10 Best Designer Sunglasses 2017

10 best designer sunglasses 2016

The best designer sunglasses are almost essential for anyone. Of course you may only need one pair but that one pair will possibly last forever. You just need to take a bit of care and it will be there forever. The reason we created a review about the top 10 best sunglasses is because we actually encourage people to wear quality sunglasses rather than cheap ones which you can gather near the beach or in small souvenir shops.

These cheaper sunglasses can be more damaging to your eyes than you might imagine. Designer sunglasses may cost a bit more than you’d like them too but as mentioned previously, they last for as long as you want to last. Below you will find a great list for both men and women to see the best there are!

A lot of manufacturers now are ensuring to produce with the best quality lenses, that have the capability of refracting and filtering out the UV rays of the sun which can be damaging to the eyes. This has become the number one solution. Polarizing filters are especially good at this by filtering out unwanted rays that could be troublesome or even annoying.

What Type of Designer Sunglasses Are There?

Besides the gender difference there are many differences between sunglasses. As the title might already give away, we’re going to focus on designer sunglasses. Not because we don’t believe that non designer glasses aren’t good, but simply because they are more popular and we like to weed out the great deals from the overpriced ones.

The style is constantly evolving as well. Previously, the aviators were hugely popular, but more recently, the style is referring back to the 80s and 90s, bringing back the classic shape, but with a new twist to it. These are extremely trendy nowadays and a lot of people enjoy using these.

Benefits of Best Designer Sunglasses

When it comes to the best designer sunglasses, there is one guarantee you’re already stuck with. That guarantee, is the fact that there is quality behind the price. Usually these also come with a warranty. Additionally designer sunglasses just simply look better. Many of the cheaper alternatives are shaped and designed from the branded sunglasses but just look slightly different.

Downsides of Designer Sunglasses

Once again the price is the main downfall of these products. It’s easy to understand where the money goes into. Everything from the box to the actual pair of glasses is so luxurious and well crafted, so you need to compensate with the fact that you’ll have to reach a little deeper into your wallet then you’d like to.

Top 10 Best Designer Sunglasses Comparison Table

PictureNameGenderPriceRating (1-5)
Carrera Men's CA94S Shield SunglassesMale$3
Persol - TYPEWRITER EDITION PO 3110S,Wayfarer acetate menUnisex$3.5
Salvatore Ferragamo Sunglasses SF731S 001 Black 55 18 140Male$3.5
Ray-Ban Authentic Clubmaster RB 3016 990/58 49mm Havana / Green Polarized LensUnisex$$4
Gucci 1091/S SunglassesUnisex$$4
Ray-Ban Unisex Adult Original Wayfarer SunglassesUnisex$$4.5
Gucci Sunglasses - 3675 / Frame: Black Embossed Gold Lens: Gray GradientFemale$4.5
Burberry - BE 3072,Aviator steel womenFemale$4.5
Gucci Women's Flat Top SunglassesFemale$$$$5
Persol - TYPEWRITER EDITION PO 3108S,Round acetate menMale$$5

10. Carrera Men’s CA94S Shield Sunglasses

The Carrera CA94S shield sunglasses may be marketed towards the male audience, but don’t be surprised if you see women wearing these too. Surprisingly they seem to fit both genders and make both look very cool. It’s hard to use any other adjective with this pair as cool seems to be the most fitting.

These are perfect for any occasion, whether you’re snowboarding or lying on the beach. You might recognize these being worn by celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Alicia Keys as well as many other fashionable faces.

9. Persol – TYPEWRITER EDITION PO 3110S,Wayfarer acetate men

Whenever you see someone wear a pair of Persol, you instantly assume it is a celebrity or someone wealthy. No one understands what it is about the pair of sunglasses but they just have a certain charm to it. Maybe it is because of the blue shaded lenses, or simply because they have a smokey, leopard shaded color on the frame.

One thing is certain though! This pair is as cheap as it gets for an original Persol pair. The quality behind this manufacturer is worth the price alone. The style may be hard to pull off, but those that do are always happy with it.

8. Salvatore Ferragamo Sunglasses SF731S 001 Black 55 18 140

These Salvatore Ferragamo sunglasses are very masculine. The bulky shape is usually more fitting for a slightly broader face. So if you’re someone with a slim face, this might be a bit too big for you.

