the most desired brands in recent years that offer a much more affordable price tag as well compared to the other elite fashion brands.

6. Kate Spade New York Wellesley Printed Stacy

Kate Spade has recently made a name for herself with the very cute and trendy evening clutch bags. They come in a variety of colors and forms. The one pictured is the polka dot version of the cute clutch. The New York Wellesley Printed are made of real leather and saffiano leather. This should reassure you that these bags are made nothing short but of quality and are definitely worth investing in.

A fantastic evening clutch bag with a zipper closure on top of the snap closure mechanism. The interior is lined with textile that features 13 slots for your cards, an ID window and 4 pockets for cash. Although this may not seem extremely roomy, it does have the average space you would expect one of the best evening clutch bags to have.

5. Vera Bradley Zip ID Card Case

Our next evening clutch bag is the trendy card holder clutch by Vera Bradley. This is a very handy little clutch for when you want to only carry your ID and some credit cards around. It makes organization a breeze with a nifty little window to show your ID.

Moreover, it’s very suitable to carry around cash as well amongst other cards and the bare necessities for when you go out! As you can maybe guess from it’s look, this is not your average clutch bag that you would want to bring on a fancy dinner or ball.

However if you’re more of a crazy person and/or love colors this is exactly what you want. Besides its practicality, it really gives you that expressionistic and individual look.

4. Fossil Ellis Wallet Clutch

The fossil brand is very well known and they make beautiful purses and clutch bags alike. This is the ellis wallet clutch, a great evening clutch bag. This is made of real leather and the interior is made of a textile lining. It has a snap closure mechanism.

Fossil is proud to have had a classic bag refreshed with the new clutch. Customers have said that this is very easy to carry around and put your phone and cards in there. Great bag with a beautiful design! If you’re a fan of darker colors and more of a introvert this is pretty much the bag for you. Practical and trendy are definitely the qualities best evening clutch bags should have and this one does!

3. Rebecca Minkoff Sofia Clutch

In third for best evening clutch bag review, we have the Rebecca Minkoff Sofia Clutch. This is a genuine leather clutch bag with a textile lining. It has a magnetic closing mechanism and beautiful colored tassels that hang from the rear side of the bag. These tassels are very cute and vary from red, green, blue, yellow as well as cream. When walking around they dandle and move around playfully.

The details on the bag interior is a zig zag shaped lining. Moreover, the clutch is very portable and even comes with a shoulder drop that you can hang over your shoulder in case you get tired of carrying it around. This is an obvious benefit as holding on to a clutch bag all evening can be very tedious let alone frustrating. Besides the tassels, the bag has a very minimalistic look to it.

If you’d remove these, it would have a unique but somewhat boring look. The colorful addition perfectly combines the sad and happy look, giving it an overall fashionable statement. Very lightweight and fashionable bag!

2. Liebeskind Berlin Tabi

The Liebeskind is a fantastic evening clutch bag. It’s very sleek and minimalistic and made 100% real leather. The lining is both leather and synthetic and it has a zipper as the closing mechanism. It comes with leather wristlet that you can hold on to. If you’re looking for something classy and not too flashy, there isn’t a better option for best evening clutch bags than this.

Whether you’re going out on a fancy dinner or just a social gathering like an art exhibition for instance, the bag just comes in perfectly.

The interior is lined with 4 pockets and 12 slots for your cards. It’s great for an evening event or running errands during the day as it’s very soft and comfortable to ‘clutch’ on to! It’s a must have in many ways. You get everything from class to quality with this bag and every one that’s purchased this model has been more than happy with it.

1. Aldo Rochester

The number one on our list of the best evening clutch bags is the Aldo Rochester. This is a fantastic little clutch that suitable for those dinners where you don’t want to carry around an entire purse but rather just your phone and some cards!

It has a magnetic closing flaps which is highly convenient. Moreover, it’s made of polyurethane but looks identical to leather. If you’re an animal lover then you probably care for details such as these. People often underestimate the quality of fake leather compared to real.

Overall this bag has the perfect look to it and almost resembles a schoolbag with a modern twist to it. It’s design just screams out fashion and you will rarely see this bag about twice. Get your’s right now for your next dinner party!

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