10 Best Loafers For Men 2017

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Within the last couple of years the popularity of Men’s loafers have been steadily increasing and a wider variety of choice has been growing among designers as well as shops around the world. Now it seems that there is almost too much choice, which makes it a lot harder for men to find their perfect fit. Although there are a lot of style guides and different uses for each individual, some men prefer to have a simpler look at things and make a personal decision.

To ease the decision making, we constructed the top 10 best loafers for men below. Although it is hard to determine what makes one brand or style better than the other, since it’s a matter of taste, there are certain qualities which are better than others. Therefore we did the research and listed one of many different styles. Whether you prefer a slightly classier, casual or comfortable loafer, below you’ll find one of each.

What Type Of Loafers Are There

Like many shoes, each shoe serves to bring a purpose for someone wanting to walk into or rather onto a specific place. If you are a construction worker, you are more likely to wear resistant boots to protect your feet. Loafers are not meant to protect, but rather to express and be seen.

Therefore it is crucial you find the best loafers for men, as fashion is already somehow restricted when compared to women. When looking at shoes especially, it is no secret that women have endless amount of choice, so it is great to be able to have somewhat of a choice as a man in this area now.

Benefits Of The Best Loafers For Men

Besides the obvious fact that you will look good simply by wearing some of the best loafers for men, there are actually many more. Some of the more remarkable benefits of a good loafer will always keep your feet cool since this is more of a summer attire. Additionally, you will find that in the warm weather you don’t want to be bothered by tying laces and bending down, so you can simply slip in and out of them when necessary.

Downsides Of Loafers For Men

Like all good things, there is also a negative for loafers. As you can assume, if the rain suddenly comes to play, your feet might get a little wet. Loafers are very low cut so your ankles are always on show. On top of that, if your loafers aren’t made of great quality, your feet will tend to sweat a lot as you don’t typically wear them with socks. Having said that, make sure to choose a pair of loafers you can enjoy and wear, even when the weather turns around.

 Top 10 Best Loafers for Men Comparison Table

PictureNameMaterialPriceRating (1-5)
Fulinken Mens Leather Slip-on Casual Buckle Loafer Driving Mens Car Shoes Moc ShoesLeather$$3
calvin klein men's marcellSuede$3.5
Polo Ralph Lauren Men's Wes Penny LoaferLeather$$$4
Magnanni Men's Romo Slip-On LoaferSuede$$$4.5
Allen Edmonds Men's Kenwood Slip-OnLeather$$$$4
Bruno HOMME MODA ITALY PEPE-5 Men's Classic Fashion On The Go Driving Casual Loafers Boat shoesMan-Made Material$4
Calvin Klein Men's Miguel Perforated Loafer
SUNROLAN Men's Fashion Dress Casual Leather Flats Driving Moccasin Loafer ShoesSuede$4.5
Giorgio Brutini Men's Torshon 47869 Slip-On LoaferLeather$$2.5
Salvatore Ferragamo Parigi Crocodile Driving Loafer MS29087 Men's Size 7 BrownCrocodile$$$$5

10. Fulinken Mens Leather Slip-on Casual Buckle Loafer 

Those who like to take fashion to another level, like to play with extravagant colors and looks. This is the perfect example to try out various styles and make a statement when showing up to a party.

If this model interests you, then you surely aren’t afraid of fashion risks because you can pull it off. Men who wear shoes of that kind tend to portray a lot of confidence and seem sure of themselves. You’re a natural born leader and decision maker and it shows on your feet.

9. Calvin Klein Men’s Marcell

This Calvin Klein model made out of suede has a interesting combination of modern, sporty and elegance. Not everyone could pull these off but those who do know how to! Of course you’re not meant to go and play heavy sports wearing loafers. But if you’re planning to stay on your feet for a few hours and walk around, these will be more than comfortable to be in.

Great for all sorts of occasions as you can slip these on for a night out or a casual dinner. But if you need to look smart for work these could still be worn!

8. Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Wes Penny Loafer

The most remarkable feature of this shoe is that they are probably the most comfortable to walk in. Loafers are known to be more of a style accessory rather than practical shoe. As you can see everyone looks like they have more class and a sense of fashion when wearing these.

The Ralph Lauren example here delivers both. Very popular choice as the price isn’t extortion either! Too often do high class brands try to convince you that the more expensive a shoe costs the better the quality will be. These Polo shoes will be a great investment at a fraction of most well known branded shoes.

7. Magnanni Men’s Romo Slip-On Loafer

With the elegant designs, this shoe comes in only the most elegant choices of colors. They are almost like a second skin when worn because of their thin look and perfect fit. If you like a delicate touch on your skin you’re definitely going to want to invest in a pair of these.

If you’re a fan of designer clothes these will go together perfectly. Definite to turn heads on the streets. Make sure to treat these shoes well because as most delicate things, a simple scratch or rip will ruin the look completely.

6. Allen Edmonds Men’s Kenwood Slip-On

For someone looking for a very classic looking shoe with quality behind its name, take a closer look at this example. The Allen Edmonds last an eternity if you treat them with care. Although most loafers are often referred to as boat shoes, these shoes aren’t limited to yachts and ships.

With the right suit, these shoes will make an impression and let everyone know that your style delivers from head to toe. Every man should own at least one pair of classy shoes. The great thing about loafers for men is that they can be worn with many different styles so you’re not limited to one look or suit only.

5. Bruno Homme Moda Italy Pepe-5 Men’s Classic Fashion

If you get a man made material looking very much like leather you can be happy for many reasons. The main one being that the price will be increadibly affordable compared to real leather. Obviously the look will be near identical and only a real trained eye would spot the difference. Secondly you can ease your conscience knowing that you haven’t harmed any animals if you’re an animal lover.

With this model you have a great choice of colors and could get several for the price they are going for. Fake leather costs less and therefore it will be less of a pain if you need to repair or replace the pair for a fresh one.

4. Calvin Klein Men’s Miguel Perforated Loafer

If you’re looking for a rather sporty look, these are probably what you are aiming for. Unfortunately not a giant choice in colors so you’d either have to settle for black or brown.

The price however is very affordable which almost makes up for the lack of colors. Great for casual days during work as they still have a smart touch to them. If you’re on your feet a lot, you definitely need something comfortable to last through the day. Running around with sneakers however will never look great when combined with smart clothes. Therefore these loafers are great for the everyday use.

3. SUNROLAN Men’s Fashion Dress Casual Leather Flats Driving Moccasin Loafer Shoes

These Suede casual loafers are probably the best all rounders with the best look. You could buy yourself several of these shoes in different colors to match several outfits. Perfect for a casual smart evening or just a daily stroll in during the day.

They really go well for any occasion and you will always look sharp. Additionally extremely comfortable on the feet. Some men only care about comfort on their feet while others need something classy. Those who want a combination of both will be more than happy with something perfect as these.

2. Giorgio Brutini Men’s Torshon Slip-On Loafer

This example of loafers comes with a rubber sole which is great for traction and avoids having to be careful on slippery surfaces. The look comes in a handful of different colors.

The price is fairly affordable which is always a plus side, but be aware that you may have to order half a size larger. If you really are looking for some boat shoes, you know that traction plays a big role. Have a look at what other customers who’ve bought these have said about this pair and you’ll be fascinated at the comments they have left.

 1. Salvatore Ferragamo Parigi Crocodile Driving Loafer

When it comes to class and style, the Salvatore Ferragamo brand always over delivers and puts a smile on your feet! Said to be like a glove, these shoes break perfectly after the first time wear! This model is a brilliant example of modern culture mixing with classical Italian style.

Whereas the price could be rather painful on the wallet, one must not forget that this is real crocodile material and a delight for anyones feet.

For more men related reviews, especially related to fashion, feel free to have a look at this review here if you enjoyed it! If you’re looking for some more practical shoes and you’re on your feet a lot try these. If it’s style you’re concerned about, make sure to your beard trimmed perfectly with these rotary shavers!