10 Best Burgers In The World 2017

top 10 best burger in the world

When it comes to food, there is one recipe or invention, that has taken over the entire world and can be found in pretty much any country. We are of course talking about burgers. Whether it’s cheeseburgers or hamburgers, burgers always fill that empty spot in your stomach. Of course the basics are pretty much the same with any burger.

You slap a round compact piece of minced meat in between two buns of bread. Now the art behind a burger can vary greatly from something very basic as just described, to something amazing that resembles art and leaves you stunned. This list will go through the must have burgers if you are a fan of food.

Who Invented Burgers?

If you want to know who invented burgers, you have to look at the name “Hamburger”. Having said that, you may be aware of Germany’s second largest city, which is of course Hamburg. Burger or Bürger translates to citizen.

Burg however means castle or fortified. The Hamburger therefore could mean, that it’s a form or a sandwich where two buns fortify a piece of meat. This however this isn’t where it actually comes from. The Hamburger as we know it was invented by a Danish immigrant in the United States. But as most origins, the burger has certain controversies and discussions about it’s true origin.

The burger is one of the great and most popular culinary feats in the world. Coming after the sandwich, the burger has become hugely popular, integrating not only minced meat but also sometimes pork and veal meat together. Together combined with melted cheese, and fresh vegetables, it has become one of the most popular dishes around the world. The convenience of it is really what makes this food so great for everyone to enjoy.

A lot of businesses now are built around this, dubbed appropriately, “burger joints”, these places solely focus on creating the best burger that there is. Their mission is to invent something that is different than the norm, by combining flavors you would never have thought of!

The Worldwide List

Although there are tons of amazing restaurants and chef’s with hands of an artist, that could qualify for this list, we thought to expand it to a worldwide list. With several votes over the world there are numerous burgers places to try. Of course some places add too many ingredients and the burger barely resembles a burger in the end.

If you ever travel to one of these destinations, it is well worth making the effort to visit one of these places and give their delicacies a bite. Burgers generally don’t cost much and they really hit the spot. You kind of know what to expect, but with the ones listed below, your in for a giant surprise!

10. Triple O’s – British Columbia – Canada

triple-o's burger

The burger created by Triple O’s is one delicious piece! There are a lot of interesting elements with this burger. To start off with, the pickle which you usually find inside a burger lays on top. The reason behind it may be that a lot of people don’t actually like the pickle inside a burger.

It may also be because it gets soggy inside it and mingles too much with the meat and bread of it’s inside. However the bacon, cheese curds and thick cut fries are something which may be heavy but work very well together. Finally the chipotle mayonnaise and the side of dressing really hit it off!

9. The Butchers Club – Hong Kong

butchers club burger

There are two main components to this burger which make it special. The fact that there is a special sauce, which we respect and don’t intend to investigate further, makes it nice and mysterious. Additionally there is an onion spread, which really adds to the flavor and juice of the entire burger.

A dry burger can be a very dangerous thing and these two ingredients really make the best out of it. Finally there’s a thick layer of a black Angus beef burger. Quite surprising to have an Asian country producing something rather Americanized and ranking quite well.

8. Casper & Runyon’s Nook – Minnesota – United States

Casper's & Runyon's Nook burger

Now at first glance, the burger looks even less than boring. It doesn’t look like it has any juice or sauce added to it. Besides the freshly baked buns and the pickles, all you’ll find is a piece of meat. Seems pretty dry and hard to eat, when presented in front of you.

But once you take the first bite you’ll realize quickly, that there is a hidden treasure behind the burger. The secret behind it, is the Black Angus patty itself. Inside the patty, you’ll find that there is stuffed cheese inside! So every bite turns into a runny delight!

7. Solita – Manchester – U.K.

solita burgers

One of the most famous burgers in the world is the Big Mac by the most famous franchise in the world, McDonalds. But we’re not talking about the Big £Mac in this example. Although very similar in construction, Solita calls their famous burger the Big Manc!

With two 6 oz. patty’s and two of every other part of the burger, you really have to work your way around it cleverly. The sauce within the burger however really ads the finishing touch to it. If you’re ever in Manchester make sure to give it a go you’d be missing out if you didn’t.

6. O Talho – Lisbon – Portugal

o talho burger

The most remarkable part about the burgers from O Talho, is that they really concentrate on creating great patties. It doesn’t just come from one single meat but much rather several meats and a lot of spices and seasonings.

With the great weather and the remarkable quality wine, you really can’t help but fall in love with the food. Everything is really done with a lot of heart and time to make sure it tastes perfect. When it comes to Mediterranean food, you can always expect well treated meat and rich in taste and quality.

5. Hamburger Foundation – Geneva – Switzerland

hamburger foundation switzerlangs burger

One thing Switzerland is famous for is the Alps, the lovely nature and of course their cheese! But what happens when you insert that cheese in between some patties and buns, you’re sending your taste buds to heaven. They also like to take their time to make things perfect.

Swiss perfection is well known and it doesn’t stop with the knives. In fact the Hamburger Foundation even travelled to the States to find out what makes a great burger, a great burger. Switzerland may be small but they produce great things!

4. Big Chef Tom’s Belly Burger – San Francisco – USA

bct burger

Of course it doesn’t come to a surprise to find a real American burger on this list that uses the key components of a traditional burger but transforms it into something revolutionary. The patties which are made out of pork belly, are combined with amazing condiments such as cotija cheese and some fried chili peppers.

If that doesn’t leave you sitting there with a mouth watering appetite for one of their burgers then you must not like burgers. Of course they also offer other meats and vegetarian options.

3. Flippin’ Burgers – Stockholm – Sweden

flippin burgers sweden

The things you’d expect to eat in Sweden vary from fish to meatballs in most peoples heads. However, they can also make some mean burgers that will let you crave for more. Although the Scandinavian style usually resembles a minimalistic touch, their burgers offer an amazing massive variety of taste and pleasure.

We’re not quite sure what makes this burger so delicious but it may be due to the double layers of cheese and meat or maybe it may be the organically treated meat. The freshness can definitely be tasted in your mouth and you don’t get that typical heavy feeling once eating the burger.

2. Fergburger – Queenstown – New Zealand

fergburger new zealand

The restaurant itself makes a great authentic place to go into and have a quality meal. Often times the hidden locations offer the best meals. The Ferburger joint actually started off as something labeled a hole in the wall. When you think of the giant list this small place offers, it’s actually quite astonishing.

The menu offers a total range of 30 different burgers and it doesn’t surprise that it lists as one of the top 10 best burgers. From the variety of burgers, you can obviously choose from a wide ranging source of meats and vegetables, sauces as well as spices. Truly a place to visit if ever nearby.

1. 73 – Reykjavik – Iceland

73 iceland burger

73 offers the best burger ever made, hands down! Iceland may only have around 330,000 inhabitants and their capital city clearly isn’t the largest in the world. But what they lack in size in habitants, they make up in taste! The classic burger they offer is a staggering mouth watering piece of perfection.

And although the ingredients sound basic, they are far from it. You know there isn’t any pollution or mass produced food in any of it. The burgers are grilled to perfection and will satisfy the biggest belly! There’s one special ingredient which can only have been made by the gods themselves and that is the 73 sauce! If you really want to push the limits, you can try to go for an “Overkill Burger” which hast two times 300g of meat!

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