10 Best Celebrity Roasts 2017

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Celebrity roasts are one of the more harsh and probably most vile and crude productions mainly produced by comedy central. They may be the more vulgar form of comedy in general. However the best celebrity roasts are also the most hilarious forms of comedy, in many ways. Every year there are about 2 celebrities that are chosen to get roasted by a bunch of comedians and celebrities.

One thing is clear though, whether you love or hate vulgar language, the celebrity roasts always make people laugh and it usually isn’t meant in a mean way. Wether there are wars going on or people in need, we always need to take a break and reflect upon something that makes us laugh. But what better way to do so, than having someone who is rich and famous, being ridiculed by their friends and on their request?

What Are Celebrity Roasts?

In case you’re wondering what exactly celebrity roasts are, they are basically events where famous people like Donald Trump or Justin Bieber sit in the middle while a group of comedians and other celebrities take turns to make fun of them. In the end the volunteer gets to roast everyone back.

Usually the celebrities get picked on their annoying habits or mistakes they’ve made in the past. Therefore they have to have a thick skin and be able to handle the jokes if they really want a roast to be taken place. Mostly the money that gets raised by these events, tends to end up at charities as donations.

Benefits of Best Celebrity Roasts?

As just mentioned, the money raised for the celebrity roasts are usually being used for good causes. That is the main benefit of a roast. Another giant benefit is that obviously it is very entertaining and hilarious. It’s also good to see that celebrities have a good side and are able to make fun of themselves. For those of you that have certain thoughts (either positive or negative) about the individuals, it’s also great because they get made fun of.

There are almost no limits to how far these jokes go and some of them are very far pushed and almost reach limits. However, if the joke is too evil, the network tends to pull these out of the final cut. For instance Pamela Anderson didn’t want any jokes being made about her hepatitis C infection.

Downsides Of Celebrity Roasts?

The only real downside, is that there are some jokes which are either too embarrassing or are being cut out before broadcast. Other than that there really isn’t anything you’re missing. These events are usually not to be seen by kids because of the bad language. They are also hard to find unless you are able to view them from Comedy Central. However there are some clips to be seen on YouTube which is almost as good as the real thing.

So without further ado, have a look at the top 10 best celebrity roasts that have been conducted up until the year 2016! If you want to have a good laugh these are a guarantee for a good night!

10. Rob Lowe

the roast of rob lowe


Rob Lowe is quite a famous actor, but no one really knows any films he stars in playing a major role. This is probably the main roast used when he was the guest of honour. Alongside his good looks and the scandals of his two released video of him performing some things with certain females under a legal age. The guests which included people like David Spade were very honest.

But you could also tell that they were actual friends with Rob Lowe. One of the more remarkable events during that night however, was the fact that the controversial public figure, Ann Coulter was there too. The Roast which was meant to be about Rob Lowe almost looked like it was a Roast towards her. Because she is disliked by many people, and pretty much everyone that was featured in the guest list, she had to take quite a beating.

9. William Shatner

the roast of william shatner

A legend of film and acting such as William Shatner would never seem to have any remarkable features or past events that are worth roasting. However his celebrity guests didn’t hold back on him either. People such as Betty White had hilarious jokes such as mentioning the fact that there is “1% milk now” referring to his chubby looks.

Because most of the people were at the elderly age, such as Shatner himself, the younger comedians didn’t think twice to make that a good punchline in the majority of their jokes either! Another film legend, Kerry Fischer, was also present at the roast so there were a couple of fan/geek comments related to her hot looks and the bikini scene in the early Star Wars film and her now elderly looks and past drug and alcohol addictions. Very harsh but very funny!

8. Hugh Hefner

the roast of hugh hefner

As for some unique people and public like Hugh Hefner, it is great to see people with such old age still having the courage to go up to be roasted publicly. Of course it is very evident and quick to see what type of jokes were pulled on the stage that night and it is hard not to go peek into that roast.

The fact that many male guests were admiring him and then making fun of him was quite a blast. Back then he had 7 girlfriends simultaneously and as they attended the show they also had to deal with some of the jokes that were being made of them. Regardless of his old age and ridiculous lifestyle, people still admire him and he actually changed the western world to be more liberal and outgoing about certain matters.