The Ferragamo model displayed here has a very subtle, almost golden bar going past the top. This reminds of a bit of the golden years during the 70’s. These sunglasses tend to sit very comfortable on the face and have a sturdy general touch to it. Although one might assume that these are very expensive, you’d be surprised at the fraction of the price compared to some of the other designer brands.

7. Ray-Ban Authentic Clubmaster RB 3016 990/58 49mm Havana / Green Polarized Lens

Similar to the Wayfarer model which you’ll find below, this model is also a unisex one. You’ll find that both male and female will have a very laid back, trendy looking style. They suit almost anyone and with the polarized green lens, you can be reassured that they will protect your eyes from the sun the best way possible.

The most remarkable feature of Ray-Bans in general, is that they have a unique and timeless look. They’ve been around for years and grand parents will often share how they used to own a pair that looked identical. Buying these online will save you a great few pennies as well, so if you’re interested definitely consider to buy them online.

6. Gucci 1091/S Sunglasses

The matt material makes these pair of Gucci sunglasses look even more luxurious than they already are. You’ll find that there will be a couple of Gucci sunglasses featured on this list. The reason being is that Gucci and sunglasses go hand in hand. They know what looks good and how to design the best sunglasses.

It’s no surprise that almost every celebrity owns a pair of them and these may remind you of some (such as Kanye West). Almost anyone that tries on this pair seems to fall in love with them almost instantly and besides the look and quality which are of the top notch, these are really a must have!

5. Ray-Ban Unisex Adult Original Wayfarer Sunglasses

One of our personal favorites are the Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses. Not only are they extremely fitting to almost anyone who tries them on and makes them look good as well, they’re also designed in a unisex way. The timeless look means you can whip these out regardless of the weather (as long as it’s sunny) and regardless of what year it is.

We are sure that in 40 years time these still look brand new and stylish. There is no question about the quality behind Ray-Bans either so you know you’ll get a great deal on these, especially once you realize the price is very affordable too.

4. Gucci Sunglasses – 3675 / Frame: Black Embossed Gold Lens: Gray Gradient

Like most of the items Gucci produces, these sunglasses also reflect Italy’s finest. Behind every detail there is a piece of art and glamour behind. The best part about the pair is that it is surprisingly cheaper compared to most of the sunglasses listed here. They fit very nicely and are incredibly comfortable around to wear.

The rectangular shape differentiates the pair from most sungalsses that either have aviator features or the round “bee” shaped lenses. In case you were wondering why these are so cheap, it is because there is a plastic frame around the metal templates.

3. Burberry – BE 3072,Aviator steel women

Burberry screams classy. Popularized in the british culture which is known for fancy things and high class as well as elegance, these trademarks are easily transferred on the aviator pair of sunglasses. Aviators are usually well known by the brand Ray-Ban but others have a pair of their own too.

Of course the pair comes in a burberry box with all it’s essentials such as a cleaning cloth. The thin metal frame around the glasses gives it that extra classy touch which most owners as well as people, fall in love with.

2. Gucci Women’s Flat Top Sunglasses

The Guccy Flat Top sunglasses are definitely sunglasses that will make a statement. They look like something from the future and yet have a timeless touch to it. Although these are meant for women, men could easily pull these off as well. They are rather large and solid, yet they still are very light to carry around and don’t feel as bulky as they look.

Additionally the pair comes in various different colors and the lens is a faded shade. Customers who have purchased a pair of these often go back to buy a second in a different color. Definitely deserves the number two spot on our list.

1. Persol – TYPEWRITER EDITION PO 3108S,Round acetate men

The ideal pair of sunglasses will have various colors to choose from, have high quality pieces and a style that is timeless. This is exactly what the Persol Typewriter is. It just looks beyond stylish and can make anyone look cool as well as protect the eyes from the sun.

Persol is one of the leading brands in sunglasses of course and you’ll notice the quality when you pick up this pair of sunglasses. The weight is so light and makes you think they are very vulnerable glasses when in reality they are quite resistant. Obviously this doesn’t mean you should throw them around and still take care of them.

These would be perfect for a stroll in the park! Why not try out try them out while riding on a bike or some skates. Get in shape while looking great.