7. Bob Saget

the roast of bob saget

For the younger audience, Bob Saget may not ring any significant bells, but back in the 90’s he was a iconic TV father figure in the show Full House. But Bob has actually been around in the comedy scene since the 70’s. He’s also made some appearances on other T.V. shows as himself or figures similar to his personal life.

The reason Bob Saget made a great candidate, or guest of honour as they like to refer the roasted person as, is because throughout his career he has a few mishaps. From falling into several addictions and having meltdowns, this was an easy choice. Roasts sometimes help people to come back to fame and it also makes a great occasion to apologise for profanities and pain caused in the past.

6. Justin Bieber

the roast of justin bieber

Justin Bieber is probably the youngest celebrity to ever have gone under a roast. Although the young talent is adored by many teens, there are probably just as many people that dislike him. Say what you want about this individual, he somehow stays in the spotlight regardless of how he’s being perceived.

With pulling childish pranks, such as egging houses and spitting on his fans, there was way too much ammunition for comedians to roast this guest. The most remarkable part of the roast, was that many of the comedians actually dislike Justing Bieber. This was truly shown by their jokes and lack of laughter behind them. Some of the jokes were simply plain insults. Ouch!

5. James Franco

the roast of james franco

The roast of James Franco was one of the best celebrity roasts for many reasons. Mainly the fact that him and some of his best friends were making fun of each other on stage, which built such a nice chemistry between them all. You could also tell how they felt guilty making fun of each other which made it quite funny.

Because Franco has quite the career behind him and dips his toes into several fields beyond just acting for films, they like to play on that and make fun of him for creating a lot of rubbish. The numerous references at his badly claimed movie titles were unbearably funny and you could feel the uncomfortable laughter from Franco.

4. Joan Rivers

the roast of joan rivers

Although Joan Rivers already passed away, her comedy will live for ever. She is one of the first female comedians to make a big name in the comedy scene and she has a long history of fame behind her. However her plastic surgery is also well known and has a long list behind it as well. Her face went under the knife so many times it became very hard to see any natural reactions off her face.

Due to that unique look she underwent, the roast had one major theme. It’s funny how many jokes you can pull with the same subject or theme. One of her rules for the roast however were not to make fun of her daughter, Melissa rivers.

3. Charlie Sheen

the roast of charlie sheen

The roast of Charlie Sheen was one of the most anticipated celebrity roasts and it was worth it. After his infamous interview and his catchphrase “winning”, there was so much to roast Charlie on, the guests really didn’t leave anything out on the table. From making fun of him still being alive and the scandalous lifestyle he was living, the jokes were coming relentlessly.

Although Charlie Sheen is a very unique individual, other guests such as Mike Tyson and Steve-O also had their fair share of problems in their past. This made a great overall roast for everyone that attended and it kind of shines a positive life and shows that no matter how far off the rails you’ve gone, you can always come back.

2. Donald Trump

The roast of donald trump

Of course we had to include the roast of Donald Trump on the list. As someone who is now running for president, it is quite hard to imagine that they actually had a roast event. The harsh jokes varied from the honest light shed on his shady business deals and controversial building permits.

Of course other jokes were related to his history of wives and his infamous haircut. One almost forgotten celebrity named “the situation” also attempted to pull some jokes and it really backfired on him. They were very difficult to listen to and the silence in the audience didn’t make it better for him.

1. Pamela Anderson

the roast of Pamela anderson

The roast of Pamela Anderson is voted as the best celebrity roast for many reasons. Although Pam is an american icon and she is very kind hearted, she does have a lot roast worthy events in her life. Of course the majority of the jokes were based on her implants and her video which was leaked with her former boyfriend.

Courtney Love who was also there, typically had no control of herself and made an easy target of herself when she interrupted the comedians on numerous occasions. Overall it is a hilarious roast and definitely worth watching. Especially small inside jokes like Jeff Ross showing up with a massive faux fur coat, referring to Pamela’s active support for PETA.